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Time For A New BC Political Party?


A recent poll has found that almost 1/2 of British Colombians think its time for a new party. I posted the results from the Angus Reid Poll from April 17th, 2010 to my facebook profile for some feedback. Below are some comments on the story which highlight the frustration with a disenfranchised public it seems tired of modern politics. I think it really underscores that the very system itself has to be overhauled before it collapses into anarchy and people rise up with a horrific revolt, or worse governments turn into military states as their solution to solving the system. I thought the comments and feedback are worthy of saving and sharing and welcome your comments to the discussion.

Reid Public Opinion poll has found.
Voting Intention: BC NDP: 47%, BC Libs 29%, Green 15%, BC Con. 5% 49% think it is time for a new provincial political party in BC A new centre-left party would have six- point lead over the NDP, a new centre-right party would be in second place, well ahead of the BC Liberals 81% ...would “definitely” or “probably” sign a petition to repeal the HST

The online survey of a representative sample of 800 adults in British Columbia also shows that half of respondents would like to have a new option in provincial politics, and that four-in-five British Columbians would sign a petition to repeal the harmonized sales tax (HST).

Duane Burnett
1/2 of BC wants a new political party. During my Political Science BA studies at UBC we saw that the majority of BC voters are middle of the road but served by a right wing and left wing party that polarized the centre line voters. Maybe its time for a party for the middle child?

Allen Snowdon
New party, huh? May work for a while then the rats jump off their sinking ship and history repeats. B.C. Political History is a fascinating study of futility.

Duane Burnett
@Allen that's the other thing I learned, doesn't matter the party label, in this system its the same crap different day. ha ha

David Short
You have to be kidding! We don't need a new political party - just one that stays the course! What we need is the present parties to have a stance and philosophy and stick to it. Did you notice the last part? Stick to it! What does a party believe in? Does it stay true? That's the question and decider.

Rob Thomson
We already have a centre/centre option - The Green Party of BC. Read the party platform if you have not and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Carole Carlton
I agree with you David.

Duane Burnett
Good discussion, comments and likes! @David... sounds like you are saying the right wing and left wing party should "stick" to their policies. But what this poll seems to say is people want a middle moderate party that reflects the truer demographic of the voters themselves. @Rob says that party is the Green party.

David Short
Huh?! Where did you get that? I didn't say anything about left wing or right wing. I talked about ethical standards and beliefs. In standing up for what you believe and not bending to the drifts and wafts of "let's see what will get us elected"! How can anyone honestly vote for any party or individual when you cannot define or rely on what they say they believe in. I can understand "recent information" has caused us to re-evaluate, but I can't understand then a completely volte face change which goes against the basic premises of a party's or an individual's credo. Our political system has become one in which the process of "negotiation" wins the day so that politicians feel that they will gain something by giving away something. So where does an ethical politician (or party) draw the line and say, "I will not give up an item which is a sacrosanct part my faith/(read "belief/credo/stance)!"? Is there such a thing as anything being sacrosanct today?

David Short
Addendum: I think the poll also shows that people have no faith in what the "right" and "left" say or believe in. "Middle moderate" is guff. People either feel strongly or don't know - hence the "middle moderate", but when it comes to voting they'll lean one way or the other depending on many national and local factors. The Greens should do a lot better than they do - they seem to stay pretty well on course with their policies and beliefs - but they won't get anywhere until the other parties show their true colours (which ain't going to happen, is it?). Right now everyone is playing green (when it suits them - and just enough to keep Joe Public convinced he's right in sticking with his "party of choice").

Marcy Solis de Ovando
I've worked the elections office and pools for the past 8 years and the one thing I see again and again, is ignorance.... people show up at the polls with out a clue as to why they should vote for any particular party... they're totally disillusioned with all parties, therefore don't even try to get informed as most of the information out there is... See More full of miss leading lies and as you said David, contradictory information of the day do to the lack of conviction on the politicians behalf. No one stands up for anything at all cost any more, not that they ever did... just look at our political history, it repeats the same tricks, lies and manipulation over and over again, it's all smoke and mirrors.

Feral Sage
Right on analysis, Marcy.

Marcy Solis de Ovando

Duane Burnett
Amazing discussion everyone on the state of democracy and voting and the state of opinion, I think this applies to a lot of places, just not BC. I know I feel very disenfranchised from the system and it's good to see I am not alone. What can we do to change it so governing is more responsive? I feel that are current system is now archaic.

VOTE Duane's World! Excellent!!!!

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