Friday, December 31, 2010

50,000 People Checked Out These Top 3 Videos!

Check out these top three videos about parody, disaster, tributes and political corruption seen by over 50,000 people this year.

Great showcase of local musicians and the Sunshine Coast on youtube in 2010.

19jan2010duaneburnett (47)
back to forward: John Jamin, Duane Burnett, Johanna Renee
photo Marc Buzzell producer/videographer/editor

Top 3 Videos 2010*

#1 Oil BP Naughty to Nature
#2 I'm On A Break
#3 Everything Reminds Me of my Dog

2-3-1 countdown.......... :D

"I'm On A Break" blasted up the youtube charts at the start of the year with controversial language parody spoofing the Canadian political landscape prior to the 2010 Winter Olympics. It closes out the year with 8,636 views. The censored version had 1,329 views in comparison.

In March I produced "Everything Reminds Me of my Dog" a classic Jane Sibery tune and tribute to my furry companion Tundra, a white Siberian Husky who passed away January 27th 2010. Totally honoured it has had over 5,480 views. Funds raised go to public drinking fountains that are pet and wheelchair friendly.

The top video is "Oil BP" with 23,756 views since Canada Day July 1st, 2010. The hip hop parody spoofs our fossil fuel dependency and the Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster.

Happy New Year!!

Since I started my youtube channel there have been 42,012 views all time of my videos, with 25,900 in the past year. The Oil BP video hosted on another channel added an additional 23,756 itself on top of that.

Would love it if you please subscribe to me on youtube.

Thanks Duane

The stats below are youtube's break down of all the videos on my channel and their popularity by percentage of views.

% of total views
Duane Burnett
Youtube Channel Top videos

I'm On A Break - "UNCENSORED" PM Stephen Harper Proroguing Parliament parody

Everything Reminds Me of my Dog by Jane Siberry. Dog Drinking Fountain. LOVE Tundra

SCENIC Gibsons Sechelt Pender Sunshine Coast Canada

The Ellen Show appeal 2010 Winter Olympics with Duane Burnett

I'm On A Break - "CENSORED" PM Stephen Harper Proroguing Parliament parody

Help Save Gospel Rock Video, Gibsons, BC

Halloween Haunted House Halfmoon Bay Sunshine Coast Canada

Four Seasons of a Watershed Creek Winter Summer Spring Fall

Scenic Snowy Winter, Sunshine Coast BC Canada

Dakota Ridge Sunshine Coast: A Winter Paradise Waiting to be Explored

It's Always A Good Day on the Sunshine Coast! :D
**source youtube duaneburnettdotcom

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