Thursday, April 1, 2010

New Sunshine Coast Ferry Terminal Announced

For Immediate Release

Roberts Creek to Nanaimo Ferry Service Ready to Set Sail

Georgia Link Ferries announced today that their new green ferry service has been approved on the Sunshine Coast, BC, utilizing an existing pier in the small community of Roberts Creek.

The ferry, to be named the "Queen of the Sunshine Coast," has remarkable new "green technology" said Captain Aprif Houles, that will allow the engines to run on seaweed and driftwood washed up on the local beach and the waste by-product can be used as a nutrient rich compost for local gardens.

Recently installed traffic lights on Highway 101 are part of region wide infrastructure plans to ensure safe vehicle traffic access to and from the new terminal.

A company spokesperson said while it's true they are buying up all the land around the Roberts Creek Pier area for their environmentally friendly parking lot and terminal compound, local residents should not be alarmed.

Georgia Link Ferries plan to donate the compost by-product from the ferry fuel burning process to area residents free of charge. Construction blueprints show a beautiful new depot for people to load up their trucks with the compost.

Roberts Creek was not their first choice. Originally Georgia Link Ferries had plans developed for Gospel Rock in Gibsons, but the company owners felt that area was of more value as a natural area.

The new green ferry service is expected to begin in the Summer of 2012, with its inaugural sailing on June 21st. It will run between Roberts Creek, on the Sunshine Coast and Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. Construction of wharf and docking facilities begin immediately once a final environmental impact study is approved.

A local resident said the area is the same location where the community has tried for years to purchase vacant lands around a popular park and meeting place for many community events.

Officials at Georgia Link Ferries are looking at swapping land near Highway 101 to donate to the community who will loose access to the waterfront facilities which will be behind security fencing.

The new terminal loading compound and parking lot is designed to hold 200 cars. The new green ferry will run 2 sailings daily at 9am and 5pm, with a passenger license for 525 people, 4 crew and 127 cars.

"We are excited," said Captain Aprif Houles, "this is the missing link!"

He said they are also planning a ferry service between Squamish and Langdale by 2013, to open up a new circle route to boost green tourism on the Sunshine Coast, Powell River, and Northern Vancouver Island, which will also take the traffic congestion pressure off of Horseshoe Bay terminal. They already have 15 bus tour companies wanting to book.

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