Saturday, July 31, 2010

What's Special About BC?

Forest Fire in Sechelt, BC. The Province. Photo Duane Burnett

The Vancouver Province asked this BC Day Long weekend 2010 "What's your Favourite person, place or thing from B.C.?"

To me this British Columbia provincial holiday is a great time to recognize the men and women on the front lines of emergency services!

e-Street: What's your favourite person, place or thing from B.C.? The Province July 31, 2010
This B.C. Day weekend I celebrate the men and women of our great province in emergency services: the police, fire, ambulance, hospitals, social services, forestry services and search and rescue who give so much of themselves throughout the year. Thank you!

— Duane Burnett, Sechelt

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Happy BC Day! Duane

It's Always A Good Day on the Sunshine Coast!

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Why Seniors Should Social Media

24july2010duaneburnett (58)

Once you get the hang of the in's and out's of facebook, youtube and twitter, I think most Seniors who are anti-social media will find endless delight. The KEY is family support. Not only does it offer tons of games, videos, music and fun, its a great way to connect with friends and loved ones.

Some of my friends upload photos and video of the grandchildren, and what sweet Grandma isn't going to love seeing Suzy at her first recital almost instantly thanks to the internet and online video.

Others use the internet sites like facebook and twitter with great success for their local businesses.

Sunshine Coast's Best Social Media

I have encountered some community groups in my social media learning curve who scoffed at my offer to do a facebook event page for them. "Why would anyone possibly want an event page on facebook, what's the point?" they exclaimed, the board says "No!" The "board" this person confessed was made up of seniors who had disdain for facebook and social media and saw no purpose for it.

I went and made the facebook event page anyways, and if I remember correctly, over 500+ people clicked attending.

But what to do when the Sunshine Coast, BC is currently over 50% seniors? I think we need to reach out more and help in any way we can to make social media fun for seniors, even if that means me conducting workshops on how to make a facebook profile.

I decided that I had to go to an expert. I talked with Bob D'Arcy who runs the Sechelt Seniors and Gibsons Seniors websites. I asked him about his experience with social media and people 55+.

Bob loves the internet and does website design as well as helping people keep their computers in good technical running order. His websites for seniors on the coast are excellent and informative resources for our community.

Updates and maintenance for your PC

Bob told me straight up that in his experience here on the Sunshine Coast it is problem enough to get Seniors to even look at a website or do email.

He says it all goes back to the family.

Does the family help the senior with getting started? Show them how? Give them perhaps a second hand computer to become familiar with the internet?

Security concerns, whether warranted or not, is the main stumbling block he hears a lot from seniors fearful of all the media hype about facebook stealing your soul.

Bob thought he might make his website accessible for the cell phone set, but discovered many seniors keep their cell phones in the glove compartment for emergency purposes only.

He was happy that things are changing, that his seniors websites are gaining credibility. Bob pulled up some stats for me, which showed there were an average of 350 unique visitors a month in 2009 but in 2010 that number has risen to 400. Good news.

So I asked Bob, what are seniors doing for entertainment and where are they getting their information? "The phone and socializing at the mall" he said.

I teased him that the teens have left the malls, are now on facebook and seniors have taken over the roost and hanging out like mall rats. We both laughed. But you know what, he agreed.

When I look at my friends online, my senior friends, I am amazed at how well they have embraced social media and really enjoy it.

In the article Social Media Minute: Seniors Embrace The Web By Jason Harris, "a new study put out by the American Association of Retired Persons, or AARP, says baby boomers are quite comfortable online, are engaging in sites such as Facebook and love being on their computer."

An article by Mashable called Why Your Grandpa Is on Facebook cites a recent survey by the
American Association of Retired Persons on social media use.
The AARP spent some time last month interviewing 1,360 adults over the phone. The Association found that more than a quarter (27%) of Americans age 50 and older use social networks. Facebook is the most popular — in fact, 23% of all survey respondents said they preferred it to sites such as MySpace (MySpace), LinkedIn (LinkedIn) and Twitter.

When I look at the stats for the Sunshine Coast BC Canada fan page on facebook it shows that my social media networks have an excellent cross section of all ages and in the 45-55 age bracket 15% and 55+ 9%. Compare that to the 13-17 year old at 12%; 18-24 at 24%; 25-24 at 19%; and 35-44 at 18%.

Definitely I think that could be higher for the 55+ group but its understandable considering the resistance I have found from some seniors to social media, especially with all the invasion of privacy doom and gloom over hype in the media.

I think with the encouragement of friends, family and grand kids, more seniors would enjoy the social opportunities of facebook.

The stats and internet use seems to point in that direction. They say more seniors are getting hip with facebook and twitter, and most importantly loving it!

All in the Facebook family: older generations join social networks by CNN states that one of the main reasons is families are scattered around the globe, and social media brings them together.

One of the driving reasons more seniors are loving facebook is that fears over privacy issues are being dealt with as the learning curve of this new online social network matures.

A simple thing is to just not allow the year you are born to be public.

One of the big issues with facebook lately is using your information for directed advertising. Basically what is happening is facebook notices you really love heavy metal rock, so it directs unobtrusive ads more in theme with that. I think that is way better then getting tons of ads wanting you to go to see the opera when it just ain't your thing, but if ACDC is coming to town you know about it right away.

I do realize there are some definite differences on privacy between youth and seniors, but facebook allows you to set these to your liking. For myself, I allow everything to be public, and so does most everyone else.

If you want to look at photos of me swimming in the ocean, a recent play I was in, or behind the scenes of a video shoot I was acting in no problem. I think this is only fair when I ask people to be open with me as I cover their lives and stories as a photo journalist.

I would really like to hear your thoughts on seniors and social media. I think facebook would be an even better place with more of them joining us. The question is how?

Thanks so much for reading my blog and all your comments, feedback, story ideas and support. Best Wishes! Duane Burnett

It's Always A Good Day on the Sunshine Coast!

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sea Cavalcade Parade Rockn' N' Rollin'

300+ PHOTOS: Rockn' N' Rollin' by the Sea.

24july2010duaneburnett (106)

The 2010 Gibsons Sea Cavalcade Parade shined this year with amazing floats and lots of bright colours. The theme this year was Rockn' N' Rollin' by the Sea, and it didn't disappoint. Some really good efforts and very creative floats.


I have uploaded 320 photos to my flickr website so you can go check them out there, OR you can watch the slide show presentation below & crank up your favourite tunes.

At the Logging Sports competition during the Gibsons Sea Cavalcade on Sunday, there was an accident involving a young man with an axe not wearing shoes. You do the math on that one. People were talking about it on my facebook profile, but I was at the Roberts Creek Community Mandala blessing at the time.

My friend, Videographer, Marc Buzzell took some video of the fireworks Friday night and the parade Saturday. He is the guy behind the On A Break and Oil BP music video parodies.

Links, Video, Full Winners List, Comments & Slide Show Below! scroll down...

Winning First Place Sea Cavalcade float in the Clubs and Associations category and First Place Overall was the Driftwood Players theatre troupe where Little Shop of Horror meets Christmas Pantomime. More pics of them in the parade galleries....

24july2010duaneburnett (26)
Driftwood Players facebook fan page

Sea Cavalcade Winners
Enniskillen Accordian Band.

Clubs and Associations
First Place – Driftwood Players
Second Place – Gibsons Family Network
Third Place – Good Samaritan Society

First Place - Sunshine Coast Credit Union
Second Place – London Drugs
Third Place – Kenmac Parts

Restaurants & Pubs
First Place – Benjamins Café
Second Place – Leo’s Tapas & Grill

Youth and Child
First Place – 1st Gibsons Scouts
Second Place – Muskota Language Int
Third place – Yaakar

This year the judges also nominated three overall winners across all categories:

First place overall
Driftwood Players

Second Place
Sunshine Coast Credit Union

Third Place
Gibsons Family Network

24july2010duaneburnett (142)
Even Mayor "Elvis" Janyk got in on the fun! Love it when his lips do the Elvis snarl, oh and that funky hip twirl of his could scramble 12 dozen eggs. It's always a treat to see how Barry outdoes himself in the parade year after year.

24july2010duaneburnett (145)
And EXTRA bonus point thanks to Councilor LeeAnn Johnson for showing me some leg!

Friday night I was thrilled to fly with the Fraser Blues Aerial Demonstration Team and you can check out the photos and slide show for that below too. Breathtaking shots of the Sunshine Coast from the air.

24july2010duaneburnett (59)

"Come Fly With Me" as we take sharp curves, bends and twists along the beautiful Sunshine Coast, BC and over the Sea Cavalcade Opening Ceremonies where we blew up a boat!

Gibsons Sea Cavalcade 2010 PHOTOS Flickr

Come Fly With Me Fraser Blues

Watch Slideshow of Sea Cavalcade Parade 2010
tUrn Up tHe tUneS!

And last but not least, what do you make of this? I spotted these two young gentlemen cleaning up a horrible plastic mess of a disaster left by people watching the parade?

24july2010duaneburnett (341)
WOW this hit a nerve. I have posted COMMENTS below....

Happy Sea Cavalcade Gibsons! FLASH back links from previous parades below.

Enjoy! Duane Burnett


Sea Cavalcade, Fireworks, Gibsons Landing BC - July 23rd, 2010 from Marc Buzzell on Vimeo.


Sea Cavalcade Parade, Gibsons Landing BC - july 24th, 2010 from Marc Buzzell on Vimeo.

Duane Burnett
KUDOS to the two young gentlemen I snapped a photo of at the Sea Cavalcade Parade who were picking up a disgusting mess of garbage and plastic left behind on the curb by people watching the parade today. I mean honestly! Does the Earth look like a freak@n floating garbage can in space for you to trash???? Well done guys!

Sonia Nazar
Those boys are awesome!

Penny Berdahl
Thats sad some people can walk away from that mess.......Makes ya wonder what they live in :( Its awesome to see those young men cleaning it up...Good work gentleman :) God is watching your good deeds :)

Christine Moore I agree with you Duane!
It`s like the brainless people beside us that let their little girl(2 or 3?)run out on the road and nearly get hit by a parade car!what the Hell !The woman driving was in tears!2 parents 1 kid !how hard is it ?????

Cheryl McNevin Baron
Anyone know these boys? They should be publicly recognized. We need to encourage that type of behaviour. Duane - maybe you should turn that into a contest. Identify the boys so you can give them tix to Charlie St. Cloud.

Mary McAllister
That sounds like a really great idea!

Rachelle Gardner
I agree shift our youths to be more aware of our earthly responsibility. My son made me laugh the other day...there was a big rubber tire in the water (sechelt inlet) he dragged in the big tire 45 min process the ran into the house so exci...ted to share mommy mommy look I saved the earth...I pulled a garbage tire out of the water to save the fish! Our kids know...we just have to make it more of a celebration than a chore.

Darla Deter
I agree so much with that Duane!!!

Wild Rose Razga
holy cow! that's an awful lot of trash!

Jeffrey Paleczny
Great events this weekend! But I did notice people leaving lots of trash. I work for town and know we don't have a magic or even big crew that can come along (on weekend) to clean it all up. Remember "Give a hoot don't pollute" from like 2 decades ago. I picked up a whole bunch of stuff from the parade too and was surprised at people.

Duane Burnett
thanks for the comments and likes. reminds me of the 2 fist fulls of plastic I picked up off the beach and Sechelt we are feeding that poor whale. OPEN WIDE!

Noreen McCarron- Tretick
Is it so difficult to pick up after yourself, I'm not your mother!Come on folks, have some pride in your surroundings:)

Noreen McCarron- Tretick
ps. hats off to those boys!

Carole Sauve
Awesome youths. They would be a great example to other youths of the community and adults too. Thanks Duane for sharing. Take care. ♥

Heather Till good for you, guys - fine young citizens you are, indeed !! and thanks, Duane, for making it known

Duane Burnett
this photo has had 161 views since in about 1/2 day.

Sea Cavalcade

Gibsons Sea Cavalcade 2010 PHOTOS Flickr

Sea Cavalcade 2009

Sea Cavalcade 2008 Gibsons BC

Sea Cavalcade Parade 2007 Gibsons, BC

Sea Cavalcade Parade 2006

It's Always A Good Day on the Sunshine Coast!

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Come Fly With Me Fraser Blues

Fraser Blues Aerial Team 2010


WOW what a rush! Seems like a blur and 300 photos of the Sunshine Coast, BC from the air later. LOL

23july2010duaneburnett (342)
Duane Burnett flying with the Fraser Blues

I think I got a photo of just about every inch of the Sunshine Coast, BC from Sechelt, Roberts Creek, Gibsons, Langdale, Keats, the Strait of Georgia, Howe Sound!

Thank you so much to the Fraser Blues.

23july2010duaneburnett (353)
I had the pleasure to co-pilot with Gord Ball in his plane the Iron Eagle.

I have put together a slide show which you can sit back and experience the flight with me, PLUS I have pulled together photos from the archives in this blogspot article to give you different angles over the years of the boat blowing up.


Flickr Photo Album Link

of my flight with Fraser Blues at Sea Cavalcade
cRaNk you're fAvouRite TuNes Up and enjoy!

They were total professionals and gentlemen. We are so lucky to have them apart of the Gibsons Sea Cavalcade tradition!

23july2010duaneburnett (137)
Smoke on! Swooping down on Gibsons Harbour.

Tonight we kicked off the Opening Ceremonies with a fly past over Gibsons Landing Harbour, and blowing up a boat, thanks to the special effects crew from the Stargate television series!

24july2009duaneburnett (50)
View from Soames Hill. Fraser Blues bomb the boat.

The Gibsons Coast Guard Auxiliary Search & Rescue Unit responded to a realistic simulation of an explosion and fire onboard a vessel. The boat was rigged with special effects and an underwater cable pulled it into an adjacent boat causing the explosion roughly as the Fraser Blues flew over to simulate the bombed it with a missile. The Search and Rescue Crew surveyed the scene, formulated a rescue plan and assist with the cleanup of the debris.

24july2009duaneburnett (54)
Boat Goes BOOM! View from Soames Hill.

It all happened at precisely 6:55pm, in Winegarden Park.

The Fraser Blues are part of the Sea Cavalcade community celebrations Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The team is led by a former Canadian Forces Snowbirds Lead, and fly 1940's vintage L-17 "Navion" aircraft. With three ex Fighter Pilots, and two General Aviation pilots, The "Blues" provide a unique demonstration of close, dynamic formation flying in aircraft available to the average GA pilot.

23july2010duaneburnett (214)
View from Fraser Blues after the fly over.

I had a blast as a guest of the Fraser Blues during the Sea Cavalcade Weekend 2006. I checked back on what I wrote then, I remember feeling rather sick to my stomach from the strong g-force created as the planes banked left and right like they were in a real fighter jet dog fight.

We took much the same route again this year. The team took off from the Sechelt Airport in Wilson Creek and followed the coastline to Gibsons where they swooped into the harbour down low and did some loops and twirls and all that hurls.

Afterward we did some major banks and curves chasing each other over Bonniebrook like we were in a World War II dog fight before heading home.

It was really special for me as my parents met in in the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) back in the 1950's, at the Trenton, Ontario base.

What a terrific fabulous time and thank you Fraser Blues you are absolute gentlemen!

25july2009duaneburnett (134)
Fraser Blues Team Riding in the Sea Cavalcade Parade

The Fraser Blues are one of the few civilian formation flying teams in Canada.

Leading the team is retired Colonel George Miller who, today, is manager of the Langley, BC, airport. For more than 35 years he was a member of the Royal Canadian Air Force, flying F-86 Sabres and CF-104 Starfighters in Europe, and with the Golden Hawks, Canada's first jet military aerobatic team. George went on to become a team leader of the Canadian Snowbirds.

Guy Miller, from Abbotsford, BC, flies in the number two position (lead's right wing). Guy is a former CF-18 Hornet fighter pilot and instructor, and a former Cathay Pacific Airways 747-400 line pilot and simulator instructor.

In the number three position, on lead's left wing, is Clive Barratt. With 65 different aircraft types flown, Clive is a former Canadian Forces instructor pilot, search and rescue pilot and accident investigator. Today, he flies for an airline and lives in Chilliwack, BC.

In the number four position (line astern) is Gord Ball, from Abbotsford, BC. Gord is a former CF-104 pilot and retired airline captain. During his career, he flew many aircraft including Huey helicopters, 737s,727s, DC-8s and DC-10s.

In the number 5 position (second line astern), is Willie Paterson, a civilian pilot and flight service specialist in the Nanaimo, BC, control tower. Willie first learned to fly in Scotland when he was working as a deep-sea diver off the coast of Norway. With a father who was an aircraft mechanic, Willie learned how to start an airplane long before he ever learned how to start a car.

23july2010duaneburnett (233)
View from the air of Gibsons getting ready for fireworks!

Thank you again to the amazing hospitality and generosity of the Fraser Blues. Thanks for reading my blog. Your Comments & LINKS below...

Happy Sea Cavalcade everyone!
Best Wishes, Duane Burnett

Anne Kacoullas Hartman
Hi Duane, I just went on a virtual flight with you. What a trip!
Your photos are stupendous!!! Thanks for sharing with us.

Christine Moore
Saw you go over!!! did you see me wave ???

Don Heinrich
that is EPIC that you got to fly with them. Way to go. The pics I saw look amazing.

Kim Kerr Fenton
i was doing a wedding rehearsal when they flew over. such fun!

Dave Gardiner
The soundtrack possibilities are endless...

Christine Moore
Thanks Duane ! You leave me Breathless!!!

Deborah Ficko
Thanks Duane.. You leave me.. envious!! :)

Christine Moore
Should submit some of those pictures to C T V !!! SoOoOo Amazing!

Jackie Lee-Coyle
we waved at you! haha!

Cassandra Langlois
i'm jealous Duane... i have been taking pictures from the ground for years... i fantasized about getting aerial shots.. soooo cool! :-)

Diana Gledhill-Park
Was it you that won the contest to fly with them? So thats pretty good you have your stomach in tact;)

Penny Berdahl
Thats awesome!!!!

Shelley Harrison Rae
Duane you need a new blog called What will he be doing next!!!!!

Carole Sauve
They just flew over Woodcreek Park 30 seconds ago.

It's Always A Good Day on the Sunshine Coast!

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21 July 2006 photo Duane Burnett 004
Back in 2006 Duane Burnett is a Guest of the Fraser Blues. SEE the photo archives

Fraser Blues PHOTOS

Fraser Blues Aerial Team 2010

Fraser Blues Aerial Team 2006

Sea Cavalcade

Gibsons Sea Cavalcade 2010 PHOTOS Flickr

Sea Cavalcade 2009

Sea Cavalcade 2008 Gibsons BC

Sea Cavalcade Parade 2007 Gibsons, BC

Sea Cavalcade Parade 2006


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Huckleberry Hounds

Pick a handful and enjoy! High in Vitamin C, super powered antioxidants, the Huckleberry has been a favourite for thousands of years. I put together some links, recipes, and stories for you to make the most of nature's summer treat.

15july2010duaneburnett (14)

Huckleberries are an iconic memory of growing up as a child on the Sunshine Coast, BC. My family goes back 4 generations here, and I remember huckleberries vividly everywhere while playing with my cousin Pierre in the back yard forest trails connecting my Great Uncle Norm Berdhal and Great Aunty Eveyln's place in Gibsons with my cousins Diane, Gary, Lee and Lizette Berdahl's place at the other end of the well-used family trail. We would eat them by the handful. Tart yet so tasty.

I spoke with Sechelt Nation Elder Jamie Dixon about his child hood memories and the role of huckleberries in the Shishalh First Nation tradition.

Jamie said he has memories of eating handfuls of huckleberries as a kid growing up in Deserted Bay on Jervis Inlet with his Grandfather while they would be hunting grouse by canoe and hiking.

The British Columbia government archives say this area got its name in 1860 by Captain Richards, RN, while surveying the water, and referring to a Sechelt Village or seasonal camp on the south shore. The archives say that some "Indians" landed there in their canoes when a grizzly bear attacked and killed four of them. After the incident they never returned to the area known to First Nation's as Tsuahdie or "place to shelter."

Jamie tells a different story. He remembers an entire tribe of thousands of people were killed by small pox brought in from blankets traded and given to the natives when they would visit Gastown in Vancouver, BC to watch the funny white people who would stumble around all silly (drunk). The only survivor out of an entire tribe of thousands was just one young girl. That tears me up knowing how heavy that must be on Jamie's heart to recall that story, and I am grateful he shared it with me.

I was really honoured too that Jamie, who's Sechelt name is "Mas-Swiya" would so joyfully share the history of huckleberries with me. His traditional name means the 4 Nations and 4 Directions. I high sacred honour indeed!

He told me that huckleberries are high in Vitamin C. I have included some nutritional facts below that will blow your socks off!

The Sechelt people, Jamie said, would eat them fresh and also dry the huckleberries for the winter by putting them in a horse clam shell wrapped in cedar bark. He noted that huckleberry season also meant one thing... blueberry time was coming!

Sechelt Elder, Greta Picard aka Gretz Ky concurs. She remembers:

Berry picking was a great staple in our household when we were children. We used to go picking berries with the whole family, not just our parents, but with our Auntie Ruby, Lori, Lee, Brenda, Howard. I don't remember where we would pick, just remember us all being together and we always had a lot of fun. Our Mom's used always be laughing. Crump that was over 40 years ago, lol

Now I discovered there are lots you can do with huckleberries besides enjoying them fresh picked. Here are some suggestions I found on websites.

• Huckleberry Pie
• Huckleberry Fritters
• Huckleberry Cake
• Huckleberry Jam
• Huckleberry Crisp

Beverly commented:

Don't forget scones, muffins and pancakes!

I was amazed to find out that huckleberries are considered a super food! Check out these facts from the web and a recipe for making huckleberry pie below.

Nutrition & Health Benefits of Eating Huckleberries

* One serving of wild huckleberries has more antioxidant power than any other fruit or vegetable, thus helping a person to fight against aging, cancer and health diseases.
* Huckleberries aid pancreas in digesting sugars and starches.
* Since the berries are high in iron, they help in building blood.
* Huckleberries are used in preparing packs for relieving running sores, eczema and skin disorders.
* They are associated with lowering cholesterol; protecting against heart disease, muscular degeneration, glaucoma, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, and peptic ulcers; and healthier elimination.
* Being a good source of vitamin B, huckleberry supports and speeds up the metabolism rate, keeps skin and muscle tone healthy. It improves immune system function, promotes cell growth and division and helps in preventing pancreatic cancer.
* Since it is high in vitamin C, the berry protects body against immune deficiencies, cardiovascular diseases, prenatal health problems, and eye diseases.
* It also helps in protecting the cells against the damaging effects of free radicals and prevents premature skin wrinkling.
* The tea made from dried huckleberry leaves proves helpful in case of poor starch digestion.
* The berry ensures proper functioning of nerve and muscle tissues, such as the heart and skeletal muscles, due to its high content of potassium.
* The potassium in huckleberry regulates water balances and eliminates wastes.
* Clinical studies show that huckleberry promotes eye health, especially in case of diabetic patients.
* It fights infections, promotes insulin production and treats urinary tract infections.
* Huckleberry It acts as a laxative and treats diarrhea naturally.


* Add a little honey to huckleberries to bring out their taste.
* Huckleberries can also be added to fruit salads.
* Dry the leaves of huckleberry and use them to prepare tea.
* Huckleberries are used for preparing tasty jams, pies, cobblers and preserves.

I also found quite a few recipes as the berry is versatile for substituting with most berry's out there. I have included one, which I am sure will be a favourite, huckleberry pie!


Huckleberry Pie
3 c Fresh or frozen huckleberries
1 c Sugar, (scant)
1/2 ts Almond extract
1 ea Pastry for double crust pie
1 c Grated apple *
2 tb Flour
Dash of salt

* This does not alter the flavor, but stretches the berries Measure ingredients into a two quart mixing bowl and mix well. Pour into unbaked pie shell. Cover with top crust and bake at 375 degrees for about one hour or until nicely browned. Makes one 9" pie. Yield: 6 Servings. From

Its no wonder bears love huckleberries. Its amazing what we can learn from nature if we give it space and reverence in our lives.

I would like to suggest to the bear "powers" that maybe we should be planting more huckleberries in the wilderness so bears have something to eat since we have developed much of their traditional land for parking lots and urban sprawl. Add in a few apple trees and they will have their own mountain wilderness oasis and not have to depend on our garbage.

If you would like to learn more about indigenous plants and first nations, Sechelt Elder, Jamie Dixon has a life long experience as a wilderness survivor educator and cane take you and your group out. He can often be found teaching children young and old about the importance of local food growing in our very own back yards.

To book a tour or class with Jamie, he can be reached at 1-604-885-3140, Pacific Standard Time.

Knowing you can eat a lot of what grows around you makes me laugh to myself. I recall when we went to this expensive first nations restaurant that was around the Davie and Denman Street area in downtown Vancouver, BC. We paid big bucks for a fantastic meal that could have been picked from Stanley Park right next door! LOL

Thank you so much to Jamie and Gretzy, and to all of you for reading my blog, and your great feedback, comments, likes, story suggestions and well wishes. BACK AT YA!

All the best, Duane's World Excellent!

It's Always A Good Day on the Sunshine Coast!

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

EastLink: TV Listings Format Stays

EastLink personally responds to your complaints.
New channel listings format to stay.


EastLink who owns DCCNET aka Coast TV or Coast Cable for those of us on the Sunshine Coast, BC changed their tv listings from music to voice over commercials on June 24th, 2010.

I asked you what your thoughts are of the changes? Almost 30 comments later...

I took that feedback to EastLink for a reply minus your names. And they were tremendously good about giving me a thoughtful response, so for that I am thankful.

Below is what you said, and Eastlink said.....

First you said:

NEW FORMAT: What do you think of the new larger sized ads and voice commercials on the Coast TV channel listings? Before it was just music playing, no voice ads. The channel listings took up 1/2 the page and now are 1/3 the page. Each ad now has a radio like commercial. There is also now a side box with lotto and weather information. What's your opinion. Thanks Duane

Marc Buzzell
sounds like evolution i love sound designing to create the idea of being somewhere your not via radio type commercials

Kera Mchugh
ian has a GREAT voice for commercials... and although this format may not be popular with the viewer, i'm sure they're much more popular with the advertisers... i heard about it the other day and thought, wow, that's definitely advertiser friendly!

Krista Sabiston
I miss the old format! I don't like all the ads, I didn't mind them before because they weren't so 'in your face'. The weather and lotto numbers are pointless to me, being as I can't buy lottery tickets and if I wanted to see the weather I would change the channel to the weather network. And finally, I don't like how the channels change in groups of four, opposed to one at a time. Depending on what you're looking for, I find that you can't see what you want as easily when they all move at once. I also think the channels listed move slower than before, but I'm not 100% sure about that one.

I used to use the channel listing all the time. Not only would I look for something to watch, but when I wasn't interested in watching anything, I would just leave it on like the radio.

I can't stand channel surfing, looking for something to watch.. but with this new listing format, I've stopped watching as much.

Marc Buzzell
Did you know that you cant walk into coast cable in sechelt anymore, you now have to call Atlantic Canada. I was bringing my box back and I couldn't, i had to take a day off work 2 weeks later to wait for them to pick up my internet modem

Penny Berdahl
I miss the music......It was nice no commercial music :(

Linda Shearsmith
Miss the music!

Jill Devonshire
love the Mute button

Duane Burnett
ok, re below - this is not from me - just reporting in:
A friend called and said the things people are saying:
MISS the MUSIC :( (tons of people say this)
Channel 10: the page trembles, its junky, messages are crappy, so disappointed in loss of music, the weather degrees are different (i.e., do not match the (same) on the Weather Channel (Channel 36),

Verna Chan
I find it completely useless to find out what's going on on tv--I use the internet Zap2it listing now--much easier. Television is already tough to watch with so many ads!

Kelly Arnold
I dislike the new format... There's less info on the shows I'm watching (they no longer list the name of the episodes) and I also liked the music (isn't there already enough advertising on tv?) Lottery numbers, unnecessary... weather, no problem. The new format focuses more on advertising than it does on it's original purpose: a channel guide. On the plus side, I'm so annoyed by it that I no longer turn the t.v on because it reminds me how I should be doing something more valuable with my time!!

Howard Paull
I think it totally sucks.

I really enjoyed listening to the music on there. Which I later found & saved on youtube for my own listening pleasure.

Now it's all about those stupid voice ads. I mute it now when checking out the t.v. listings. Borrriiingggg ! ! !

Shawn Hill
Me too. Channel 10 use to be awesome. I miss it :(

Heather Pearce Lyons
i prefer the music...

Deborah Ficko
I would have to agree..not one for t.v.. but, when working, was nice to have during meal prep to sing with the clients and sway together rhythmically! Bring back the tunes!! :)

Nichole Lagasse
I have neither cable nor satelite so um I cant really comment KILL YOUR TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Myrtle Winchester
With several areas in Pender Harbour and Egmont that do not have access to cable, it's not such a great advertising option to reach the folks up here. Everybody reads the Spiel and the Reporter though.

Linda Shearsmith

Jackie Compston
2 thumbs down

Erin Johnson
it was better before they changed it

Christine Moore
I liked the music! don`t watch tv that often! things change!but lets not go there !!!

Carole Carlton
I prefer the old format where you could read the ads and the listings. Not much into hearing the darn commercials it is grating - music was much better.

Rob Thomson
Don't know - watch only HD channels anyway with their separate listings. Analogue TV

Cassandra Langlois
not likely to be very successful for advertising. If i can't see it, i'm not buying. I would bet most people will retain more by seeing than hearing. Not to mention taking away the tunes wouldn't get my vote either....

Charlotte Moore
I think it's clever... I actually find that I get distracted by the ads...which means it works...then I have to watch it longer for the listing to come back around! lol It looks new and fresh, I think its a nice change.

Linda Reimer
I used to put it on for the music, and once in a while take a look at the adds, but now I dont even bother...

Jeffrey Paleczny
Huge ad area and audio instead of music is more annoying.
The actual purpose to list channels has been reduced in size. Therefore less chance to see channels and then you have to wait for them to come around again. Don't need lotto space. Keep to purpose and have more channel listing space and number of channels shown etc

EastLink replied

In an increasingly competitive environment, our customers continue to demand more. The fresh, new look of OnTVL was conceived to provide additional value to our customers including quick access to Environment Canada Weather, current lottery numbers, and a 90 minute view of upcoming programming.

With the increasing regionalization of traditional media, more and more local businesses need access to effective and affordable local advertising. OnTVL fills this community-focused advertising need.

Overall, the new look and added information has been met with excellent customer feedback, and has been further supported by increased customer viewership. This is not to say that OnTVL hasn’t received some criticism. We want to hear what our viewers think and consequently have taken some of that feedback and made changes to deliver a better viewing experience while maintaining our goal of providing quick, local information, television listings and an effective affordable means of local advertising.

Duane, in answer to your specific questions:

1. Have you been getting complaints from the public and do you plan to change the format back or keep it like this?

We will be maintaining this fresh new format, as designed to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

2. What's your experience in other communities across Canada?

While some customers have expressed disappointment in the loss of background radio, the response in communities across Canada has been overwhelmingly positive. Customers have expressed their satisfaction with EastLink’s commitment to provide a fresh, new look and to provide additional value on this channel.

3. What the advertisers feel about the loss of viewers?

Generally speaking, advertisers have realized greater response from their advertisements. This is due, in part, to viewers being able to access additional information like local weather.


So there you have it. First thank you to ALL of you who responded to the "Note" on my facebook profile asking for your feedback and opinions.

I kinda feel like CTV's Chris Olsen on your side right now :-) BIG GRIN

I am really loving this where we all bring our thoughts and comments together in one article. Hope you do to!

And again, thanks to EastLink for the official reply! Wasn't what many wanted to hear but at least the feedback was received and responded to.

One website I use regularly for an instant look at TV listings is

All the best, Duane's World Excellent!

It's Always A Good Day on the Sunshine Coast! Duane

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

5 Prizes To WIN at Duane's World Excellent!

Win Tickets to Zac Efron's Charlie St Cloud, Allison Crowe, Definitely Diva, Just Yell Fire self protection course, Gibsons Cinema & a nutritious smoothie to wash it all down with! Got to enter to win!

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7 Slushies A Day For 7 Days at Pier 17 + Aug 1-7

This is kewl, I just got a shipment of a new homeopathic pain relief creams to give away! stay tuned for that contest coming soon!

Good Luck, Thanks for being facebook and twitter friends. Best Wishes!! Duane

If want to do a contest with me let me know!
I am booking Duane's World for the fall, Christmas, spring & next Summer too!

It's Always A Good Day on the Sunshine Coast! Duane

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Sunshine Coast a Mecca for Cycling

Share The Road With Cyclists! Tips & facts for drivers & cyclists.

The Sunshine Coast, BC is a mecca for cyclists and cycling tours with its beautiful scenery and winding roads perfect for road bikes, tour bikes, and mountain biking.

17july2010duaneburnett (33)

Its extremely close proximity to Vancouver, Canada and magnificent 40 minute ferry ride has a huge magnetic pull on outdoor adventure enthusiasts from the Lower Mainland to come explore what I call the Upper Mainland.

It means drivers need to be super alert, share the road, be patient, and respect that their vehicle is 5,000lbs of machine up against a couple hundred pounds of fragile flesh.

I was traveling down the hill in Selma Park, near Sechelt, BC when I saw a vehicle trying to pass three cyclists.

This particular area of Highway 101 and Selma Park Road has a blind curve plus a hill and is brutal for local drivers to get out of their neighbourhoods so accidents happen along the road quite often.

17july2010duaneburnett (26)

It reminded me how popular the coast is for tour bikes, cycling, motorcycling and mountain bikers.

As we are trying to support green sustainable transportation, and accidents do happen a lot on Highway 101, and when it involves cyclists we know who wins, I decided to put together this heads up to share the road and include a few safety tips.

I remember when I worked as the Terminal Supervisor for BC Ferries, Langdale, talking to many cyclists who were from far away places like California who biked up the west coast and were doing a circle tour through the Sunshine Coast, up to beautiful Powell River, across to Vancouver Island, down to Victoria or Vancouver, and back to Washington state.

Back in June I wrote an article about the chronic accidents on Highway 101 or Route 101 which connects the Sunshine Coast.


Accident HWY 101 Sunshine Coast Highway

In that article I referred to the horrible accident where a vehicle wiped out two very popular mountain bikers traveling along the side of the highway in Halfmoon Bay putting both boys into the hospital with multiple injuries and pretty much ending their careers as professional mountain bikers.

It is critically important that vehicle drivers be alert for cyclists and motorcycles on the road like when you are opening the door of your parked car.

We all want to encourage green transportation but not when it results in a blood red catastrophe. These are often our friends and family on the road


ICBC, the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia offers several tips to cyclists and motorist on their website which I have reprinted here as a good read.

applying your smart driving skills

Cyclists commute to work as well as ride for recreation, so you can expect to see them on the road at any time of the day or night. Be aware that bicycle riders have the same rights and responsibilities on the road as drivers. Observe carefully at all times. Cyclists, like pedestrians, are vulnerable.

Be especially careful near children on bicycles. Children are used to adults watching out for them, so they tend to be unaware of danger. They also have poor peripheral vision, and often find it hard to judge the speed and distance of oncoming vehicles. They may not know the traffic rules or how much room it takes vehicles to stop.

Shoulder check — shoulder checking is important because bicycles and riders are narrow and can easily be hidden in your blind spot. Make sure you shoulder check before you:

+ open your door to get out of your vehicle. Check your side mirror as well. One of the most common causes of crashes involving cyclists is drivers who swing their doors open without checking.

+ pull away from the curb

+ move to the right.

+ Pay attention at night — observe carefully, especially for bicycles coming in from side streets. Some cyclists may not have lights, reflectors or reflective gear.

+ Be careful when passing — before you pass another vehicle, make sure you check for oncoming cyclists and cyclists in front of the vehicle you are passing.

Scan at intersections — be especially careful to:

+ Shoulder check for bicycles before turning right.

+ Watch out for a cyclist ahead waiting to turn left if you’re driving straight through.

+ Check carefully for oncoming cyclists before making a left turn.

+ Check carefully for cyclists crossing the road when coming to a place where a bicycle trail meets with a road.

+Be aware that a cyclist riding along the through road could be approaching faster than you think.


Know the rules — cyclists follow the same rules and regulations as drivers.

+ Yield to cyclists as you would to any other vehicle. If you have the right-of-way at an intersection, proceed if it is safe. A cyclist will expect you to follow the rules of the road.

+ Be aware that cyclists don’t always stay on the right. To make a left turn, for instance, they need to move over to the left lane. If the lane is narrow, or if there is glass or a pothole on the right, a cyclist has the right to move out toward the middle for safety.

+ Pay attention to bicycle lanes. For more information about these lanes, see chapter 4, rules of the road.

Space margins
Allow following distance — allow plenty of following distance.

You need to be able to avoid hitting a cyclist who falls. Cyclists who wobble are probably inexperienced and are more likely to fall than experienced cyclists. Give them even more space than usual.

Allow side margins — a significant number of crashes involving cyclists result from side-swiping. Make sure there is enough space if you want to pass a cyclist. On a narrow road, wait for a clear, straight stretch that will allow you to pull out and give the cyclist room.

Remember, you are allowed to cross a single solid yellow line when passing a cyclist, provided you can do it safely. On a multi-lane road, change lanes rather than risk crowding the cyclist.

Even if you pull just
slightly into another lane
to pass, you are changing
lanes. Remember to
mirror check, signal and
shoulder check.

Recognize hand signals — understand the hand signals that cyclists use. A cyclist may signal a right turn by extending the right arm straight out.

Make eye contact — a cyclist often uses eye contact to communicate. Make eye contact if you can. She or he is probably trying to anticipate your next move.

Avoid honking your horn — don’t honk your horn at a cyclist unless you need to give a warning. A loud honk could startle a cyclist and even cause a fall.

Strategies: being a safe cyclist
If you are a cyclist, you’re responsible for sharing the road in a way that keeps you and others safe.

Be predictable. Cyclists are more predictable if they follow the rules of the road.

Be visible. Because bicycles are narrow, you need to work at making yourself visible. Wear bright or reflective clothing, especially in the dark or in poor weather.

Position yourself so drivers can see you. Avoid riding in blind spots.

Ride defensively. Think and look well ahead. Be assertive, but remember that a conflict between a cyclist and a motor vehicle usually results in injury to the cyclist.

Ride legally.

In B.C., you must wear an approved bicycle helmet. If you ride at night, your bicycle must be equipped with a front white headlight visible at 150 metres, and have a rear red light and a red rear reflector.

Cycling BC website features the very popular annual mountain bike race in Roberts Creek, British Columbia, then known as the "Rat Race" (C) Duane Burnett

Cyclist Traffic Rules
1. Beware of parked cars
2. Stop for stop signs
3. Look for traffic all ways
4. Slow down and look
5. Yield to traffic before crossing
6. Ride in a straight line
7. Shoulder check before turning
8. Use hand signals to tell other drivers what you’re
going to do
9. Ride on right hand side
10. Turn with care

Road Hazards can include:
■ road surfaces: railroad tracks, gravel, water/
mud, snow/ice, oil
■ bumps: driveway entrances, rocks, debris,
sewer covers, lane markers
■ holes: drain covers, depressions in
pavement, metal covers, drain grates
■ sharp objects: glass, rocks, nails, wire,
metal pieces
■ intersections
■ animals

Your Bike Injury Fact Sheet*
Bike injuries in childhood are common and potentially disastrous

The facts
■ Biking is the most popular outdoor activity among young Canadians. Between 86% and 90% of children aged 10 to 14 are bicyclists.
■ More than 150 Canadians die each year from bike injuries. Children aged 5 to 14
account for about half of these deaths.
■ Every year, over 50,000 children are seriously injured in bike related mishaps.
■ Almost half of all the children injured are under 10 years old and 25% are under 7.
■ Eighty-five per cent of bike injuries in childhood do not involve a motor vehicle.
■ The vast majority of children who are involved in bike mishaps (85%) are within six blocks of home.
■ The human skull can be shattered by an impact of 7 – 10 km/h, and children’s skulls are more vulnerable than those of adults.
■ A fall from 2 feet (60cm) can cause permanent brain damage; a fall at a speed of
20 km/h can result in death.
■ Head injuries account for 75% of all deaths from bike injuries.
■ Cycling mishaps are the leading cause of hospital admissions for head injury in
■ Survivors with brain injury may suffer seizures, intellectual and memory impairment, and personality changes.
■ The lifetime costs for a head-injured Canadian — including intensive care, long-term hospital costs, lifetime care and support at home — are estimated to be in the range of $1 – $1.5 million.

04th Aug 2006thelocalphotoduaneburnett002crop

Wearing a bicycle helmet reduces the risk
of head injury by up to 85%,
and the risk of brain injury by 88%.

Thanks to ICBC for putting together this excellent educational information.

Please remember to share the road and enjoy the beautiful Sunshine Coast for your cycling tour!

Thanks so much for reading my blogspot articles, all your likes, suggestions, comments and feedback. Best Wishes!!!! Duane Burnett

It's Always A Good Day on the Sunshine Coast! Duane

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ocean Tribute for Lucky Mandala 13

"Like" the mandala?

Photos + History + Links + Meaning Behind the Mandala Symbols

Update Nov 15, 2010

the ocean rises from the sky and is painted on the earth, duane

It's lucky 13 for the Roberts Creek Community Mandala on the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia, Canada. Public painting runs from July 19-25th. Rob Marion who spearheads the original design each year gives me the exclusive heads up that it will be a spectacular tribute to healing the oceans. Now it is up to the community to come and paint it in with their Love.

July 29, 2010
Added a youtube video of the Mandala by BlueStar2010.

July 25, 2010
400+ NEW Photos. The Mandalafest was a huge success with sunny skies, great music, a blessing to the four directions, a visit by a butterfly, and a fly past by the Fraser Blues Aerial Demonstration Team. Check out the photos from today's Mandala Festival on the slide show or flickr website.

25july2010duaneburnett (474)
Chris Yeske from A Different Point of View surprizes everyone with a print out of an aerial view of the completed Mandala 2010 at this years festival.

21july2010duaneburnett (96)

July 23, 2010
Today I spoke with some really awesome folks from around the world and talked with Tami Barnes from Alabama about the inner makings behind a Mandala. Her and people around the world just love it and are thankful for the healing prayers for the Gulf. Tonight I flew with the Fraser Blues Aerial Demonstration Team as part of the Gibsons Sea Cavalcade Opening Ceremonies and managed to get this shot of the Mandala as we flew by.

23july2010duaneburnett (276)
Come Fly With Me Fraser Blues Photos & Story

July 22, 2010
Thank you to my facebook friends who shared the links on their Gulf Oil Spill pages and personal profiles. 2,500 views in 1/2 a day. What a great way to spread the healing love to the World's Oceans. Wonderful people from from Washington DC, Philadelphia, Europe, Florida and beyond are loving the Mandala Tribute to the World's Oceans and want to do one in their cities and towns too! How awesome is that!!!!
150 NEW PHOTOS uploaded today too.

July 21, 2010
Popped down to see how the Mandala is coming along, one word: BEAUTIFUL! Uploaded 170 new photos to Flickr and also figured out I could put a slide show here too!
I see many of you have been tagging photos on my facebook fan page. Thanks so much!

2010 Mandala FLICKR PHOTO ALBUM Here


TAG You're It!

July 20, 2010
A whale swam by the Mandala on July 20th.. "paint it and it will come" says the facebook fan page. How awesome is that the Mandala tribute to ocean healing adorned with paintings of whales gets a visit by a whale!

July 19, 2010
Stopped by to check out the first day of painting and its looking beautiful. Uploaded a bunch more new photos to the 2010 photo gallery. Please see all the links below.

19july2010duaneburnett (42)

Sunday, July 18, 2010
I sneaked down to take a peak preview and what I can see transforming over last year's stunning mandala representing transformation is two giant killer whales like a ying yang symbol.

Rob told me he wants this year's Mandala to be a tribute to healing the world's oceans, especially in light of the horrific Gulf Oil Spill by BP.

17july2010duaneburnett (2)

The site of the Mandala was actually part of a location shoot for a spoof of BP and the Gulf Oil Spill called Oil BP Naughty to Nature. The video received 10,000 views in its first week and accolades from around the world.

Story Behind the Making of Oil BP Naughty to Nature

Erica Snowlake told me the 13th year is crucially magickl (sic magical) as its aligned with the 13 moon intention to recognize natural time here on our mothership- so already so many cosmic coincidences are happening....

its also a prayer to the earth and the oceans whose guardians are the whales - whose songs set up the fertility for the planet- so we are representing mother earth as turtle island in the center and praying for her and our well-being

it is also the foretold 9th tier of the Mayan Prophecy of the Dawning of the Unfolding - this being the 9th tier which signifies Cosmic Co-Creation - where all beings realize we are entwined in common purpose to honor and respect one another and the divine gift of LIFE!

17july2010duaneburnett (9)

it is actually happening this week-end! and will continue to harmonize over the next accelerated time to come...

the design is of orcas seals and salmon raven and eagle and we are intentionally honoring the first nation peoples of the coast and the indigenous people of the planet who hold true knowledge of this prophecy and who have always held the earth in sacred light

this time is called the uniting of the natives and naturals and represents the harmony of the first nations people and the star nations tribe (who have walked through spirit to be here - this is us!) so we are all delighted to have reached this supreme alignment and the mandala is especially expressive of this conscious unity!!!!

17july2010duaneburnett (13)

Public painting begins at noon Monday July 19th thru Friday the to come early folks - bring hats to wear and hats to share! Suggested donation $10-$20.

2010 - our 13th mandala! 13 moons 13 grandmothers - give it up for Mother Gea - this mandala is a prayer!!! Blessed with water from Amma's puja!


It became increasingly plain to me that the mandala is the centre. It is the exponent of all paths. It is the path to the centre, to individuation.... C G Jung

Organizer Pamela Messner told me that the design is, as always, a surprise to us too until Rob paints it... This is the 13th year...

17july2010duaneburnett (10)

Pamela says the first mandala was painted by five people to cover up nasty anti Creek graffiti painted just before Creek Daze.. Rob Marion, Erica Snowlake, Alice, who's last name escapes me, Andrew Dido and Ray Jenkins. It had grown and changed dates over the years...

Creek Daze is Roberts Creek's annual community fair usually the 3rd weekend of August, and the most environmentally friendly parade on the Sunshine Coast with a festive mardi gras feeling to it.

we tried earth Day but it was always too wet...settled on July as the weather is better...

We have a core group of volunteer coordinators... me, Erika, Rob, Sullivan (my Daughter) Dean Schutz... and volunteers who help out here and there...


it is funded through the generous donations of local humans and businesses..

it is not paid for by the local governments as many people think it is free to the public to paint... just show up, first come first served and we provide everything....



Pamela continues, Last year we had over 450 people paint on it and expect more this year...there may be times when it is too busy to accommodate everyone who shows up but that just means waiting for it to thin out and we will try to do our best to make room for as many as we can...

We begin washing and designing the template this week in the evenings and public painting will begin July 19 at noon and run daily noon til 7ish until it is full, which we expect to take four days, five at the most, again depending on turnout...


17july2010duaneburnett (14)

This is a remarkable event bringing together professional artists and the greater public... people have come from all over the world to be a part of this painting and it has become an image that people associate with the whole Sunshine Coast, not just The Creek...

We ask people not to bring their own paint as it often washes away when we do the final wash....

Bring water, sunhats, sun protection...

Donations can also be made year round at the Sunshine Coast Credit Union to the Roberts Creek Mandala Fund.

When the painting is done... the Manafestival will happen...this is NOT the Day out of Time celebration... it is the Manafestival... celebrating the Mandala....

The Mandala Fest Dance Cavalcade is at the Roberts Creek Little Legion, Saturday, July 24th.

Each year, Chris Yeske from A Different Point of View sets up his aerial photography and captures a spectacular overhead shot of the finished mandala.



The Day Out of Time Celebration is a separate event that celebrates the Mayan Calendar every July 25th.

Thanks Pamela, Rob, Erica and everyone who makes the Creek Mandala happen year after year. It truly is one of the best events and heart of just not Roberts Creek but the entire Sunshine Coast inspired by love, spirit and community.

Some links, comments and photos below!

Thanks again for reading my blogspot articles, all your kind comments, feedback, story suggestions and likes! Best Wishes, Duane Burnett


Lauren Realz
"duane, i posted this on my page as well!!!
LOVE IT!!! me chills.....wish we could all come together in all or our towns and do the same...."

In Memory of the Wildlife & Ocean Life killed by the 2010 Gulf oil spill
‎@Duane, thank you very much for the additional info and for everything else you have been doing to bring awareness to and to pay tribute to the Gulf during this very difficult time.

Lauren Realz
this is awesome. i wish i could be there! what a great thing for a community to do...we should all follow suit,,, im outside of philly....another great place....

Jeannie Meyer
I just friended you Lauren! Where are they doing this...hell I want to start one!! I live near D.C. That would be a great place to do one!!!! We could do it during The Spill into DC!!! That would be awesome!!

Deborah Ficko
Took a stroll to see.. amongst all the talented artists within their flow of healing energy.. a magical moment it came to be.. so apropos for our present the future, may it speak!! :)

Tami Barnes
Birmingham, Alabama
Hey Duane, thanks so much for this! Everyone loves it and I wish we could all make a pilgrimage to see it in person. I'm afraid if I came, though, I'd stay!!! You are all just terrific and so talented! How wonderful that you're painting a mandala in tribute to our Gulf! Perhaps we could get you to come to Alabama to do one for us here? The Gulf Coast is terribly depressed in every way just now, as expected, and it would be a wonderful way to support the area and keep the world focused on the issues.

Chris P. Madden
Hey Duane, i have really been enjoying your pix of the Mandala; seems so close i felt like i had a paintbrush in hand. I was wondering if you, or a friend, was going to make a musical slideshow and put it on YouTube? I have been loving that process with The Venus Project vids i made, and i know others love them too. So much more fun than just pix...


Official Website

Roberts Creek Community
Mandala facebook fan page "Like"

A Different Point of View
aerial photography of mandala


TAG You're It!





It's Always A Good Day on the Sunshine Coast!

Hope you liked! Come and Join me on facebook or twitter! Duane

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