Monday, February 7, 2011

Just Imagine If We Never Came? Black History Month 2011

George Crum invented potato chip in 1853!

Guest blogger Embers Moore,
Black History Month 2011

-- Just Imagine If We Never Came?

I guess some of you are wondering what the heck I am up to this time with a title like that. Well I want you to imagine life without People of Color being present.

Already I can see some you cringing at the thought of life without djembe’s and reggae.

For others it may be curry, and jerk chicken.

Let me tell you it goes further than that.

Something as simple as opening a door for instance considering the door knob and door stopper are both invented by a Black person.

This is a big one and something many of us would be lost without, cell phone, wow that would have been a great loss.

Here is one for mothers, the baby buggy, clothes dryer, egg beater, ice cream scooper, there’s more but I will stop.

Oh yeah and again for music lovers, the guitar. How about on those lovely summer days, air conditioning, lawn mower, and the golf tee, it would never do to go without those.

Then there are those every day taken for granted items like a fountain pen, mail box, lock, lunch pail and let’s not forget gas mask (lol)

Whatever would we do without a stove, street sweeper, typewriter, and fire extinguisher? The list goes on and on and I can see my worth increasing with every sentence.

Now let’s get down to my favorite invention of all.

You’ll never guess this one – the potato chip.

Yes I will say it again the potato chip. From now on every time I bite into a chip I am going to remember this name George Crum and you had better pray you are not around me when I do because I would have to tell you all about this man.

George Crum was the son of an African-American father and a Native American mother. He was working as a chef one summer in 1853 when a patron ordered a plate of French fried potatoes and sent them back because they were too thick. So Crum decided to slice the potatoes as thin as he could and fried them till they were crispy and then doused them with salt (a little irritated).

Well lucky for George the new snack was a hit and thereby giving birth to the Crums Saratoga Chips. Crum later opened up his own restaurant called “Crum’s House” and on every table was a basket of Crums Saratoga Chips. He never made any legal claim to his invention but they were soon massed produced and bagged creating jobs for thousands of people.

I hope that by now you realize what great value that we have as a people. I have just skimmed over the surface of the information that is available on this topic.

If you want more just go to and enjoy the video presentation there. Keep checking back to that site for even more information over the next month. It has been a pleasure sharing with you.

Embers Moore
Spiritual Empowerment Coach

The Mother Goddess of Africa
Friday, February 18 at 8:00pm
Heritage Playhouse, Gibsons B.C.
Celebrating Black History month with the drama students from Chatelech and Elphinstone School, Jean Peirre Makosso, Embers Moore, and special guest Eagle Child


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