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Facebook Wins Boobie Prize for Deleting Breastfeeding Photos

Breastfeeding Obscene? News headlines traveled fast when Facebook deleted Courtenay, BC resident Kate Hansen's fan page because it showed breast feeding photos and artwork. I asked What YOU think? And you weren't short on opinion!

Facebook deletes breastfeeding by Kate Hansen

Here's what you had to say on my facebook page!

Additional comments welcome!!!!

Rhys Edwards
i wouldn`t be offended personally.. but i guess it is technically one of the things that facebook states is not permitted, even if it`s not a salicious pic in nature.

Kelly Backs
oh, the americian view of the human body is so skewed, typical behavior from an american business.

Nichole Lagasse
Ive posted some pretty rude, racey and even obscene things on fb. The ONLY pic I got reported for was a picture of me breastfeeding my daughter.
The kicker is, its not facebook trolling for so-called obscenity. Some shmoe has to report it first, then facebook takes action.
Part of me is glad that there is only one person of the over 500 friends I have on fb that I offend. Sadly, its a photo of my body providing loving nutrition to my baby that offended them.

Rob Eaton
but, it's ok for a pic of mother cat nursing her kittens. go figure.

C J Jackman Zigante
such a silly silly thing it is a natural nurturing thing....
I have seen some hoochie pics on here that don't need to bare it to imply they share it, yet breastfeeding some schmo looked at n thought obscene [maybe he was bottle fed and jealous!!!

Kelly Backs
Bring Kate Hansen Back facebook fan page

Lana Gail Phelps
I breast fed all 3 of my children and there was nothing obscene about it, it's just other people's dirty minds making something natural and beautiful into something terrible....what's so obscene about feeding your baby as nature intended? I think the problem comes from the fact that breast have been made into sexual things instead of what they were intended to be.

Lesley Ord
What I don't get, is it's a supposed "friend" who reported it!

Allen Snowdon
I'm 55 and still haven't broken the habit...

Duane Burnett
there seems to be a cultural or religious bias or judgment in breasts and breast feeding in public, one I think is unhealthy and the other healthy. It seems in many European countries topless is the norm at the beach, and in North America you get booted off facebook for showing one.

Rhys Edwards
if there wasn`t a stigma about covering up breasts in our society this would not be an issue.. the taboo makes young males grow up obsessed with them because of the naughty factor. it also creates a culture that makes young ladies feel they have to get augmentation to be desirable... yet they are not allowed to show them off in public. warped values we have in the western world... at least our females don`t have to wear full length duffel bags in public.

Gina Myhill-jones
oh PUH-LEEZE.. they are TITS !!! There, we've all had a giggle.. better now ???..... now "video games"... those are disturbing... and TV.... and "pop" music... *HATE=OK....TITS=BAD"..I get it...

Jeannine Fitzsimmons
Some people would rather see women in large sacks so as not to offend the heirerarchy . Some people would rather women be in bikinis all the time. Maybe decency and indecency are not far apart. Like love and hate , fire and water. Nothing more natural in this world than a mother feeding her babies. In any form.

C J Jackman Zigante
i luv ya Gina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kera Mchugh
Thanks for bringing the conversation up, Duane... it's ridiculous that people find breastfeeding offensive. Those people have some deep-seated fears & unresolved issues that require attention, in my opinion. It always made me happy to find a mom feeding her child in our place, just as it made us happy to feed mom! Yay for CBC to report on this incident and make FB get a grip.

C J Jackman Zigante
that's it in protest I am going to post a booby pic ok not like totally nude but the puppies will be at attention!!!

Kim Price
hmmmm,sorry I dont agree...that is a precious time between mom and babe, why would you want to share that with 1000s' of people?

Binny Dhaliwal
There's Nothing Obsecene About It At All,Its Just People's Mind Is Dirty ...Whats Obscene Mother Feeding Her Baby? Ridicilous,If Somebody Has Done It, Really.

Sharon Charboneau SO WRONG! most natural & beautiful sight. Not unlike those who believe rape is about sex.

Manuen Edwards

Kera Mchugh
Kim, i don't think it's about "wanting" to share it, necessarily - it's about FB deeming it obscene and censoring it. THAT is what's wrong here.

Austin Boyd
a Vancouver woman told to use a back room in a fashion shop on Robson Street to breast feed her child, got an apology after a big protest

Kim Price
Sorry but Im with FB on this... I still dont get why a mom would want to post that...I still feel its a very personal ,private and special time between mom and babe. ( parents)

Sharon Charboneau
ok, didn't see photo/post, however why is it problem - yes it's a special time between mom & babe - so why can't that be posted?
Hypocrisy comes to mind, not you specifically Kim, but our society. Big uproar over Demi posing nude when pregnant? Big uproar over mother nursing baby? I have never experienced pregnancy or breastfeeding and I am not in the least offended by these photos. I don't get the uproar when suggestive nudes are flashing on FB for dating site & elsewhere??

Nichole Lagasse
‎@ Kim: my family and friends are spread around the world and I used facebook to show them whats goin on in my life. Sure its a sacred thing, feeding your baby, but why WOULDNT I want to share it with people I care about, who care about me, and who want to see my baby; their newest family member? My photo settings are for friends only, and I have over 500 friends. Thats how it got editied.

C J Jackman Zigante
three reasons why the breastfeeding issue is a crock first of all there was an issue with a woman breastfeeding her child and called obscene.... but this apparently is just fine!!!!

Second she was sharing it with her 'friends only' and not 'the general PUBLIC' as is the case with ms Courtney in the link above.... and as Art not meant to be sexualized......

AND 3 if that is not proper then this should not be either so why is this page not under attack? yet there seems to be no problem so i say

Nichole Lagasse
I guess ultimately, if you dont like lookin at tits, mamaries, hooters, jugs, puppies or breasts, no matter what their application in the photo, then dont look. Surf away to someone else's less offensive page.

C J Jackman Zigante
Nichole you had/have every right to share with your family and friends check the links I posted above

Paul R. Dierks
I am never shocked by the hipocracy of media. I have seen a man dingus swinging in the wind on public TV while female genitalia is more than Taboo. It is all the same species. Perhaps we should be forced to cover up all our canine friends a...nuses. It is obsene.

If we didn't treat it like taboo, perhaps the young would tend to be less perverted by culture.

Christine Moore
What`s the big deal? We see them every day!


Great feedback from everyone! Facebook Canada had a change of heart and restored the women's page possible from the public outcry.

Here are some links below on the story and artist. Thanks for reading my blog. Most appreciated...

I would love to hear your comments too! Thanks Duane

Facebook deletes a women's page featuring photos of breastfeeding according to a CBC News report.

Kate Hansen Facebook Fan Page

Kate Hansen Website

It's Always A Good Day on the Sunshine Coast!

Duane's Facebook Profile

Duane's Facebook Fan Page

Sunshine Coast BC Canada facebook FAN PAGE


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