Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Anatomy of a Facebook Like: What Does it Mean???

What's the Meaning of a facebook Like?

What's the meaning of a facebook Like? Why do we like to "Like" so much? My friends had some great answers to this question on my facebook profile. Including one story about a marriage proposal in a facebook comment sealed with a "Like" :D

Here are their comments below.
I welcome you to please add your own.

Kera Mchugh
interesting question, duane... i do it for a variety of reasons - a) i actually "like" the content of the post/page/comment/note/photo, b) to show support, c) to acknowledge that i've been there, d) if it makes me think - especially if it makes me think about something a different way than i did before i read it!

Kelly Backs
yesterday my sister asked a friend to marry her and the friend "liked" the comment, so I argued that it was in fact a legally binding contract to become married.

Kelly Backs
I will not "like"a comment/status I am opposed to, and will "like" in lieu of a comment when I don't have the time, a lazy comment as it were.

Kelly Backs
a "like" will also put me in the loop of a thread that I want to follow as it will be gone with the social media wind if I don't.

Duane Burnett
‎@Kelly great comments! Love the Like engagement! That's a great story

Duane Burnett
I find myself doing like for a lot of the same reason Kera and as Kelly says to put me in the loop too.

Anastacia Andrade
old news=needs to be a dislike ... it would help with regrets. u can always unlike ur like

Candace Campo
Having the "Like" feature has literally allowed my life to move into a new direction and turn onto a new adventure. We now do snowshoe tours and as the guide I have never been happier during the winter months. Prior to this I would just survive the winter and count the office days for the warmer spring and an early summer so that I could kayak our beautiful Inlets and open oceans. And I love what I do. I love the outdoors and who really gets to do what they truly, truly enjoy => Nature. Me :D

Duane Burnett
now that's inspirational Candace thank you for sharing with all of us ♥

Deborah Ficko
Some great answers to read.. mine is simple.. I "Like" that which catches my eye and appeals to me!! :)

Sara Scott
I've seen things on fb that i'd never see anywhere on tv or any other media, so i like fb and youtube. truly entertaining. the like button indicates whether your thoughts/actions/ and you are liked by others. what about a hate button? we could use it for things like sauerkraut and overcooked spinach.

Christine Moore
I like that we can connect with old friends that live elsewhere in the world and keep in touch with family and friends that do live close .we`re always so busy in our everyday lives that facebook is like ....Stopping to Smell The Rose`s

Charlene Orr
For me the like option has to do with regard to acknowledgment, accountability, involvement, inclusion and choice + sharing=
to be known :-)

Diane Paull
okay I've liked the ones I agree with @ kera, kelly, duane, Candace but I have to comment on Sara I LOVE saurcraut so please don't have a hate button for that...

Charlene Orr ‎
... besides, isn't it so that we love opinions, lol I am!

Duane Burnett
I see a lot of people campaigning for a dislike button on facebook. Would great appreciate more comments from my facebook friends on this topic of the anatomy of Like on facebook.

Dave Cottrell
It's simple for this simple kinda guy... if I like, I click "like." If I don't like, I don't click "like." If I don't like, but want the person to know I was there, as in perhaps, to give support for a yucky kind of situation, I leave a comment, a hug or a heart.

Diane Paull
I don't like to comment as in dislike on something I don't like as it still draws attention. I either go directly to the person's wall and give hugs...

Alexandra Hatzisavva
I think it's just the easiest way to acknowledge a post...sometimes we're just too tired to type...

Thanks for all the great feedback and insights!

Why do you "Like" things on facebook? I want to hear from you? Got any more great stories like the facebook marriage proposal!

All the best, Duane

Duane Burnett

Sunshine Coast BC Canada


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

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The Daily Express

“This Bee Movie has a real sting.”
The Times

@ Event page created by Duane Burnett


Monday, January 17, 2011

Are Duangels In Your Dreams?

I've always had an extremely vivid dream world. The other day a friend told me I was in her dreams, and it was so magical she had to share. With her permission I thought you would enjoy the dream and might help me decipher what the symbols mean. :D

duaneburnettBADawards2008photoLinseyHulls (11)


Have you ever had a dream so vivid it was almost real? You can’t help but share it. I dreamt about you last night and it was so magical I wish you could have been there! It would have filled you with confidence, hope and love.

It started out as we knew we were going to Duane’s birthday party.

We (a small troupe, you know how dreams are, some were unidentifiable, but my son was there) all had wrapped gifts under our arms. Excitedly, we all piled out to go up to a lavish, penthouse-type apartment.

I had in my mind that we may have been slightly late, that the party may be in full swing or getting close to over. It was more like the most spectacular hotel you have ever seen on the rich and famous, the halls were wide and expansive and the carpets plush under our feet.

As we approached the entrance (which wasn’t a door, it was open concept- with a red velvet rope hanging across) we saw that the line to get in was down the hall, around the corner, as we went down the line to get a place there were so many more people joining in.

We thought, we will never get to the front of the line! All the people were excited, dressed up, lots of presents.

My son in this dream was behaving typically himself! Never one to wait in line, he led us around a back hall, to try to get around to speak to you (as we are thinking we are ‘special’ friends or something) and as we wound around we passed food stations; one in particular was a scoop-your-own ice cream bar, you know, like a mini Baskin Robbins cart.

The atmosphere was all carnival, party, people, decorations, talking, laughing, music. We made it to a huge open area, an open concept living room, big glass windows, all Hollywood….beautiful people laughing and having fun, big buffet tables full of gorgeous food – like cruise ship buffets with ice sculptures and multi-levels!

The only negative thought that passed through my mind, which was only brief, is that I thought perhaps we hadn’t brought you a nice enough present.

That thought was quickly replaced with the thought that “Duane is not the type of person who cares about that, he is genuine’.

We looked around the room and didn’t see you. So we thought you might be hanging out in a bedroom with some closer friends, so down another wide hall we went. Picture people everywhere, standing in groups with drinks, laughing. You could feel it was all nice people.

As we got near the bedroom door, you and a small group of friends were coming out. You were so, so happy. Your friends were so much fun. Some were just dressed nicely, but some were dressed in party costume!

They were all nice, good looking guys! One bigger guy had his face painted all red and those silly red devil horns, which was in contrast to his personality, he was smiling and we spoke for a moment when he told me that the party was continuing, and we were all going out on a taxi bar run.

Then I saw you, and you looked past me to point out that the lines of people had gone (your bouncers had dispersed them as you didn’t want the police to show up) and we were agreeing that the next thing to do would be to go for a bar tour!

Where I used to live, the taxi bar run was where we would pile into a taxi after the main places had closed, or after 2 am or so, and continue on to the dive bars and clubs which were still hopping and lots of fun. So that is what all of us were going to do, dance the rest of the night away. I woke up then before we went.

What does it mean?

I don’t know, but my dreams usually try to tell me something.

I don’t know what’s been going on, but you mentioned something the other day about your fan base etc. You have lots of people that adore you still Duane! And, if I had the means to throw this dream party for you for any occasion, there would definitely be a line up down the street and around the corner, believe it!


It's been some time since I had a party or celebrated my birthday. My friend's dream sounds like a lot of fun though, a stark contrast to the highly anxious dreams I am use to throughout my life.

What do you think it means as she asks? Have you had similar dreams of people in your life?

Its Always A Good Day on the Sunshine Coast! Duane

Duane Burnett

Sunshine Coast BC Canada


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Finding My Intuitive Heart Learning to Heal Your Life

Sunshine Reiki Intuitive Heart Heal Your Life Workshop Intuitive-HeartHYLLogo-LouiseHay

How many of you are familiar with international best seller and self-help author Louise L. Hay? I have heard great things about Louise for many years so decided to check out a 6 week Intuitive Heart Heal Your Life transformational workshop based on her philosophy.

The first Intuitive Heart study group workshop offered by Sunshine Reiki Healing looked at thoughts and how they effect your life. We discussed how each of us is responsible for our own experiences and how those thoughts we think everyday create our future.

I think we have over 60,000 thoughts running through our minds every day and day after day they are the same thoughts. Its total freedom to learn the skills to still your mind from racing as though you are on a hamster wheel dodging the torment of monotonous thoughts that often tear you down.

Important in any healing is acknowledging that we are all individually dealing with patterns we developed through life that cause resentment, criticism, guilt and self hatred.

Its empowering to know that these are only thoughts, not our true selves, and they can be changed.

The healing process also asks of us to begin letting go of the past, learning forgiveness, and being present NOW in your life, which requires self approval and self acceptance if you are to empower positive changes.

How many of us live in the past and in the future and have no grounding in the present moment? This lack of being now here leaves us no where with our friends, family and self.

Meditation and yoga are great work outs to get grounded in the now, and during the workshop we practiced some meditations and we each drew 2 affirmation cards out of a deck.

My first card read:

Life is
never stuck, stagnant, or stale,
for each moment is ever-new and fresh.

I do
something new -or at least different-

The second affirmation said:

Freedom is my Divine right.

I am free to think wonderful thoughts.
I move beyond past limitations into
freedom. I am now becoming all that
I am created to be.

Both cards gave me some good insight into myself.

I love doing what I do with social media, hosting television shows, and photo journalism. It allows me to be of kind service helping to empower community and raise awareness about our beautiful planet Earth. The enormous diversity of topics keeps its always new and interesting so it fits my attention deficit personality.

I think drawing the affirmation card is encouraging me to continue to reach out even more to the community and be more involved, attending events, exploring and going on adventures with all of you if you would like to invite me along.

After a lifetime of bullying at school and work, the second affirmation reminds me that I can think good thoughts about myself, I don't have to continue to feel so bad about myself, its time to embrace my creativity and just do it. I have lots of ideas and really need support of talented people around me who can execute the vision with their expertise and take me to the next level.

I have always tried to read a bit from a Spiritual book each day and thank the wonderful likes of Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle and Pema Chodron for helping me to develop tools in my life that help me be more present and aware of my life circumstances and thoughts and feelings so they don't rule the roost like a roller coaster ride.

Today I am excited to begin a new book, "You Can Heal Your Life" by Louise L. Hay!

Many thanks to the Angel that gave me a copy! Have you read it?

I would love to hear from any of you who have read Louise Hay's books or heard about her. Tell me about your own experiences, thoughts, challenges or breakthroughs.

Topics vary on this six week Intuitive Heart journey, which runs every Thursday at noon for 2 hours, starting January 13th to February 17th. Week one started with Change your thoughts - Change you life. Its followed workshops on Negative Beliefs; Inner Child; Relationships; Health and Wellness; and finally Prosperity/Abundance.

We gathered at Yoga by the Sea for 2 hours in the heart of beautiful Roberts Creek, BC on the Sunshine Coast. The coast is infamous for being a Body Mind Spirit centre where international visitors enjoy quaint bed & breakfast and cottages with amazing outdoor adventures and some of the best healing services anywhere.

The 6 week Intuitive Heart workshop is offered by Elizabeth Candlish, a certified Reiki Master/Teacher who owns Sunshine Reikie Healing Services.

If you are on the Sunshine Coast or would like to enjoy our healing arts practitioners, I have created a facebook community page called "Body Mind & Spirit Sunshine Coast BC Canada" and welcome you to "Like" the page and become a fan.

Today was day One of 6 workshops. I hope to share with you how I do over the next couple months and again would love your comments and insights.

There are still a few spaces available in the workshop for anyone wanting to attend and you can drop in for a topic that peaks your interest. Contact Elizabeth at

UPDATE Jan 17, 2011.
Elizabeth will have a 6hr workshop on February 5th from 10-4.

The cost will be $79.95 incl of taxes, this includes a light lunch, handouts, and various tools and techniques taught at the workshop.

The topics will be Relationships, Forgiveness and Prosperity.

Space is limited to 6 people. She is also available for private functions.

Peace, Love, Joy in every moment! Duane :D

For more details on visiting the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia check out my friends wonderful tourism website

Duane Burnett

Sunshine Coast BC Canada


Monday, January 10, 2011

WIN a Talaysay Tours Guided Snow Tour for 2 of Dakota Ridge!

WIN a Talaysay Tours Guided Snow Tour for 2 of Dakota Ridge!

Win your way to the top!

New contest from one of the Sunshine Coast's favourite kayaking companies!

Win a guided snow tour for 2 people of Dakota Ridge or the Tetrahedron near Sechelt on the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia, Canada from Duane Burnett & Talaysay Tours.

Includes transportation from Wilson Creek, BC to the starting point, hot cocoa/snacks and snowshoe equipment.

JOIN the Talaysay Tours facebook fan page for a second chance to win 2 tickets! ph: 1.800.605.4643

Contest Draw 7pm Jan 31, 2011.

1) Click "Attending" on the facebook contest page to Win
2) JOIN Talaysay Tours fan page for a 2nd chance to win!

3) Share the contest
4) Add Duane as a friend on facebook

Talyaysay Tours, Sechelt, BC
Toll Free: 1.800.605.4643
Phone: 1.604.628.8555 (Vancouver)

+ Adventure Sunshine Coast on facebook

+ WATCH VIDEO <<<<<<<< Dakota Ridge: A Winter Paradise Waiting to be Explored...

@ Event page created by Duane's World

+ Sunshine Coast BC Canada

It's Always A Good Day on the Sunshine Coast!



Sunday, January 9, 2011

Shifting Paradigms from a Wasteful to Zero Waste Society

Special Guest Blogger Buddy Boyd is recently back from the 7th Annual Zero Waste International Conference and Dialogue in Florianopolis, Brazil. He writes about how we can shift from a wasting society to one that is zero waste. A critical discussion for our planet. Please share! Your comments and feedback greatly appreciated.

Buddy Boyd Gibsons Recycling Zero Waste Conference
Buddy Boyd from Gibsons Recycling points out North America and Canada on a giant Earth made of plastic and recyclables at the 7th Annual Zero Waste Conference in Brazil.

by Buddy Boyd
Gibsons Recycling

If we are to move beyond wasting, there needs to be a re-evaluation of what handling waste in the future looks like. As we shift from the wasting way of handling our discards, the wasting mentality is the paradigm most communities operate in. Now the “shift” to the new paradigm must embrace a new way of operating and thinking from the bottom up.

Including all the stakeholders is the starting point. People do their best work when people do what they love. Creating a sense of purpose and opportunity for people being in their element allows them to connect with their talents. They become someone else and by not reinforcing the old model, we reconstitute a sense of self by utilizing the talents available. Utilizing and supporting local people with skill sets and passion that will help make the shift to the new paradigm is essential.

If discarding unwanted items is the way we handle waste now, the shift to Zero Waste, Resource Recovery, Redesign, Reuse and Repair may seem foreign to some who see waste management as just “making stuff go away”.


In the digital age for example, people under 30, wearing a wrist watch might seem foreign to them. Time is on every electronic device they own. Yet, there is still a large segment of the population who find it difficult to function without putting on their wrist watch every morning. It is digital thinking versus industrial thinking. The shift has already happened and the need for wrist watches seems limited and fading to some.

If we have a solid waste management program that throws more money at a system that thrives on wasting, then this is an industrial way or old paradigm way of thinking. But if we view our discards as valuable resources, then resource recovery (not through incineration) and Zero Waste is more in line with the digital way of looking at this problem, or the “new paradigm”. Rampant urbanization is draining our earth’s resources at alarming rates. Are we “backing the wrong horse” by supporting cheap disposal?

Spending on education in America for example has increased in urban areas. Since 1980, spending has increased 73%. But class size and graduation levels have gone down. Yet illiteracy has gone up. Drop out rates have risen. The old industrialized or institutional way of how we are educating our kids does not support creative and innovative thinkers and is more in line with an era whose time has come and gone. The current system for educating is operates in black and white and is driving out a lot of collaborators, divergent and forward thinkers.

Another example of shifting paradigms might be how we have moved away from removing everyone’s tonsils a few decades ago. For kids growing up in the 50’s, almost everyone who had a sore throat had their tonsils removed. Now days, it is uncommon to see anyone getting their tonsils out. The system back then was for full speed ahead to get everyone’s tonsils out. What changed?

These are but a few examples of how we can become stuck in a rut, where we as a society continue to use outdated inefficient old systems, entrenched in the old paradigm, following and supporting outdated policies just out of habit. Are our institutions designed in such a way that we follow blindly like robots, regardless of new ideas and changing times? Institutionalization follows a utilitarian linear path, where conforming is desired and where standardization is king. So in the world of discard management, is it not time to look at divergent thinking, if we are to transition from wasting to Zero Waste?


Divergent thinkers are sought after by forward thinking industries, businesses and the high tech world. Shifting paradigms can not happen without the ability to move laterally, to think creatively and produce ideas that have meaningful value that fits in with current conditions and times. To shift from the old way of managing our discards to a new way, we must stop operating in black and white and use all the colours on the pallet.

Paradigm shifts requires collaboration which is necessary. And as we move from one way of doing something to another way, we leave the old industrialized way of doing things behind and embrace a more circular or organic way of solving problems with vitality, creativity, diversity and customization as key tools.

Consumerism is changing. But disposal and how we handle discards is not. The old systems to handle waste can not keep up with the rapidly changing products and packaging and disposal challenges. If we are to transition to a more sustainable society, Zero Waste is really the only option. An integrated approach where cradle to cradle is the way we create any product. Outside the box thinking must be how we get to become a Zero Waste society.

As we look at how we move to another level, it is logical to look at what would make such a shift successful. Utilizing the available talent is critical. If the talent is not there, then they must be brought in. The key to making any shift is picking the right people. The old way of doing things requires everyone conform. Shifting to a new way of doing things requires we support a diverse way of thinking. There are 3 types of people: Those who are Immovable…Those who are Movable….and Those who MOVE! The choice seems easy.

Is such a shift difficult? Sure it is. But humanity has evolved best when challenged. And waste management is no different. If the I-pod is to 8 track and solar power is to burning coal, then Resource Recovery and Zero waste is to disposal. Status quo and one size fits all does not work in the new paradigm. We must shift our beliefs to realize and react to the fact every material we use is connected to the Earth and the planet’s well-being and existence is impacted by the energy we consume and the resources we plunder and misuse.

If we are to move from wasting to Zero Waste, we need divergent, innovative thinkers. In our communities, we must all get on the same page. We have to move from using waste consultants, to using Sustainability experts or ZW consultants. The era of the “good-old-boys” way of doing things is over. My generation has put us in a deep hole when it comes to the environment. And we must be the ones that create this shift that embraces all the stakeholders to get us out of the whole we dug for ourselves.

We can no longer follow a system that is based on inefficiency and that is fiscally “penny wise but pound foolish”. We are left with long term pain for short term gain going cheap up front. The most reusable item ever invented that is discarded is glass. Why would we support a way of handling glass discards that supports smashing and destruction? Why would we not look at supporting programs that treats our glass discards in such a way that embraces reuse and recovery? The ultimate concern is not that “we aim to high and fail but that if we aim to low and succeed.”

We have to remember that “we did not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we have been merely borrowing it from our children”. And for the next generation’s sake, the time has come for us to now “pay it forward”.

Buddy Boyd

What is Zero Waste?


Many thanks to Buddy for his awesome article. I hope all of you will share it with your networks. This is a critically important discussion for the future of our planet.

We CAN do this!

Your comments and feedback greatly appreciated.

It's always a good day on the Sunshine Coast! Duane

Duane Burnett

Sunshine Coast BC Canada


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Duane Burnett's $4 million blog and 500,000 flickr views!

20-02-08 11-16-08 PM_0181

New Years 2011 started off with some explosive stats for me. Google Alert sent me a link saying my Duane Burnett blogspot was worth a potential $4 million and the site Alexa ranks it among 8 top sites in the world. further said my blog has a pagerank 6 and 430,891 backlinks.

I did some additional research and found out my twitter grade is 95.5 out of 100. In the past year it has grown to over 1200 followers.

I know these are not huge rock star numbers, and I'm not sure that I should take these numbers too seriously, lets take them with a pinch of salt shall we, however starting from zero friends not too long ago I think its pretty amazing stats nonetheless, and a good start to be shared and celebrated with all of you.

My main site apparently has over 786 links to it.

During the past year my youtube videos had 50,000 views in 2010.

I am also thrilled that my profile on facebook grew to over 3,000 friends in the past year, my fan page has 1,000 friends, and a facebook fan page I created to stream community information about the Sunshine Coast BC Canada has topped 2,000 members.

Then Flickr tells me my photos have been viewed almost 500,000 times!

A business adviser with the Aspire Self Employment program also told me I have a 53% share of 25-54 year old's on the Sunshine Coast and a 30% share of 18-44 years.

My facebook friends graciously tell me I them their number one source for what's happening in our community and region. A few have been so kind to tell me I am like the Sunshine Coast's very own famous celebrity a lot like Ellen and Oprah.

How awesome a compliment! I wish I had my own show like both of these amazing ladies! :D

Truly the credit belongs to the amazing Spirit of our community and all the great businesses and events that provide me with prizes and contests to give away!

I am also tickled that now when you search my name on Google, it suggest me even before you have typed out my full name, and offers several options. According to Google there are over 1/2 a million references to us Duane Burnett's out there! :D

Same on Bing now too! That's news to me. I am honoured.


What's next? A wikipedia page that would be sweet :D But you can't write your own...

I started all this from very humble beginnings and am truly honoured that a small town guy could have such a great 2010 with social media and networking.

Thank you everyone for being the most important part of it!

Greatly appreciated!!!

Its been a tough year economically for many of us, so hoping these types of stats will help me to secure some help and resources from the major media, entertainment and social networking industry as well as my hometown.

All the best for 2011..... Duane

Here is the link with stats on my web presence

It's always a good day on the Sunshine Coast! Duane

Duane Burnett

Sunshine Coast BC Canada

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