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Funniest Top Best Christmas Holiday Song Spoof Parody VIDEO's

All Your Funniest Best Most Favourite Top 10 Christmas Parody's, Holiday Spoofs and then some! 70+ so far.... Adult content 14+ Immature holiday subject matter!!!

Watch playlist or links below...

Christmas Holiday Spoof Parody Video Playlist
All the videos together at one link!

Christmas Holiday Song Spoofs Parody Playlist

02nd Dec 2005 photo Duane Burnett 007

The Good, The Bad and the Funny!
Some videos are immature content. 14+

Santa's TSA Song "Happy Travels!" Holly Jolly Christmas Parody

The 12 pains of christmas
Parody of the "The 12 days of Christmas" by Bob Rivers in RuneScape style!

North Point's iBand
Christmas music using borrowed iPhones and iPads.

WikiLeaks Reveals Santa's Naughty List

WikiLeaks is at it again. No playground is safe this Christmas.

larry the cable guy christmas carols

Adam Sandler santa song FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!

Poker Claus (Lady Gaga Poker Face Parody)
Poker Face Christmas parody. Check out the Lady Gaga Christmas wardrobe.

Adam Sandler original Chanukah (Hanukkah) Song

Jeff Dunham Achmed's "Jingle Bombs"

Jordan Johnson - "Last Christmas" Parody
Music video song parody of "Last Christmas" with lyrics. Written and produced by Jordan Johnson. Directed by Jordan Johnson and Ben Decker.

Dreaming of a White Christmas- (Barack Obama Parody!)
For those of you who don't know what "public option" is, it is the viciously debated proposed health care insurance program that would be offered by the government.

Heat Miser vs. Snow Miser
Rap Battle Remix Parody Song & Music Video
The Year Without Santa Clause Remix Pat Patrick Noonan Andrew Sheehan Christmas Holiday Funny Comedy Spoof Claymation Classic Old School Parody

Eartha Kitt Santa Baby Parody Obama Baby
A girl just needs a little help from Barack Obama this Christmas!
"Obama Baby" "Santa Baby" Eartha Kitt Parody

A Parody of "Feliz Navidad"
Lyrics by M. Spaff Sumsion
From the CD Elves Gone Wild!

HOT 107: Bri$ha "TiK ToK (Presents Don't Stop)"
A Christmas parody of Ke$ha's "TiK ToK" by HOT 107!
Merry Christmas :-)

Amy Kelly is Lady gaga gay x-mas parody with Lady Blah Blah

Jim Keyes Jazz Guitar and Vocal "Warner Wonderland"

The 12 Foods of Christmas
The 12 Foods of Christmas, a parody to the 12 days of Christmas. we were bored so we made it, it's good lol it's the Christmas special

FIREPLACE DVD parody - full version
parody of continuously-burning fireplace dvds

Wrapping Paper Planes MIA Christmas Parody Song
Organ Failure does a Holiday parody of M.I.A.'s "Paper Planes"...all original lyrics...

South Park "I'm Skeemin"(Christmas Parody Song)
I'm Skeemin is a parody of "I'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas".


Frank Kelly-Christmas Countdown (12 days to christmas)
Irish actor Frank Kelly reads 12 letter written by the poor recipient of the 12 gifts! LOL

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (Ghetto version)
This is the Ghetto version of "Rudolf The Red Nose Reindeer"

12 Days of Christmas
12 Days of Christmas video clip re-worked Indian style. Performed by animated popstar, Boymongoose and Indian boyband.

Jingle Bells
Farts and Burps of the Season
Gastro City's latest rendition of the Christmas Classic!

Reindeer STD
One of Santa's reindeer gets an STD the night before Christmas...

Damn it Im Vixen
Funny Christmas carol. Now there is a song about one of the other Reindeer. Vixen, one of Santa's original eight reindeer, has his own Christmas song.

Farting Elves 12 Days of Christmas
Funny Video Animation by JibJab More farts!

Christmas funny deer + Santa singing
Basketcase by Greenday

Masturbating Presents:
"Bukkake Christmas" performed by The Pocket Rockettes.
A Special Christmas Parody for you this Holiday Season.

Funny Take on Holiday Song - chris must pee
A Baby sings adaptation of the famous holiday song.

Rudolph The Psycho Reindeer
Rudolph is crazy and goes on a killing spree!

Jingle Farts?!
I wanted to send you a Christmas carol that I knew only you could appreciate. I call it Jingle Farts and I knew that you were the toot-loving person to share this odorful ode with. Happy holidays, my gassy, smelly friend.

The Night Santa Went Crazy
Song by Weird Al Yankovic. Kris Kringle goes nuts and wreaks havoc on the North Pole.

A Christmas Story- Gangsta Remix
Merry Christmas everyone! This is a Gangsta Remix of your favorite moments from the classic holiday movie "A Christmas Story" to the tune of Damn it Feels Good to Be a Gangsta, by the Geto Boys. As Ludacris would say, "Youz a Ho Ho Ho."

Merry Christmas Farts
Over 3 million views. Ringing in the Jingle Bells with Burps and Farts.

Santa Babies
The Santa babies want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Mr Bean - Christmas Scene
Mr bean playing with some figures whilst Christmas shopping

BZB - Feed the World
- parody BAND AID do they know it's christmas ?
Music video BZB - Feed the World (2009)
Turkey's sing this World Hunger song.

Bob & Doug 12 Days of Christmas - Animax Entertainment
Animated version of Bob & Doug McKenzie singing The 12 Days of Christmas!

Shrek - 12 days of Christmas
Uses clips from Shrek to illustrate the song

The 12 Days of Christmas (2006)
The You Tube Community Choir!

Christmas Beer Commercial
A little Bud Light and candle light....
These are the kinds of things my mom sends me during the holidays. :)

Santa Won't be Coming to your Town
Santa is skipping Christmas this year. The recession has really hit everyone. Parody by Scott Douglas MacLachlan and Braddon Mendelson.

A Christmas Story (Parody of Love Story)
Hasn't everyone had an affair with Santa Clause?

Mean Girls - Jingle Bell Rock - Unedited
CD player breaks down and the girls have to sing it alone for the audience.

A Beautiful Christmas! The holidays are such a nice time of the year, so I just wanted to do a soft, peaceful Christmas song for once!

"Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas"- Judy garland (Parody)
The title song from Keith From Up The Block's Christmas Album "A Very Ghetto Christmas"

White Trash Christmas
The Bob Rivers Show. Video by Toonedin!

The Oogie Boogie Dog~The Nightmare Before Christmas Parody
Just a parody I made after I watched a Happy Tree Friends amv with this song^_^! Starring Hougen as the Oogie Boogie Dog!!! Oh yeah, this is my frist GDW amv without watermarks!!!

"White Christmas"- Bing Crosby (parody)
Black Christmas . Available xclusively on "A Very Ghetto Christmas"

Why SANTA won't be coming this year.. Strong Language 14+

The Midnight Beast - XXXMAS BUDDIES...
How to get a Christmas Buddy (Parody) 14+ Language.

CSI: North Pole 1 "Christmas Served Cold"
Nibbles the Christmas Elf Cop must solve the toughest case he's ever had, using only his gun, or he won't get any Christmas cookies.
Written and Directed by
Matt Sloan and Aaron Yonda
Produced by Courtney Collins

Tik Tok Parody [It's Christmas Time] - JosayCruzy
It's Christmas Time by Jose Cruz

Jason Saves Christmas Trailer Parody
Jason vs. Saddam Hussein dressed up as Santa Claus.

White Christmas Parody (rap version)
This is our version of White Christmas! We hope you enjoy it! Don't Panic...Santa Claus is real! ;) Feel free to leave a comment...

Disturbed Parody-Get Down With The Christmas
A Parody of Disturbed's Get Down With The Sickness, yes i know i spelled some things worng im too lazy to go fix them so deal with it, lyrics-can you hear that?

Merry Christmas- Jingle Bells Parody Video 14+

The Purple Bunny Christmas Song - Tik Tok by Kesha Parody
Put Christmas Spirit and the Purple Bunny together.... well....

A Britney Spears Christmas Carol
Womanizer parody using the story of A Christmas Carol Watch as Ebenezer Scrooge gets scared straight into the Xmas Spirt by Jacob Marley and the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer [Spoof]
Johnny Marks - Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.
Parody Spoof: Rudeoff Rap Christmas Song.
I made a Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Rap, because what is better than remixing an old classic Christmas song to celebrate for the holidays.

A Miley Cyrus Christmas

Twisted Christmas - Rusty Chevrolet
Great country twang original lyrics done to Jingle Bells riding in a rusty Chevrolet! :P

"Christ-mas" Ke$ha Tik-Tok Parody

Grandma Got Molested At The Airport 14+ (With Lyrics)

Carol of the Bells Parody
Happy Hanukka!

The last fart!
Santa's Reindeer Fart Merry Christmas

Oh Christmas Tree Oh 21st Century

A 21st Century version of O Christmas Tree (O Tannenbaum) written and performed by Local Anxiety (aka Kevin Crofton and Mark Leiren-Young).

Oh Chronic Tree (funny christmas song) Toke on
Oh Chronic Tree, Oh Chronic Tree. Have a Merry Christmas everyone. Smoke on :)

Let me know if you got one I should add to the list! Hope you had a good laugh! Whats your fave or worst? Thanks Duane

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  3. Jeff Fox's 12 Redneck Days of Christmas!


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