Saturday, September 25, 2010

Netflix Canada Gets Cold Shoulder

Netflix's arrival in Canada gets a cold shoulder and freezing reception from readers who still prefer going to the movies. Read what some people had to say....

Netflix loves Canada,
but does Canada love Netflix?

People are often complaining about getting ripped off by cell phone, cable and satellite companies so its a big deal to get a service like Netflix Canada with their offer of one month free trial... or so I thought.

When I asked friends on facebook what they thought of the new service of unlimited television and movies online they pointed out the internet speed sucks in Canada, it freezes online all the time becoming very annoying, and that nothing replaces a movie cinema theatre experience.

Deb Proby, the Manager of the Ravens Cry Theatre told me they have noticed a shift in demographics in movie goers. This has had an impact on the movies that theatres are choosing to show. It use to be that kids were the biggest market, but more and more computer savvy youth turn to downloading movies off the internet and staying home, while their parents and grandparents love the nostalgia of the cinema experience.

Well, here why don't I let them speak for themselves. Please share any comments and feedback you might have too.

$7.99/month for movies!?
Are you happy about this? Netflix Comes to Canada. Will you stop going to the Theatre or Video Store? R U concerned about big cable loosing profits? Will you watch unlimited TV and Movies online? >>>>> What do you think?

Diane Paull
We have a personal relationship with our video store...

Linda Shearsmith
no = I like going to the movies with friends and family = it is something to do outside the four walls.....

Marc Buzzell
The coast doesnt have a very reliable internet option to take full advantage of applications like netflix

Allen Snowdon
There's already many Internet sources for FREE movie, etc downloads. Netflix will probably just be another dot-com flash-in-the-pan

Howard Paull
I'm in with Linda Shearsmith, I too enjoy going to the movies with friends. Perhaps this Netflix will make the powers that be, bring in more of the bigger more popular movies like they show in the city. (Vancouver)

The Theatre (here in Sechelt) is told what movies they can show. So, the owners have no control over that. How can they stay afloat and expect to make a living if they're dictated to, in what they can & cannot show in their own Theatre ?

Mary McAllister
I still like a night out at the movies with the big screen...and of course the popcorn.

Linda Shearsmith
nope - I have seen it in action though and we plugged in to the big screen tv and watched a movie that froze a couple of times throughout
and it took about a half hour to download... oh well - still like the theater

Ron Berdahl ‎
...unfortunately, internet providers are now REDUCING allowed GB downloads at the current $ rate...CTV news: "Internet service providers announced lower bandwidth caps on their existing level of services." (approx. one hour of video equals 1 gigabyte bandwidth)

Duane Burnett
I have been told that attendance at movie theatres has undergone a huge shift in demographics as more kids download movies online.

Sandra Cunningham
Blockbuster has filed for bankruptcy protection - another one bites the dust.

Howard Paull
I believe this is from mismanagement. The one here in Sechelt charged me late fee's (3 x's) for movie rentals on my acct. I paid the 1st time, thinking one of my sons used my acct. Needless to say, after the 3rd time, I closed my acct. with them (I never paid them for the 2nd & 3rd " So Called " late fee's either)

Laurie McConnell
I once stood in line behind a woman who said a kid popped the movie in the machine for their 4 year old's birthday party and porn started. (Although to adults there is some merit to the argument that porn would be an improvement over a Barn...ey movie :) All the guy said was, 'you should have looked first'. She was unable to get a refund or another movie in exchange.

Another counter gal told me I had to wait once I got to the counter, and she proceeded to talk with someone on the phone about how she had just faxed her resume over.

I love the people at Seaside and Sid's. They're knowledgeable, get to know their customers and suggest great movies, know how many gumballs we've bought without getting a black one (106 if you must know) and Seaside has a GREAT lates fine, only $.99, so sometimes we watch great movies twice. Pete, Jordan, Sid - you rock.

Phil Co
I would have taken that issue to local paper, Laurie. That's despicable.

Chris Koopmans
I thought NETFLIX was streaming video into your home computer or TV. Not sending you actual DVDs

Ayla Heeds
no, the Sids has nothing to worry about, netflix can't share much in canada due to our damn laws.

Allen Snowdon
I'll take the big screen, DolbyFX, hot buttered popcorn, and a sticky floor and someone to cuddle when it gets scary... glad to hear us Canadians still enjoy the cinema :)

Sharon Charboneau
oh c'mon....sounds like exaggeration to me. We're Canadians - we may like to go to theatres; however reality sets in when the weather changes for worst and even getting to video store is a challenge.


I can't help but think that online television and movies will grow in popularity as the internet speed improves. Soon computers and TV will be hooked up together, and in a lot of homes they already are.

Do you think this will spell the end of DVD Video rental stores and theatres?

Will the Drive In ever make a comeback?

Duane Burnett

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  1. not sure what everybodys problem is. I am in Alberta and haven't had one show freeze yet ( running on ps3). The selection could be more extensive. But for 7.99 a month for unlimited viewing. That is like one trip to blockbuster for me.. no late fees. no driving(wasting gas). Netflix to me really isn't worth comparing to the theatres. It is however a great alternative to a movie store. considering things like apple tv and my telus browser have very similiar interfaces. yet all shows are like 3.99-5.99 EACH. i think netflix is offering a great value. and i am surprised to see such negative feedback.

  2. I also do not know why people are complaining. The video library will grow and grow. No slow speeds in Montreal and more so no waste on gas and travel. Sure it will never replace the movies, however, this is not intended to replace the movies, it is intended to supplement. My kid has most of her shows on netflix, its wonderful.


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