Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Surviving the long dark lonely holidays :-(

Does the Holiday Cheer that rings out from the malls make you feel better or worse? Some tips on surviving holiday depression.

Many find the Christmas season down right critically depressing and need to muster full resources to survive it. It cripples a huge cross section of our society and the hangover aftermath can last a generation.

tree for birds photo Duane Burnett (2)
Go WILD! Ingredients for a holiday tree that's for the birds this winter!

A lot of happiness does go down at Christmas, but it completely skips millions of people who feel the opposite, an increased sense of depression and sadness. This is for you and for your friends and family who might need your help understanding and a visit.

Seniors are especially vulnerable. Often alone and isolated to tired or sick to even leave their house. A new report indicates 25% of seniors live in poverty.

For me its all the buying tons of stuff the planet can't afford right now.

Others live on the streets and sleep below the sparkling holiday window displays.

Many who live in the polar latitudes and winter climates are affected by seasonal depression and not getting out in the day light enough.

Then there are the holidays themselves with their 'family minute' gone bad, and the loss, tragedy, arguments, fights, break ups that make your heart heavy with remembrance.

I try to remember as best I can to be the Peace, Love, Joy in every moment of my day rather then just once a year.

You can get creative in your yard or out in the woods.
Making a solstice holiday outdoor Christmas tree for the birds helps to ground me as well as remind me that this is a time of year to give thanks to the Earth, Sun, ancestors, family, friends, Spirit, and oneself.

I have put together some links and helpful tips so you know you are not alone and you can help people in your lives who feel sadness.

Please share your own personal experience, add some comments, and share links!

I have added some comments from my facebook friends below too!

All the best Duane


Depression and the Holidays

Tips to prevent holiday stress and depression

What is Seasonal Depression SAD

Depression in Older Adults and the Elderly
Recognizing the Signs and Getting Help

How to Prevent Holiday Depression

Depression: Supporting a family member or friend
Help a family member or friend dealing with depression get treatment, develop good self-care habits and find resources.

Number of seniors living in poverty soars nearly 25%

Veronica Alice
Christmas, that's what sand is for!

Toews Blakely Elizabeth
I'm beginning a "Scrap Christmas Campaigne"...Even if JC was born December 25th he wouldn't want us to celebrate him- he'd say celebrate yourselves~ as divinity too!I'm beginning a Celebrate SOLSTICE campaigne- the real holy day in December.... You may simply join by deciding to CELEBRATE THE SOLSTICE-December 21st this year. Make a bonfire, sing and dance around the circle and rejoice in the fact that the light returns, make a toast to the new year, make a declaration to pick up your 'new work' thats evolving for you in the new year...your allowed to still have all the lights and candles, good food and merriment!!! xxoo

Sandy Sjollema
a lot of people get very depressed around this time of makes me glad I don't celelbrate XMas anymore

Jill Devonshire
I believe it's important to celebrate... whatever IT is.
But it must ring true to your heart.
There's solace in the Solstice... giving hope of light emerging from the darkest days. At this time of year, family and friends have the opportunity... to holiday from their busy schedules, to potentially get together and celebrate each other. Enjoy!!!

Toews Blakely Elizabeth
I'm all for celebrating EVERY accomplishment of my friends, family, mine~fact is every day is a joyful celebration to light and love and being alive on this MAGNIFICENT planet!!xxoo

Duane Burnett
thanks for the great feedback! I have managed to switch from Christmas to more Solstice celebrations. It has really brought much more Peace into my life :P

Toews Blakely Elizabeth
great topic to bring up Duane!! I like to spread the word about SOLSTICE...the nature spirits say it is the beginning of the new year too, albeit the Spirit Grandmothers of Time (ancient adepts)who communicate with me say that the first moon of the year is the Galactic Rest and Cleansing Moon which falls on Feb 7th this year...which places the beginning of the new year/cycle at IMBOLC...traditionally celebrated as ground hog day feb 2..we are now in the 11th moon of the year. xxoo

Diane Paull
Thanks for your timely article Duane. For years I have been encouraging family and friends to celebrate this season with each other by sharing time, fun activities and food instead of all the mall madness.

Diane Paull
We tell our Grandchildren that we are the PRESENTS!!! They believe us...:)))

Duane Burnett
Presence is one of the best gifts you can give :D

Rathaporn Fon Pawakanun
Hi there..Thanks for sharing your wisdom...That brightens our dark and cold days....;D

Sandy Sjollema
both Hannukah and Christmas are based on the solstice in any case, certainly in terms of the time of year they are celebrated....Hannukah is called the festival of bring on the light slowly but surely once the solstice is here's too bad everything is so commercialized next thing you know they will make the ascension of Jesus into some massive marketing scheme...

Gibsons Recycling Depot
very important topic that you write about, especially this time of year we need to be more sensitive and caring of ourselves and others

Jill Devonshire
My friend was in Japan during a Christmas. They are so bent on embarrassing western culture. She saw a department store display that had Santa hanging from a cross.

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  1. I love the holiday season, but hate the commercialization. I try to focus on family time rather than buying so much stuff. - Margy


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