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Best April Fools Prank and Hoax ever on the Sunshine Coast?

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Best April Fools Prank and Hoax ever on the Sunshine Coast?
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Facebook lit up April 1st, 2010 with news a ferry terminal was being built at the Roberts Creek Pier by Georgia Link Ferries to provide a service to Nanaimo. The story quoting Captain Aprif Houles quickly spread and was re-posted and shared with friends.

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The announcement was met with shock, horror, praise, disbelief and April Fools! Dozens of people commented and clicked “like” to show their approval of the prank by actor, television host, social networker and community spirit award winning photojournalist Duane Burnett on his facebook profile and twitter feed.

Several thousand people skimmed the story headline on facebook and over 430 went to read the full article and see the photo on Duane’s Flickr site in just one day alone.

The hoax was widely heralded and enjoyed by all.

See the fools press release and comments below.
Photo is an aerial view of Roberts Creek taken by Duane Burnett when he was invited to join the Fraser Blues during Gibsons Sea Cavalcade. Rest… well… April Fools!

APRIL FOOLS PRANK (fools press release)

Roberts Creek to Nanaimo Ferry Service Approved
For Immediate Release
Georgia Link Ferries announced today that their new green ferry service has been approved on the Sunshine Coast, BC, utilizing an existing pier in the small community of Roberts Creek.

The ferry, to be named the "Queen of the Sunshine Coast," has remarkable new "green technology" said Captain Aprif Houles, that will allow the engines to run on seaweed and driftwood washed up on the local beach and the waste by-product can be used as a nutrient rich compost for local gardens.

Recently installed traffic lights on Highway 101 are part of region wide infrastructure plans to ensure safe vehicle traffic access to and from the new terminal.

A company spokesperson said while it's true they are buying up all the land around the Roberts Creek Pier area for their environmentally friendly parking lot and terminal compound, local residents should not be alarmed.

Georgia Link Ferries plan to donate the compost by-product from the ferry fuel burning process to area residents free of charge. Construction blueprints show a beautiful new depot for people to load up their trucks with the compost.

Roberts Creek was not their first choice. Originally Georgia Link Ferries had plans developed for Gospel Rock in Gibsons, but the company owners felt that area was of more value as a natural area.

The new green ferry service is expected to begin in the summer of 2012, with its inaugural sailing on June 21st. It will run between Roberts Creek, on the Sunshine Coast and Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. Construction of wharf and docking facilities begin immediately once a final environmental impact study is approved.

A local resident said the area is the same location where the community has tried for years to purchase vacant lands around a popular park and meeting place for many community events.

Officials at Georgia Link Ferries are looking at swapping land near Highway 101 to donate to the community who will loose access to the waterfront facilities, which will be behind security fencing.

The new terminal loading compound and parking lot is designed to hold 200 cars. The new green ferry will run 2 sailings daily at 9am and 5pm, with a passenger license for 525 people, 4 crew and 127 cars.

"We are excited," said Captain Aprif Houles, "this is the missing link!"

He said they are also planning a ferry service between Squamish and Langdale by 2013, to open up a new circle route to boost green tourism on the Sunshine Coast, Powell River, and Northern Vancouver Island, which will also take the traffic congestion pressure off of Horseshoe Bay terminal. They already have 15 bus tour companies wanting to book.

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@DuaneBurnett April Fools! Lol - thanks for the wakeup smile :)

@DuaneBurnett nice!

Caitlin Douchet
Ferry through Roberts Creek = kinda lame. Roberts creek is going to get a lot a lot of traffic. roberts creek beach will get destroyed with cars and garbage. it's not going to be a calm peaceful haven to go to. everyone is going to have to find somewhere else...

Fred Rink
You had both of us going over here. I only began having question marks when I tried to google the issue! GOOD ONE!

Marlene Toth
it was extremely creative wasnt it, one of the better ones me thinks

Kera Mchugh
you'll be an international celebrity sooner than you think!! congrats on the province follow! :D

Lois Vader
You are gaining some notoriety Mr. Burnett. Great April Fool's joke :-)

Mike Warren
I heard they were going to build a bridge, but this will do.

Diana Halter
Seaweed and driftwood fuel? RC parking compounds?

Teresa Eckford
Duane is very clever - if I ddin't know better, I'd have believed it too.

Marc Buzzell
lol, this is great i posted it thak goodness for capitan fhoules

April Qureshi
Is this for real? We spent 8 hours yesterday and then 7 hours today getting to Nanaimo to visit family. I hope it sticks!

Lani Murphy Ingram
Aprif Houles does sound alot like, April Fools!!

Lisa Houle you know how many calls Im gonna get at work about this!

Kera Mchugh
bahahhaa... brilliant.... and if only.

Amanda Saigeon
That Captain Houles will getcha every time!
Awesome Sauce!

Rhys Amber
almost had me

Sam Zimmerman
I was just wondering, is the new ferry for the coast going too be green? I saw one of your photos and it looked like the ferry was greeeen!

Sam Zimmerman
ohhh duane!
it was all a lie? I mean, It was an april fools prank! :O me and my friend were so stoked that there was a greeen ferrrry.

Teyjah Xaveriss
That's good! I can see the uproar now! Good one!

Melina Cassidy
i wish

Bee Jackson
So cool ! anyone know the formula they are using for the fuel....driftwood & seaweed pulp? just trying to wrap my head around it...

Tracey Burk Klein

Rhoberta Shaler
Yippee! Bring it on...quickly!

June Poulsen
You really want to get Creekers going this would do it. My late husband and I spent alot of time getting those tanks off the pier..... good April fools gag

David Barbarash
HA HA HA!!! nice one duane! ;)

Debra Taylor
this is great news. Thank you for getting the word out Duane.

Heather Botsis

Cindy MacInnes
I know the Captain...super funny guy...big time! H.A.F.!

John Tenbear Thompson
HAA ha ha he HEEE !!!

Vicky Forest
Good one Duane. Thanks for the laugh.

Dave Cottrell
Now that is way too cool.

Michael Lacoste
There is a protest developing for March 27th....spread the word.

Rick Negus
Tickets for the inaugural run are sell fast, available at the Loto 649 booth in Trail Bay Mall, got mine can hardly wait, only problem is it is a one way ticket.

Stacey Sequoiawade
Holy Crapamoly!!!
Thinking of all the friends I'll be visiting

Stacey Sequoiawade got me :-)

Kelly Arnold
Is this true, or April Fool's???? April fools ends at 12pm, doncha know??? Please tell me this isn't true....

James Shaw
the ferry is entirely green in that picture... that was a first indicator for me lol.

Rick Negus
Sorry you are all out of luck the inaugural run tickets are a sellout just like the iPad

Laura Byrne Paquet
That's cool!
Teresa Eckford
Did you note the date on which it was posted??
Laura Byrne Paquet
Aargh, no! That's what I get for just reading the headline. LOL! :-)

Shad Light
....and then I realized that it's April 1st.....Lol!

Patrick Muncaster
Good one! :-)))))

Cory Highfield
Nice !!

Carole Carlton

Desiree Lockhart
LOL. Wouldn't that be nice though...Especially since I'm on the Island. :-P

Carli Morgan Thomson
Way too cool!

Raquel Jor-For

Trish Thompson
it was a good one
way better than the bacon jokes

Heather Pearce Lyons
ha ha ha ha ha

Carli Morgan Thomson
NO way that was awesome

Always wanted to get a direct connection to Nanaimo. Well done Aprif Houles and company.

BC Book Prizes
Yeah, when Aprilf Houles gets on the shtick, things happen! Creekrider 64

Sandy Prekratic
Is this a joke? I hope so......

Thanks everyone who re-posted the story and had a good laugh with me...

It's always a good day on the Sunshine Coast! Duane

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All rights reserved


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