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Jingle Bell All Year Long Spend Your Merry Way!

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HOW early is too early!!! for Christmas marketing???
NOTES By Duane Burnett

Last week I asked my facebook friends what they thought about Christmas advertising?

I noticed massive Christmas displays go up the day after Halloween at a local big box retailer and now commercials on TV. How much is too much too soon? A few people have said at the very least, Christmas can wait till after Remembrance Day and Veterans Day. Is after Nov 11th a fair respectful date?

Americans still haven't even celebrated their thanksgiving yet!

I am curious what you think?

Jingle Bell All Year Long Spend Your Merry Way!

Christmas to me is a huge drain on our planet with promises that if you buy buy buy shop shop shop some how you will be saved and enlightened till you wake up from the dream with a huge credit debt and dead earth.

Seems Christmas has become a year round business.

How much is too much and too soon?

Shirley Badger
I put a few stuff up the day after Halloween, lol, and I'm putting the rest of my stuff up, tree, the weekend after Rememberance day! It's my favorite holiday, Cheers!

Jeannie Meyer
Don't do it....LOL

Shirley Badger
if the malls can do it, so can I, LOL

Duane Burnett
I noticed another friend said she already had her tree up. So Shirley, this holiday is a lot of joy for you and you are thrilled to celebrate it as soon as possible then. Its a good thing to get started early on Christmas and enjoy it is what I am hearing. :D

Paul Dwyer
Smacks of retailers' desperation to me. Gets earlier and earlier every year. I think they've finally topped out at Halloween.

Travis Green
My status a while ago read, "Halloween without King Diamond, is like Christmas without Satan". While meant as Halloween humour,(for free I might add) in my oppinion, marketing is the clostest thing to an actual satan we have in this day and age. Insidiousmas?

Cassandra Langlois
anything before Dec is overkill...

Duane Burnett
Sounds like a split between bring IT on Christmas and too much overkill... I find I sing Christmas tunes in July! LOL

Travis Green
Singing Christmas tunes in July, flies in the face of marketing! Now THAT'S Christmas if you ask me! Call whatever you want, whatever you like, just please, own your own soul! Merry Christmas from The House of Metal!

Duane Burnett
LOL Travis... you got it!

Travis Green
Thanks Duane! You know it wasn't easy to get it! Now we help.

Teresa Eckford
I may do Christmas shopping in November, but our house doesn't see decorations or a tree until December. And I hate retailers shoving it down our throats this early...The weekend of the RC Christmas Craft Faire in late November is just about as much as I can stomach!

Duane Burnett ‎
@Teresa How many days or weeks before christmas do you put up a tree in the hose. You bring up a great point, craft fairs, shopping local Teresa is a great way to lower your carbon footprint for christmas, my fave is a christmas tree outside or in the forest for the birds and wildlife... that you can put together yourself or as a family to say thanks to all good things Earth.

Kera Mchugh
yep, i'm with teresa & shea... i love xmas but seriously... anything prior to dec 1 is all about consumerism, and that's NOT what christmas is about... i was shocked to see xmas stuff at london drugs BEFORE thanksgiving!! and absolutely, be...fore Nov 11 is offensive and disrespectful to EVERYONE, most importantly our veterans who put themselves on the line to ensure that in canada everyone gets the freedom to celebrate their holidays the way they want... but seriously... no other "religious holiday" is celebrated for as LONG as christmas is... certainly not as commercially...

Manuen Edwards

Manuen Edwards
if i didn't have my lil girl i would go away and hide till christmas was over ... my inner grinch is grumbling ...

Paula Howley
I agree. Let's wait until Remembrance Day is over. Then, go nuts.

Teresa Eckford
Duane - we usually put our tree up outside on our deck (the cats would destroy it if it were inside) a couple of weeks before Christmas and keep it up, as per English tradition, until Epiphany (Jan 6)...and yes, shopping at the craft fairs is definitely the way to go - great deals, wonderful gifts with no fighting the crowds in Park Royal and waiting for the ferry involved!!

Jennifer White
i had to take a trip into park royal on saturday to do a return, it was the only day i had free, i thought, how bad could it be? yeeeeaah. totally different vibe from the week before. slamming busy, xmas promos in every store, total excess already

Duane Burnett
Thanks Shea,,, I was hoping to hear from some local retailers and business organizations on this. Thanks for posting your comments :D

David F Devo Faber
What do they do in 70% of the world? Not much as Christmas is not part of their lives and they are without them knowing it making a wise environmental decision. Christmas = mucho trash

Bruce Hughes
Dont get me started on Xmas .... I think its a wonderful holiday for gatherings, family time and giving your presents as you being present with them... the rest of the mad buying/credit card and overall consumption of plastic break easy is outrageous.. nuff said.. lol - the holiday is end of december the rest is marketing and consumption!!

Duane Burnett
i love celebrating the earth this time of year so tend to gravitate to solstice and thought not raking your leaves and decorating a tree for wildlife is a good tradition to give thanks.

Vicky Forest
I put my tree up on December 1 so I can enjoy the decorations and the memories of favourite childhood Christmases with family. Now that I live on the Coast I try to do my shopping here and keep the presents to a minimum. The retail stores are only trying to make a living so I don't begrudge them but I agree the craft shows are the best way to go to find unique gifts. I also like to make homemade treats for my friends and family.

Duane Burnett
homemade and local good for the community and planet. I don't do Christmas but love a tree outside for the birds decorated with edibles and nibbles to give thanks to the Earth. One year, I gave out bird tree ornaments for Solstice on Dec 21st. And another year, I made up a movie night gift basket, with video rental coupons, popcorn, candy, and fun stuff to bring the family together for some fun.

Vicky Forest
That is a beautiful idea Duane.

Darlene McIntyre
I love the idea of Christmas, but hate shopping in December.


Thanks everyone for your comments and feedback on Christmas commercialism. I think after November 11th might be a universally accepted limit on advertising.

I like to hear what you think. Much appreciated! :D

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  1. I have a rule, no seasonal decorations until the December birthdays are done (11th, unless nephew Fred is here and then it's the 17th!).

    We keep it to the same box of ornaments and tinsel garlands we've had for years, on our recycled plastic tree, and it's one major thing each - by major that means something waited for all year and not normally obtainable for kids using their own money - with stocking stuffers. And we find one aid organization, either locally or in developing countries to donate to. This year, in honour of my friend Tony, who has donated his own travel expenses and daily needs and 30 days of photography to capture images three aid organizations need in the poorest nations on the African continent, we will be donating to Ghana. We also like to help St. Hilda's with gifts for teens in the foster system or living independently on the Coast... new socks, an itunes gift card, or a gift certificate for Marks Work Wear World for new jeans... there's lots of ways that my money can be a force for good (though this year there's less of it)

  2. Helping out a charity as a holiday gift is awesome. great suggestions Laurie and keeping heirloom ornaments for the tree way to go!

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