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List of Bands & Musicians Sunshine Coast BC

The Sunshine Coast's Got Talent. A list of Sunshine Coast BC Canada Musicians, Bands, Singers, & Rock Groups. Hire a band for your next event or party and support live music.

Gibsons, Roberts Creek, Sechelt, Halfmoon Bay, Pender Harbour, Madeira Park, Egmont, Powell River, Lund, BC

10thoct2009duaneburnett (241)
Wilderness Crew is one of many amazing Sunshine Coast Bands & Singers.

Thought we needed a master list. If I missed you please let me know. And in no particular order or genre except I tried to get it a bit alphabetically. Thanks Duane

Rock, Blues, Country, Jazz, Folk, R&B.
A versitile dance band. We can pump out high energy rock or soothe you with a soft ballad.
Ken McBride-Guitar & Vocals
Rick Good-Bass & Vocals
Charlie Rose-Drums & Vocals

Allison Barkley
Acoustic / Alternative / Roots Music
Allison Barkley grew up in Stratford, Ontario, Canada, just a few doors from the Stratford Shakespearean Festival, where she spent many imaginative days. In her early twenties she migrated west to Victoria, British Columbia, where she resided for a few years before packing and moving up north to the Yukon. She lived there as a pioneer woman and taught art classes at an elementary school, on reserve, in Lower Post, BC. After a few years in the Yukon, she traveled Canada for about a year, before slowly making her way back west. Allison has been a figure painter for over ten years and has shown her work in galleries in Victoria and Vancouver. She is strongly influenced by the expressionists of the second world war. Allison is also a short film-maker and has done several small projects, mainly in the north. Now residing on the Sunshine Coast, she has just finished her first EP and it can be purchased through the link at left. With the ever-widening audience that her music is reaching, she is pleased to be offering free global shipping.

Allison Barkley "Waterfalls" from the album Concrete Daisies

Gaetan Bergevin
Singer/Guitar/Song Writer

Gaetan Bergevin - "Running Again"

Gordon Birtch
Pop / Country / Rock
Gordon is an original artist/singer/songwriter living on the gorgeous Sunshine Coast, performing live from Egmont to Gibsons. Gordon played the “Commodore Ballroom” with an original Reggae Act, backing up the legendary “Burning Spear”.Gordon released a single titled “Again”, with his son Kerri (at the tender age of ten) on the drums under the name,”Crazy Sons of Birtch’s,” that received airplay in the lower mainland. Writing songs with the adage, “less is more” and arranging vocals to suit the styles of his writing partner,“ Dave Hume”, Gordon’s music has been described as catchy, and hook orientated. Gordon's voice has been described as, intense, passionate and memorable. If you like his music,please tell someone, or better still, share it with someone. For booking info, contact Gordon @ or 604-741-3479 All songs (c) G. Birtch & D.Hume . Socan 2000

Folk Rock / Rock
In July of 2007 Mark said good-bye to his Ontario roots and CAUTION JAM fans with a sold-out farewell party in Toronto and relocated to Gibsons, BC. There he worked out new material and played solo acoustic gigs up and down the Pacific Coast. Mark Crissinger, journeyman guitarist and songwriter has released his first solo effort "Fear No Journey" under the name "The Bluebudzz." A veteran of the Canadian club and festival circuit Mark has played over 2,500 shows Canada wide. THE BLUEBUDZZ was created in 1999 by Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist Mark Crissinger. He has been playing pubs and clubs,festivals and fairs across Canada since 1983. "Fear No Journey" was recorded by Hamilton,Ont. producer/engineer Carl Jennings. The CD is a collection of songs about love and loss, tales of time, changes and chances. THE BLUEBUDZZ feature the awesome talents of... Jeff Heisholt: Keyboards(Burt Neilson Band,The Trews) Jon McCann: Drums (Downtime,Caution Jam), Joel Banks: Bass (Mark Wilson & The Way it Is, Friends of Hefner)

The Bluebudzz jam at the Garden Bay Pub in Pender Harbour, BC

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BOAB pumps the crowd up with some rock/ska in Gibsons, BC

Rock / Reggae / Ska
Brent Kachman- Vocals, bass guitar (Fender Jazz "Freddie", Michael Tobias 6-string "Nicki Sixx", Mesa Boogie), Steve Oka- Vocals, Congas, Bongos, Percussion, Al Miller- Drums, Great Pants brenny boy- Guitar ('57 Gibsons L-48, '63 Gibsons tube amp), Vocals Buddy Rocker- rottweiler Jack Brown- staffordshire cross
A four piece rock/ska outfit rising from the shores of the beautiful Sunshine Coast, BOAB brings a high energy musical vibe that lets people forget their stress and makes time stand still. The origins of BOAB stem from weekly jam nights at a local member’s house on the shores of Howe Sound. A four piece outfit evolved, bent on supplying an array of music stretching from rock to ska. 2008 saw this band play thirty gigs ranging from the Cortes Island to Powell River to Uclulelet as well as supplying our local fans with a heavy dose of the BOAB sound. BOAB are Brenny Boiy, vocals and guitars, Brent Kachman, vocals and bass, Oka, vocals and congas and the elusive Al miller on drums. The purpose of BOAB is clear: to deliver great music and a fun time. Whether it is playing community all ages shows to night clubs, BOAB leaves an audience wanting more with their original sets.

Bone Machine
Alternative / Rock
Ken Bradley, Dave Jephcott, Rob McNeil
An alt-rock band from the Sunshine Coast of BC. Formed in the Summer of 2009, this 3-piece features mostly original tunes.
Rob MacNeil - Bass
Dave Jephcott - Guitar / Vox
Ken Bradley - Drums

Bone Machine "Fighter 'Pilot' 2009 Battle of the Bands Sunshine Coast, BC

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Brenny Boy in the 2010 Sea Cavalcade parade in Gibsons, BC

brenny boy
hollow body guitars, dogs, children and sunshine.... change is good, challenge is better... careless expectations. roots music... dig deep enough to survive. brenny boy

adult contemporary / bohemian pop / melodramatic popular song / cabaret
Chelsea Crawford, Ross Hastings, Chris Mortensen, Spencer Watts
Four people who played instruments joined a band and played them together. Then wrote some songs. Then played them in front of people. It's kind of how this band thing works...

Carnival Era "Conquer the Thieves" filmed on location at the Arts Institute, The Libra Room and Commercial Drive, Vancouver BC by Nathan Ruddock. The song was recorded by Nolan McNaughton and Scott Clifford at the Arts Institute, Vancouver.

Deanna Cartea
Acoustic / Folk / Alternative
Deanna Cartea is a Canadian singer/songwriter. Her music career began in her hometown of Regina, Saskatchewan. She began writing compositions on the piano in her early teens. In 1992, Deanna joined the Gospel band called “Morning Star” and toured with them across Canada for a year.

Deanna continued her music by playing in a gospel band at her home church(Lutheran) in Regina, SK from 1995-2005.

In early 2006, Deanna moved to the Sunshine Coast, BC with her husband. Surrounded by musical inspiration, Deanna once again began composing music in earnest. Deanna had developed her own personal sound and began to perform her original songs as a solo artist.

She has developed a very unique sound with brilliant vocals encasing intelligent lyrics.

Deanna Cartea is regularly playing gigs on the Sunshine Coast. She hopes to record an album in the very near future!

Deanna Cartea on vocals and guitar with Bonar Harris on lead guitar....played at the Wild Bistro in Gibsons, BC.

Spencer Carson
I am an aspiring audio engineer and producer in Vancouver, B.C. I have been playing music forever and been seriously into audio engineering since 2004. I'm a graduate at the Pacific Audio Visual Institute and have a project studio in Gibsons B.C. for singer/songwriter recording, but frequently intern and use Blue Wave Studios in Vancouver.

The Copper Stills
Folk / Alternative / Rock / Psychedelic
Grant Olsen (vocals, guitar, mandolin, harmonica, trombone, percussion) Todd Thompson (bass guitar, vocals, percussion) Ray McNally (percussion, guitar, vocals, recorder)
The Copper Stills is a collective of sunshine coast musicians whose core members include Grant Olsen, Todd "Qin" Thompson and Ray McNally and was formed in 2008 by Grant and Qin as a duo taking on traditional musical styles, from folk to roots to gospel. Following a couple of shows on Vancouver Island Ray McNally joined The Copper Stills early in 2009 when the band relocated to Gibsons. JJ Wagler (keys) and Craig Buchanan (bagpipes) also perform on occasion with The Copper Stills and recently drummer Freezin' Jay Friesen has been added to the lineup to complete an "electric division".

With two distinct divisions of "electric" and "acoustic" The Copper Stills can suit many different venues. The acoustic division has played intimate cafe settings and small outdoor markets around Gibsons and Sechelt while the electric division has played a number of dances locally as well as larger outdoor events. Currently the electric division is engaged in Battle Of The Bands at Pack Ratt Louie's in Gibsons.
The Copper Stills draws its inspiration from traditional musical expressions and cultural anachronisms, relying a great deal on local talent and resources to further enhance the project. The Copper Stills encourages growing and sourcing food locally and acquiring knowledge about the ancient and nearly lost art of distilling.

Pink Floyd's Astronomy Domine covered by The Copper Stills July 1 2010 in Gibsons Landing, BC.

27nov2009 (44)
Chelsea Crawford performs at a benefit to raise awareness about men's health issues at Boardwalks in Trail Bay Mall, Sechelt, BC

Chelsea Crawford
Soul / Jazz / Fusion
Chelsea Crawford, singer songwriter musician. Chelsea's style is a fusion of Soul, Jazz, Pop and Rock. She has been compared to artists such as Eva Cassidy, Norah Jones, and Joni Mitchell. She is based on the Sunshine Coast of BC where she is enjoying playing regularly at a number of wonderful local venues. Chelsea Crawford's debut CD, The Masquerade, showcases an exciting and talented young singer-songwriter and pianist. From humble beginnings and an instinctual love of music, Chelsea shows great potential in a soothing fusion of Jazz, Soul and Pop. She composes, writes, and performs all of her own music. Her compositions are both nostalgic and contemporary. Her music is mature, appeals to a diverse audience, and covers a wide range of styles and influences. Crawford's powerful, soothing, catchy and often sultry voice has been compared to, Eva Cassidy, Tori Amos and Norah Jones.

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Coast String Fiddlers perform at a Sunshine Coast Botanical Garden Society benefit in Sechelt, BC

Coast String Fiddlers
The Coast String Fiddlers play an international mix of traditional fiddle music, including Scottish, Appalachian, Shetland, and Finnish as well as compositions by Canadian Fiddlers and members of the group, some of which defy categorization! The energy of our fiddling is supported by accordion, piano, guitar, mandolin, and bodhran, and highlighted with Highland and Cape Breton Step dancing.

Founded in 1993 by Michelle Bruce, the group has enjoyed such adventures as an exchange trip to Iqaluit, Nunavut, where we played in schools, community concerts at Toonik Tyme celebrations, at an Inuit elders centre, and for the Governor General, Adrienne Clarkson and John Ralston Saul.

The Coast String Fiddlers’ first CD, All Strings Considered, has sold more than a thousand copies since it was released November 2002. A second CD, Look to the Mountains, again featuring a mix of traditional and original tunes, was released June 20, 2004.

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Simon Collins records his video "Eco" in Halfmoon Bay, BC for the album U-Catastrophe

Simon Collins
Rock / Pop / Electronica
Simon Collins has literally spent his life immersed in music thanks to his famous father Phil Collins. Born in England, Simon moved to Vancouver Canada at age 8. Inspired by his father, he picked up drumsticks at a very early age, and like his dad, ended up moving to the piano and penning his own material.

Creek Big Band
The Creek Big Band is made up of unpaid volunteer musicians who contribute their time and talent for the benefit of Sunshine Coast music students and audiences.

The money earned from their paid performances goes toward scholarships for Sunshine Coast students going on to further music studies, and toward miscellaneous band expenses.

The Creek Big Band is always looking for additional gigs, and encourages you to book the band for your next dance, party, or other extravaganza for which you wish to have some great swing, jazz, and dance music.

Trudi Diening, Singer

Drew Camp Band
Alternative / Acoustic / Rock
Joe Fazio - Drums, Rick Rodney - Bass
Drew Camp is a talented singer/songwriter born and raised in beautiful North Vancouver, BC. Drew has spent the better part of ten years, working towards building a large catalogue of songs. The combination of various instruments, along with his words and melodies, makes for a truly unique sound.

With the help of a few high school buddies, Drew formed the band Lazyboy. The group played numerous venues all over British Columbia, creating a small fan base along the way. After the band split, Drew continued writing songs and jamming with Lazyboy drummer, Joe Fazio. A series of late night recording sessions, hard work and devotion, resulted in the new album, “Left to the Imagination”, which takes the listener on a journey into the depths of their own imaginations.

Being an easily inspired individual allows Drew to relate and draw from his experiences articulating through his music.

Blaine Dunaway
Conductor & Trumpet/Flugelhorn Soloist

Paul Dwyer, composer
minimus rex is a new indie Electronica project that bridges Electronic Music (House, Hip Hop, Glitch and Trance) with Contemporary Jazz and World Beats, and combines them in minimalist refinenment. The alter-ego of Producer and Composer Paul Dwyer, minimus rex is the result of decades of musical experience and experimentation, all fused together by a technological epiphany. Armed with the latest in hardware and software, minimus rex takes you over familiar ground in surprising ways. Music and rhythms that surround us everyday can be found in some of the most mundane places. Ever sing along to the pitch of your coffee grinder? Or tap along to the groove of your washing machine? Rex does... he always has.

minimus rex is currently developing a live, downtempo DJ set and scoring an exciting new Musical slated for 2012. If you have a film, a short, a commercial or a web project that needs some audio or music, contact rex. His musical knowledge combined with his years of recording and computer experience create compelling soundtracks, sound design, and minimalist music for film, theatre and the web.

Market Crash May 2010: an audiomentary
This clip uses audio that was anonymously posted on the internet. The voice is from the S&P pit on May 6, 2010 when markets dropped by nearly 1000 points in a span of minutes. Id like to meet the guy in the recording. What a great voice.

13june2009duaneburnett (33)
Serena Eades at the 2009 Gibsons Landing Jazz Festival in Dougall Park.

Serena Eades
Acoustic / Folk
Serena Eades was born and raised in Roberts Creek, BC where she began playing the violin at a young age. Serena took up other genres of playing; exploring Cape Breton, Bluegrass, Jazz, and Gypsy music. She has played in a number of classical as well as non-classical ensembles including a number of orchestras and ensembles on the Sunshine Coast, the West Coast Symphony (Vancouver), the Vancouver Youth Symphony Orchestra, Brandon University Orchestra, Orquesta de Camara in Colima, Mexico (while studying music at the Universidad de Colima), and various pit orchestras in BC and Manitoba. Serena currently plays with The Rakish Angles ( based on the Sunshine Coast of B.C. 'The Angles' blend string band tradition and contemporary imagination to produce a polished and exciting sound.

13 Dec 2005 photo Duane Burnett 060
Berni Garrison aka Berni G as the Wizard of Oz in the Christmas Pantomime 2005.

Berni G
A part of Canadian musical history, and still going strong – Berni G is a self-declared “old saloon girl” who plays a mean stride piano. One of the first women to break the sound barrier and play solo in the “Men’s Only” side of Canadian bars, Berni is a cabaret genius. Her entertainment career started in 1942 at age 5, when she tapped her way into the hearts of audiences in Kenora, Ontario. By the age of 12 she was performing on local radio shows and ‘radio patrols’ (the 50’s version of telethons, where taxicabs and firemen went out to collect the money in person).

The opportunity to audition for a well- known Winnipeg CKRC Radio show, found her moving to Winnipeg at 18. There, she spent the next 25 years on radio and in the booming cabaret scene, sharing the stage with such greats as Sarah Vaughn, Sophie Tucker, Louis Armstrong, the Mills Brothers and Earl Grant to name-drop a few. Berni’s brand of humour (only slightly off-colour by today’s standards) was edgy enough to have a major hotel cabaret shut down for a night by the Liquor Commission. “Could you hear us while you were in the bathroom, Sir? No?? Well, we could hear you !”

Berni inevitably became an early darling on CBC – TV’s (CBWT) Stu Davis Show where her true cowgirl side made an appearance, accompanied by the Tumbleweed Trio. That show became a long-running television favourite called the Red River Jamboree.

Berni is still pounding the ivories on a regular basis on her home territory (the Sunshine Coast of BC), where people love her as they always have.


Get Away Van perform Lead Child at the Sunshine Coast Battle of the Bands 20009

The Ground Luminosity
Rock / Funk / Ska
Michael Lacoste - guitar, vocals, percussion and dijeridoo
Allain Morin - drums
Grant Olsen - trombone, keys, vocals, harmonica, percussion
Jay Richard Walter - bass
Michael Thomas Lacoste: Michael brings a gently powerful leadership dynamic to the band. Primary lead vocalist and astounding guitarist, Michael brings real substance, accenting his primary roles with percussive flourishes and didjeridoo trances. Grant Olsen: Rounding out the fronting duties is multi-talented Grant. Singing lead vocals on some tunes, backing vocals on others, his distinctive voice cuts through a mix, elevating its artistry and appeal. Accenting the vibe with keys, trombone, harmonica and percussion, his presence adds depth, textures and content with strong vocal stylings. Allain Morin: Allain is a drummer’s drummer. Polyrhythmic and solid, the foundation supplied by this instrumentalist with loads of experience can be felt from the floor up. Specializing in grooves that lock onto one’s heart and shake the foundations of the soul, Allain brings emotion, excitement and commitment to his craft that can be felt, heard and transcended with. Jay Walter: Jay’s bass playing is evocative and resounding. As a foundational element in the music, Jay brings a great musicality and rhythmic accenting that emphasizes the bands rootsy appeal. One can hear influences of early funk, ska and reggae, yet his distinctive solid style bridges to rockadelica: psychedelica to modern rock.

The Ground Luminosity is a BC band that plays regularly on the Sunshine Coast in the funky rain forest community of Roberts Creek. Seeing them play you feel they are as alive as an electric tingle down your spine, and they trounce your spirit with alluring rhythmic dynamism activating familiar yet powerful intuitive patterns of movement known as dance. Trumping any desire to remain lodged in familiar perspectives, the sharp and poignant lyrics are built with a percussive tuneful phrasing and structured with strong catchy hooks. This four member band is Roberts Creek’s premier party band, bringing rootsy and tribal beats mixed with ska and a modern sounding funk element, bridged by a rock energy that just won’t quit. Not a jam band per se, not a dance band exclusively, but a tribal trance band heralding a deep knowledge and belief in the human spirit and its ability to self determine in an uncertain paradigm. They strive to connect with a part of each audience member that feels a calling to remember the grounded power of the higher states of self, or to remember the connectedness of all things even while living in a world that attempts to disconnect us from the great wonder. Human beings as the generators of their own freewill and destiny, a spirit embodied with potential for great feats, a trance state that brings volleys of movement ancient and knowing, the band connects with the greater whole of the being, not just the sum of its parts.

The Ground Luminosity perform "Free Marc Emery" at the Roberts Creek Legion, BC

14nov2009duaneburnett (156)
Bonar Harris performs at a benefit in the Roberts Creek Hall, BC

Bonar Harris
Pop / Alternative / Ambient
Bonar has developed an "evolutionary" approach to understanding how music works and for mapping that understanding onto guitar and bass - although the basic content pertains to all musicians. Bonar has been playing and writing music in Canada off and on since the 1970's. a guitarist of some renown, he played and wrote rock/jazz/fusion with The Cat's Pyjamas. He has played blues with Backalley John and with The Bullshit Blues Band. He played and wrote original 80's pop/rock with the band GASH. Played bass and helped out arranging with Human Interest. recorded on a dozen odd sessions back in the day. toured Canada a few times. today he can be found on the left coast of Canada - just inches from Howe Sound.

Cory Highfield
Experimental / Electronica / Web Design

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Tone Indbryn performs a touching song at a Davis Bay, BC memorial for the 20th Anniversary of the Montreal Massacre.

Tone Indbryn
Folk / Americana / Indie
I started writing poetry as a young girl of about 9 years old. There was always music in the house as my dad was a piano player and my mother a singer. I took the basic lessons piano and voice singing in choirs in school and such. In my late teens I kind of gave music up and I didn't start to write songs until I was pregnant with my son 18 years ago. I guess pregnancy got me in touch with my creativity as I haven't stopped since then. I have been involved with many fun and free spirited projects over the years and have been fortunate enough to have worked with some enormous talent RC Weslowisky, CR Avery, Dianne Laloge, Mary Sue Bell , Rick Keating Carol Wiedeman, Bjorn Bryn, SR Duncan, Jeff Kearns, Shannon Cluff,Scott Devarenne, Marnie Grey,Chris Shields, Salmon Avalanche and the list goes on and on. There are so many awe-inspiring and talented people in that little community called East Vancouver where I lived , raised my son and played music. I have done many festivals and coffeehouses over the years and I was also lucky enough to have one of my pieces involved in a full length award winning movie called "The Gutter Diaries" by Josh Wittall . I have released two cd's of my music the first one titled "Silence" dedicated to child abuse and the second on titled "A Little Disgrace" about my shitty love life. I moved to the Sunshine Coast in December 2008 and have been getting to know the music community there, doing some shows and participating in their Battle of the Bands 09. I am currently booking shows for the winter and spring and am working on a tour for after the thaw. I plan on living in a van and playing music until I find something better to do . Kind of not likely since so far its been my life.

John Jamin
Jam Band / Jazz / Electroacoustic
Works full time in the music industry as a composer/performer/producer/musician. coffee shop philosopher. creative. into it.

John Jamin raps in "Oil BP" parody of 1991's OPP by Naughty by Nature.

Jump Back Jack
Roots Rock
Dave Christensen, Tom Currie, Michael McMillan, Mike Tandy
Working hard to bring the roots rock home and get you swinging your hips.

Daniel Kingsbury
Acoustic / Folk Rock / Surf
Daniel Kingsbury is a singer/songwriter with over 175 songs to his credit. His catchy melodies have been considered uplifting, soothing, and haunting and his style can be described as folksy, contemporary acoustic pop. Daniel’s poetic lyrics are threaded with the ocean and mountains of the West Coast landscape and are both profound and thought-provoking. Daniel’s deep, smooth and soulful singing and precise guitar playing are signatures of his sound.

The songs are fresh and new, timely and well-crafted, written in a very “strong on the basics’ storytelling style, deeply rooted in the best of the folk music tradition. His gift is making the unfamiliar sound familiar as if the song you’re listening to is an old favorite, even though you’re hearing it for the first time. Each song has distinct characters and messages and each song has a unique voice.

Daniel Kingsbury performs "Dad's Song"

Olivia Kingsbury
Folk / Alternative / Rock

Jazz / Fusion / Rock
For starters, I’m a drummer first. I am the owner and Head Engineer of Emerald Ridge Studio. I am located on the Sunshine Coast just outside of Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. Here is a few artists that I have recorded and Produced. • Tone Indbryn • Brent Saklofske • Pat Savage • Kevin Sands • Jim Hamilton • Brad Fry • Phil Krawczuk • The Earth Kings band.... You can learn more and hear some of these artists at our website: www. theearthkings. com My Solo music is Jazz/fusion/world/funk instrumental “Living On The Mountain” is the first with my newest "Up Down and All Around" being released early 2010. I feel enormously satisfied with my solo efforts, I am able to do things as I wish as a song writer, player, producer, engineer. As a MUSICIAN-DRUMMER. -Toured North America and Europe extensively. -Worked as studio drummer, recording albums, jingles, and TV. -Teacher of drums and theory for 15 years. -Highlights: Bob Newhart Show, London Symphony, Much Music, CBC TV, Global TV, Much Music in Europe, tours with JUNO AWARD winners and Nominee’s. -Studied Jazz and Classical theory at Mount royal college under the tutledge of Gary Deboeck and Dave Diver in Calgary Alberta. Also spent many years travelling and taking private instruction in Canada, USA and Cuba. -I love the drums but also enjoy playing BASS Guitar, Piano and Keys (this includes tuned percussion, like marimba, vibes, so on...), oh and of course any percussion I can get my hands on. Growing up I listened to all that was out there, but I definitely was influenced by virtuosity. New music releases posted regularly. Thanks, Drummer Phil Krawcuzk

Phil Krawczuk Solo on Drums Live in Emerald Ridge Studio

James Law
Violin / Drums

30sept2009duaneburnett (260)
Sarah Loverock at the Battle of the Bands Sunshine Coast 2009

Sarah Loverock
Pop / Rock / Funk
Sarah was born in Sechelt B.C. and grew up in a family with a passion for all kinds of music.....She performed for live audiences at a very young age and did appearances in bars and Legions when she was only 11. When Sarah was 15 she travelled to Nashville with the Song Writers Association and sang at the famous "Bluebird Cafe" where various artists including Patsy Cline, whom Sarah looked up to, had performed.

Although Sarah loves her country roots she has evolved as a singer/songwriter and is primarily a funk/rock artist that has a passion for the blues. In 2006 Sarah placed 9th in the highest rated television show in Canadian history, Canadian Idol. Sarah has had a small taste of the career she wants and is now more determined..than ever to reach her goals!

Walter Martella
Walter Martella is a Powell River musical phenomenon. A pianist, trumpeter, accordionist, conductor and composer, he is one of the great gems of the Sunshine Coast and has a dedicated fan base to prove it. Walter has taken the stage with many other world class musicians, including Don Thompson, Tom Keenlyside, Phil Dwyer, Dave Robbins, Alan Matheson, Rene Worst, Henry Young, Rick Killburn, Keith Copeland, to name just a few. His musical versatility has him equally comfortable from classical through rock, but his first love is jazz.

Performing is a significant part of Walter’s career but just as important to him is his involvement in teaching (Powell River Academy of Music and the Conservatory of Victoria, along with various workshops). A strong believer in the power of music as part of community, he also works with such groups as children’s choirs, adult community choirs and community bands.

Ken McBride

30sept2009duaneburnett (215)
Drummer Ray McNally performs with The Coppers Stills

Ray McNally

The Slim Milkie Band
Slim Milkie grew up at the edge of a grey and green canyon on a grey and blue sea. He spent Sundays in the country. “The barn became my church,” he notes. Slim tried to settle down but two-bit jobs got in the way. “Slow growing only makes sweeter grapes,” he decides. Grow he did, in stature and as a songwriter. Armed with clear and sweet lyrics and head tipping height, this cowboy steps on stage and makes the women scream and the men sweat.

“…Slim knocks country off the saddle of complacency. With energy, electricity, and volume usually reserved for all-night dance parties, the Slim Milkie Band can power through a set of highly contagious country romps that will implore your toes to convince the rest of your body to get, get, get down! Not to be outshone, Slim delivers some of the most heart-rending country ballads since Hank spilled tears in his beer… The Slim Milkie Band puts on a show that is as much cabaret as it is hoedown as it is rock spectacle. Slim reflects, “It should be a good year for apples, and the garlic is impressive, but i never have any luck with my Walla Walla onions.” You’ll laugh, cry, sweat and scream as you’re steamrolled by the Slim Milkie Band. Forget what you know about “new country”. This is the new country…”

10oct2009duaneburnett (149)
Mindil Beach Markets at the Roberts Creek Hall, BC

Mindil Beach Markets
Rock / Reggae / Hip Hop
Daniel Kingsbury (Vocals, Guitars)
Patrick Codere (Vocals, Guitars, Bass)
Roderick Campbell (Vocals, Keys)
Matt Posnikoff (Bass, Guitars)
Cam Ainslie (Drums, Percussion)
Together they seem to have a knack for creating a blend which is catchy without being empty, a rare kind of honest and heartfelt rock born out of five ordinary guys writing melodies and words for ordinary people. Essentially, they are a band that is creating exactly what their name implies- something for everyone.

Joni Joan Mitchell
Mitchell's work is highly respected both by critics and fellow musicians. Rolling Stone magazine called her "one of the greatest songwriters ever,"[6] while Allmusic said, "When the dust settles, Joni Mitchell may stand as the most important and influential female recording artist of the late 20th century."[7] Mitchell is also a visual artist. She created the artwork for each of her albums, and in 2000 described herself as a "painter derailed by circumstance."[8] A blunt critic of the music industry, Mitchell had stopped recording over the last several years, focusing more attention on painting, but in 2007 she released Shine, her first album of new songs in nine years.

Niketimewarnerbradpitt Outfit
Healing and Easy Listening / Noisecore / Terror

Lowry Olafson
Folk - Performing Songwriter
Lowry Olafson is a gifted singer, songwriter and performer who has released nine CDs and tours the globe. His live shows are an entertaining mix of heart and humour that leave audiences renewed and inspired.

Lowry’s fingerstyle guitar playing provides a compelling backdrop for his rich voice. His original songs, humourous anecdotes, and toe-tapping violin instrumentals invite listeners of all ages into a world that celebrates the poetry of life.

Lowry has recorded 9 cd’s and his latest, and first kids’ recording, is currently charting in the top 5 kids albums on Galaxy Radio.

If you’ve never heard Lowry’s music, it’s not hard to figure out who his influences are – Joni Mitchell, Gordon Lightfoot, James Taylor, the Beatles, John Martyn, Kenny Loggins and many more of the contemporary songwriters who have shaped so much of the music we hear today. From those roots, Lowry has developed his own distinct voice and style, and nowhere has that been more clear than on this, his eighth offering. Borderland is journey that covers a lot of territory, both musically and lyrically – full of stories, ripe with imagery, and bursting with catchy melodies and soft grooves.

Lowry Olafson's timeless love song "Feels LIke Forever" performed against a backdrop of an eight hundred year old cedar. Directed and produced by Laurie O'Byrne

30sept2009duaneburnett (293)
Versatile and talented Steve Oka is the front man for the band BOAB

Steve Oka

21oct2009duaneburnett (105)
Check out Grant Olsen under The Copper Stills

Grant Olsen

29jan2010duaneburnett (16)
Graham Ord on sax at the monthly Artesia Coffee House in the Sechelt Arts Centre

Graham Ord
Tenor Sax, Soprano Sax, Flute, Percussion, Electronics
Ord has been a featured soloist and section player in the Vancouver music community for many years. A multi - talented musician, Ord has played and recorded with many groups as diverse as Uzume Taiko, Sumaláo, Rio Bumba, Dido & the Handpeople. Since 1999 Ord has played in duo and quartet with Anna Lumiere in the group Anagram. Anagram plays original compositions of Lumiere and Ord and features cool arrangements of standard jazz compositions and latin tunes.

Janet Panic
Folk Rock / Indie / Indie
Janet Panic has built a reputation as one of Canada's premier songwriters over the past ten years. Her captivating solo performances have attracted the attention of names such as Bruce Allen and Daniel Lanois all the while expanding a dedicated fan base nationwide.

Janet Panic performance of her song " Blink" on the National Aboriginal Achievement Awards 2009. The Show was produced by Jennifer Podemski, hosted by Adam Beach and Tina Keeper. Stunt guitar Raven Kanataka of "Digging Roots" and happy conga dude Scott Seignor of "the Duhks".

The Rakish Angles
Acoustic / Bluegrass / Jazz
Simon Hocking: Mandolin Dan Richter: Guitar ( Boyd Norman: Stand-up Bass Serena Eades: Violin (
Blending stringband tradition and contemporary composition The Rakish Angles weave an intricate tapestry of mostly original instrumental "Oldtime/Latin/Gypsy-Grass." While the individual members of the quartet bring a wide range of musical backgrounds and experience to the band The Angles are collectively influenced by the music of David Grisman, Bela Fleck, The Creaking Tree String Quartet, and Django Reinhardt. The debut album consists of 13 tunes all written, arranged and produced by the band which capture the exuberance and creativity of their live show. Based on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, The Angles' sound is characterized by tasteful improvisation, engaging rhythms and moving melodies.

The Rakish Angles perform at the Gibsons Heritage Playhouse Theatre

Rocket Lawnchair

14oct2009duaneburnett (185)
Irene Orallo and Sinmobile rock out with powerhouse vocals

Alternative / Rock / 2-step
Irene Orallo-vocals; Mike Soper-git; Kody Raymond-drum kit; Rick Raymond-bass git;
Past Members: Pat Haavisto-drum kit; KrisMartell-bass git; Nick Petresue-bass git; Ms. Ligaya-bass git; Jon Moogk-drum kit;
Been doing it for years as STICK MONKEY and SINMOBILE --first in Winnipeg, then East Vancouver, and now we're ripping off the faces of our quiet Sunshine Coast Community of Halfmoon Bay!!! I've played with all kinds of great musicians with members from DOA, Curious George, Wife, JP5, the Real MacKenzies and many others. Just want to have ALOT of fun along the way. Thanks for checking out myspace--- For bookings or more information call: 604-741-8859 or email:

Joe Stanton
Joe Stanton & the Precious Littles
Veteran songwriter Joe Stanton has been making music across Canada, Europe and the Southern States for the last 30 years. Inspired by folk, country, rock, blues, bluegrass and classical artists, Joe says he’s listened to “pretty well anyone who’s ever picked up a guitar”. A fingerstyle acoustic virtuoso, he has won accolades and placed in U.S. National guitar and song writing competitions.

Sunset Trip
Psychedelic / Rock / Rock
Matt Drake on bass, Shane Shoemaker on the drums, Dane Gregoraschuk on guitar, Coyote Kid on guitar and vocals.
Having formed in 2008, The Trip merges a psychedelic blend of audio dreamscapes with rhythm-laced rock and roll, drawing from such mentors as Led Zeppelin, Kings Of Leon, U2 and Pearl Jam. Binding them to succulent layers of melody are elements within and possibly beyond our known world, for bizarre phenomena have fused components of their history. The quartet's performances ratify their existence as a live act, where cosmic tunings, vintage tones and a tangible love of rock saturate the interiors of venues. Since formation, The Trip have actively performed in Western Canada and address the current year as an opportunity to travel abroad behind an upcoming debut release, The Destiny Manifesto.

14oct2009duaneburnett (214)
Jeremy Thom at the Battle of the Bands Sunshine Coast 2009

Jeremy Thom
Acoustic / Surf / Soul
From the snowy mountains of Whistler to the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Jeremy's music is a cool mixture of floaty melodies and happy-go-lucky acoustic surf rock. As the brains behind three Whistler bands including The Rising Tide, who performed at The Pemberton Festival in 08 and The Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival in 09; Jeremy is keeping the vibe alive as a solo artist and with local group The Beach Avenue Band. He is currently recording his latest solo album which will be coming out in the spring. Come catch a night of fresh original material with Jeremy Thom on the Sunshine Coast.

Gibsons, British Columbia Canada
Mathieu Lacroix, Michael Corbett, Morgan Wynne, Nico Crudele

Trip-Lemon "Great Prize" First upload ever!

Susan Richter
Alternative / Jazz / Roots Music
Susann’s presence in the Canadian music industry includes recording and performing on vocals and keyboards with artists like Art Bergmann, the Tea Party and Delerium. She was a member of Art Bergmann’s band during his Duke Street/MCA years and co-wrote some of the material on those recordings. She has a voice that can wail the blues or soar like Enya and is known for her natural harmonies. Her original songs blend moody lyrics with diverse musical influences. Susann is co-owner of Strait Sound Studio and an active performer in the Sunshine Coast and Vancouver music scenes.

John Rule

Chelsea Sleep
I may very well be the worlds shortest full grown fiddler. I was fortunate enough to study with Canadian composer/fiddler Oliver Schroer. I live in Gibsons, on Sunshine Coast of BC, where I teach violin and fiddle to some pretty amazing kids and adults out of my green-doored music studio. I also teach in William's Lake and West Vancouver. I am a musical director for the Coast String Fiddlers association, and also work with Oliver's Twisted String project and perform with them. I travel around in the summer to teach at different fiddle camps and workshops all over Cananda. Doesn't look like much when you write it down, but somehow it's never short of exciting and adds up to a lot!

26july2008duaneburnett (203)
The Twisted String's in the Sea Cavalcade Parade, Gibsons, BC

The Twisted String
The Twisted String is a unique teaching and performance concept developed for young musicians by fiddler/composer Oliver Schroer. It is a series of fiddle squads, each consisting of 8-12 hot young fiddle players; the instrumentation is mostly fiddle but can include other instruments as well.

13nov2009duaneburnett (154)
Skye Wallace puts her heart into it during a Coffee House in Sechelt, BC

Skye Wallace
Folk / Indie / Pop
Songstress Skye Wallace is a young singer-songwriter from the West Coast of Canada. Having trained for eight years in technical voice, she went on to learn guitar and write her own material, performing at many venues, be it concerts, festivals, busking, theatrical productions, radio, or telethons. Skye has brought many a song to life combining both technique and her own unique style. Being hailed locally as "the next Joni Mitchell", Skye Wallace has sung her way into the hearts of any audience she comes into contact with.

Skye Wallace began vocal training at the age of eight. Over the years of developing her own particularly unique style, leagues of original music have surged forth onto the page and into the microphone.

In a nutshell, Skye is a young, passionate, and vivacious singer-songwriter that has dazzled many a crowd through venues such as festivals, coffeehouses, concerts, radio shows, and telethons, and plans to continue on this route to express her passion for the music she creates.

Brett Wildeman
Freelance writer, photographer and musician.

Wilderness Crew
Hip Hop / Hip Hop / Hip Hop
Brett Mjanes, Eli Dill, Eric Amberg, Evan Quinn
Eli, Eric and Brett spit, sing and build beats from the soul. Cuts and scratches by our good homie EV. Additional instrumentation from fellow musician George. On a summer afternoon in the late 90's a tape deck on the Sunshine Coast started rolling. Surrounding the tape deck stood three best friends: Brett Mjanes, Eli Dill, and Eric Amberg. They say that good things happen in the summer time. The threesome grew up together on the Sunshine Coast - a quiet peninsula situated on Canada's pacific ocean. Soon after the boys gave life to the Wilderness Crew, another childhood friend (Evan Quinn) was exploring the world of turntablism. Three became four and Wilderness Crew had their DJ. In time, what began as grass roots hip-hop matured into the polished, melodic sound that belongs soley to the Wilderness. Nearly all of the groups recordings feature instrumentation from the emcees themselves and their live shows often reach higher musical ground with the accompaniment of a full band. It's safe to say that Wilderness Crew has transitioned from 'backyard freestylers' to accomplished songwriters and performers. At the end of the day the Wilderness Crew is a lifestyle. Music you can dance to, drive to, work to, surf to, live to. You just gotta press play.

Live performance of "The Push" from the Wilderness Crew's self-titled debut album.

Charlotte Wrinch
Singer Songwriter Guitar
Genre: Acoustic / Folk Rock / Pop
Location Gibsons, British Columbia, CA
I play acoustic guitar and a variety of recorders and penny whistles. My music is a blend of genres, but I'm often described as a singer/songwriter or contemporary folk player. My goal as an artist is to convey, through my music, the message that each one of us can be whole, strong, loving, powerful, harmonious, healthy and happy.


This compilation has been a project I put together over several months. My eyes are watering and my mind mush trying to process it all. It has taken me hours and hours to pull it all together. If I missed you please let me know, and if your information is incorrect or you want to provide some more information to fill out your bio please let me know. Some incredible talent on the Sunshine Coast folks, so please support our local musicians. Thanks Duane Burnett

It's Always A Good Day on the Sunshine Coast!

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