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Just Yell Fire Course Empowering

Rachelle Gardner tells us how empowered she feels from taking the "Just Yell Fire" woman's martial arts self defense one day workshop.


Rachelle won the Just Yell Fire facebook contest in July offered by Duane Burnett and Buck Fever in Gibsons, BC.

It was the first time the course had ever been offered in Canada.

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Buck Fever offers a variety of hunting, fishing and camping supplies as well as numerous courses and certificates.

"Just Yell Fire!" Winner is Rachelle Gardner. CONGRATS and Best Wishes from Duane Burnett & Khristina LeMarchant of Buck Fever in Gibsons, British Columbia. This is the first time this acclaimed course is offered in Canada! A $100 value.

Rachelle writes:

Hello Duane

Thank you for sending me to this workshop. I will tell you this, every woman in Canada needs to take this course!

I learned as a woman that I HAVE THE RIGHT… to some very important gifts to myself when dating or in a relationships. I learned to empower myself to be able to be anywhere and not be in fear, I learned to feel strength from JUST YELL FIRE that I thought physically I could not defend myself, I have the tools to protect myself in any situation within a 5 foot radius!

I have now taken on the message to share with other woman across the Sunshine Coast, BC that this workshop will not only save your life , it really empowers you to move with grace with no fear and doubt. My Sunshine Coast is proud and excited to host some future workshops with JUST YELL FIRE to save & empower 1000’s of woman across Canada.

We are working on a date to host a one day retreat in October with JUST YELL FIRE. This workshop has shifted me as a woman and a mother to empower others to feel the strengths and rights of myself.

Thank you Duane.

Rachelle Gardner, Destination Designer
My Sunshine Coast, 604-740-0237 or
Your destination for Weddings/Events, Vacations, Retreats

I was delighted when Buck Fever contacted me to run a contest for the Just Yell Fire program, and am really grateful to Rachelle for sharing with us her experience.

The VISION of the Just Yell Fire course is that...

A girl can go to the mall...without fear;
a girl can go to a party...without risk;
and a girl can just walk home....without dying.
That's the world we're creating with "JUST YELL FIRE".

"It's about fighting back"
Good Morning America

"Necessary Roughness"
The Oregonian

For females only, the "Just Yell Fire" course is being offered by BUCK FEVER for the first time in Canada. The course is designed for females ages 11 and up. "Just Yell Fire" teaches females to fight back against predators. "Just Yell Fire" has been empowering females since 2006 over 47 countries and one million females.

Teaching get away skills, the rights to say no, with your help we can eliminate sexual assault and abduction in this generation. Over four million sex offenders are roaming our streets everyday in North America.

Just Yell Fire has been featured on:
-Today Show
- People Magazine
- Fox & Friends
- Caring Magazine
- New Morning Show
- Taught in School Lessons at MIT

Unlike the sporting martial arts disciplines that are taught over a long term time period, this course develops your skills to defend and protect yourself over a ONE day course.

If you are interested in the course contact Rachelle Gardner at 604-740-0237 about her special ladies workshop retreats or Buck Fever at 604-886-6700.

Thank you so much for all your kind comments, feedback and reading my blog. In July over 6,600 popped by my blogspot to have a read. I am truly grateful. Got a story or a news tip? Let me know :-)) Best Wishes, Duane

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