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Mixed Martial Arts Fight Club a Knock Out

UPDATED! VIDEOS & PHOTOS OF FIGHT... Local Fighter's Prepare for Cage Match!

Update Jan 10, 2011
Since our last update, the Sechelt gym location was shut down and moved to a brand new private gym. The group has left Team Denarious and started their own team now.
Dustin Dickeson says "Jordan Manning fights jan 15th at the river rock. Brit Sluis is set to fight feb 18th .if she wins this fight she fights for the woman's belt in april".

Updated Nov 12, 2010
Club Owner Dustin "Dusty" Dickerson is hoping to bring the MMA circuit to Gibsons, BC on the Sunshine Coast and wants the communities feedback and support.

Updated Oct 16, 2010.
Congrats to Jordan and Rick who both won their cage fights! Video, photos of fights below followed by the original story.

Jordan Manning "won my fights crucified him and knocked him out"

Rick Peers "thanks everyone it was a blast cant wait for the next one."

17 year old Chatelech Secondary Grade 12 High School Student Jordan Manning and 29 year old Rick Peers of Sechelt will be part of the 12 card BFL3: BattleField At The River Rock 2 — Zubor Vs. Brooks cage match on October 15th in Richmond, BC.


jordan mannings fight [HQ]
by Dustin Dickeson (videos) 8:35
"my boy jordan manning in his first fight ever against a guy that trains with the top team in canada and has had 3 fights proud of my guys" Dustin Dickeson

ricks fight.tko [HQ]
by Dustin Dickeson (videos) 3:24

BFL 3: "BattleField At The River Rock" - Quick Results
the results from the fights

Battlefield at the River Rock 2 brings MMA to Richmond

PHOTO: Fighters in the Air
flying through the air: Jordan Manning and Morgan Littlechild caught in mid takedown during their 145lb mma bout at Battlefield Fight League Tonight at River Rock Casino in Richmond BC.

PHOTOS: D's pic's mma fight pics
By Dustin Dickeson


Battlefield Fight League October 15 Review



Congratulations to Dustin Dickeson. He set his sights on establishing a mixed martial arts (MMA) club for local youth a few years back and his efforts have paid off with a knock out brand new training facility in Sechelt, BC and two local youths he trains heading for a cage match in Richmond.

Dustin tells me the 2 guys have trained real hard for the match on October 15, 2010 at the River Rock Casino in Richmond, BC for the Battle Field Fight League.

"It's a huge step to get in the cage in front of thousands of people."

Battlefield Fight League calls the event card "some of the most interesting and stylistically sound match ups."

Jordan and Rick will be representing Team Phoenix Rising, the local Sunshine Coast club in Sechelt, which is part of the larger Team Denarius Club.

Team Denarius members take part in events all over and welcome sponsors looking to get their brand out there and at the same time help some fighters achieve their goals.

One such sponsorship of our local Sunshine Club comes from Darkhorse Athletics in Molly's Lane in Gibsons, British Columbia, who sells their fighter brand sports wear out of the new training facility in Sechelt. A good match!

Dustin got the MMA started on the coast to give youth an outlet and training facility where strict rules, codes of conduct and fair play are adhered to. If you are interested in getting involved, want to sponsor, or want more information you can contact him at 604-741-5700.

Dustin Dickeson had his first pro fight 4 years ago and has had over 8 fights in the cage/ring weather Pro MMA to kick boxing. He has a Pro Fighters License from the Edmonton boxing and wrestling commission.

The Sechelt club also has the North West Canadian Heavy Weight champ Marcus Hicks and many other pro fighters teaching.

Martial arts has been Dustin's life for almost 5 years, he says "we eat, sleep and breath the sport we love."

The Phoenix Rising training facility teach a combination of all martial arts, and alot of body control, submissions, wrestling, boxing, kick boxing, basic weight training, and cardio. They try to offer a bit of everything and put it all together at whatever level people are at adds Dustin.

Mixed Martial Arts or MMA are also known as No Holds Barred (NHB), Cage Fighting, Ultimate Fighting and rivals boxing and professional wrestling according to wikipedia.

The Battlefield Cage Match with Jordan and Rick will be aired a few weeks after the event on the market leader in mixed martial arts news and information from a Canadian perspective.

MMACanada provides event coverage and fighter profiles of Canadian and International topics and personalities. It is part of the nations most connected Mixed Martial Arts network which allows them to bring, to their audience, the most exclusive content and behind the scenes VIP access.

Battle Field Match, River Rock Casino, Oct 15, 2010


Thanks to Dustin for all his efforts in bringing together a successful club that gives youth and adults who have an interest in fighting and mixed martial arts a safer, healthier outlet to focus their energies in a sportsmanlike manner.

Best of luck to Jordan and Rick! Thanks for reading my blog.

Go Team Phoenix Rising!!!

It's Always A Good Day on the Sunshine Coast!

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  1. the sunshinecoasts finest make them tap,nap or snap boys

  2. give it ur all guys.were only here one time live life to the fullest

  3. make your dreams reality.

  4. It is so good to see people from the Sunshine Coast go out in the world and take on such big step's and work so hard to make there dream's come true.

    WAY TO GO GUY'S .KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!


  6. Just wondering, what background in martial arts Dustin has to teach ?

  7. I had my first pro fight 4 years ago.have had over 8 fights in the cage/ring weather pro mma to kick boxing.i have a pro fighters license from the edmonton boxing and wrestling commission .we also have the north west canadian heavy weight champ marcus hicks and many other pro fighters teaching .Martial arts has been my life for almost 5 years we eat ,sleep and breath the sport we love.

  8. uhmm jiu jitsu kickboxing and wrestling i am one of the people that go to his gym

  9. he teaches jiu jitsu wrestling and kickboxing

  10. and good luck to u rick and jordan ill hit u extra hard in training to get u use to it

  11. we teach the combination of all martial arts .alot of body control ,submissions ,wrestling,boxing,kick boxing,basic weight training,cardio training..we try to offer a bit of everything and put it all together at whatever level people are at,

  12. wow Rick Peers looks pretty good in that 40 second bout...I look forward to seeing him figth Santos in will be a good one, though Santos is very well versed in Jiu Jitsu....Peers must be careful of the ground!

  13. Jordan Manning fights jan 15th at the river rock. Brit Sluis is set to fight feb 18th .if she wins this fight she fights for the woman's belt in april.

  14. Jordan manning won his fight and is now fighting for the west coast 145 belt on may 13th .and for those that dont know Rick Peers is not with Phoenix Rising.or anyone in the mma community.


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