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TOP 10 Stories You Might Have Missed

Duane's World. Summer's TOP 10 stories & a quick recap of 40 articles you might have missed from June, July & August 2010. Please share/like.

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TOP 10 STORIES September 2010
In July 6,600 people visited by blog! #1 is...
1) Ocean Tribute for Lucky Mandala 13
2) Zac Efron, Charlie St. Cloud & Duane Burnett
3) List of Bands & Musicians Sunshine Coast BC
4) STORY behind Oil BP Naughty to Nature VIDEO
5) Straight With Gay Pride?
6) List of Gulf Oil Spill Disaster Facebook Pages
7) Sea Cavalcade Parade Rockn' N' Rollin'
8) It's a Whale of a Plastic Picnic
9) Come Fly With Me Fraser Blues
10) PHOTOS 2010 Davis Bay Sandcastle Competition

Below is a quick glance at 40 articles
from June, July & August. Enjoy! Duane


Habit for Humanity Raises $7,000.
PHOTOS Habitat Hoedown raise money and awareness for affordable housing and the homeless.

List of Sunshine Coast Bands & Musicians
Planning a party or event? Here is a list of the bands, singers, and musicians on the Sunshine Coast with links to contact them.

Just Yell Fire Self Defense Course
Rachelle Garnder wins Duane's contest with Buck Fever for a one day self defense workshop and writes in about her empowering experience.

Straight People With Gay Pride
Who are these people and why are more straight people proudly standing up for gay rights and attending Pride parades and events with their families?

Forest Fire Air Quality and Your Health
Summer brings lots of forest fires to the region. Here are some tips on surviving air quality warnings when it gets difficult to breath fresh clean air.

2010 Sechelt Festival of the Arts
The Sechelt Arts Festival gets a face lift with a new organizer and events.

Botanical Garden Good for Business

The Vancouver Sun's Randy Shore writes about the good business of garden tourism.

JULY 2010

Funny HST Acronyms
Love it or hate it, you came up with your favourite meanings for the HST, aka the Harmonized Sales Tax.

Visiting Grey Whale Swims in Plastic
PHOTOS & VIDEO A Grey Whale visits to the joy and amazement of thousands but a darker reality unfolds in a short walk along the beach.

Story Behind Oil BP Naughty to Nature
VIDEO & PHOTOS A hip hop spoof of BP and the Gulf of Mexico oil spill receives 10,000 views its first week and accolades from around the world.

Oil BP Naughty to Nature parody spoof (O.P.P. Naughty by Nature)

How To Make A Frozen Treat for your Pet
Cool treats for your hot dog or cat on a warm summer's day using water and a freezer.

List of Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Disaster Fan Pages
75 facebook pages & groups about the Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill Disaster

Davis Bay Sandcastle Competition 2010
PHOTOS Let the sun shine in and brighten your day with 100+ photos of the annual Davis Bay Sandcastle Competition. Winners announced too!

Prehistoric Glass Sponge Threatened off Sechelt
The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) have been working for years to protect a sponge once thought to have disappeared with the dinosaurs but found alive and well right here in Strait of Georgia.

Day Of Revenge by Author Deanna Proach
Local Author Deanna Proach gives us a sneak peak read of her book "Day of Revenge" about the French Revolution.

Wheelchair Accessible Waterfall Lookout Built

PHOTOS Pictorial history from a tree crushing a hiking bridge to brand new trails and a look out over the popular waterfall at Cliff Gilker Park in Roberts Creek, BC.

Who Is The Best At Social Media on the Sunshine Coast BC?
You voted for the best business and community groups. Learn what awesome tips and secrets the winners share that made them the best at social media.

Roberts Creek Mandala A Tribute to Healing World's Oceans
PHOTOS Hundreds of people helped paint the 13th Anniversary Mandala with two giant orca's on it. The photos and story was seen by thousands around the world and in the Gulf of Mexico where the horrific oil spill ecocide by BP occurred.

Sunshine Coast BC A Great Destination for Cyclists
Highway 101 from Vancouver to Powell River on the Sunshine Coast is a popular destination for touring on your bike.

What's Special About BC?
A quick shout out to emergency personnel on the front lines.

Why Seniors Should Social Media
Interview with Bob D'Arcy from the Sechelt Seniors Centre about Social Media sites like facebook.

Highlight of the Gibsons Sea Cavalcade Parade
300+ PHOTOS. This year's theme was Rockn' N' Rollin' by the Sea

Come Fly With Me Fraser Blues
PHOTOS Take a virtual slide-show flight in a plane over Sechelt, Roberts Creek, Gibsons, Langdale in 300+ photos as the Fraser Blues do stunts over Gibsons Landing Harbour.

Huckleberry Hounds
Why bears should be sharing their amazing nutrient-rich huckleberries with humans and why you should be treating yourself to more of them!

Eastlink TV aka DCCnet Add Commercials to the TV Listings Channel
Your feedback and comments about the new format where the nice music is replaced by actual voice commercials on the channel you can tv listings on.

JUNE 2010

Gibson Teacher Topping Teens Facebook Tops
Students at Elphinstone Secondary rally on facebook to keep a favourite teacher. My blog article gets the attention of the Vancouver Sun who write a story about it.

Child Chokes on Starbucks Sandwich
A story about plastic in a Starbucks sandwich ignites passion for sustainable local food when readers learn the product is shipped hundreds of kilometers from Seattle.

Historic Coles Marina Burns Downs
A young Arsonist burns down Coles Marina and several residences in Gibsons leading the community to rally behind a charity fund raiser for the homeless victims.

The Ferry is Late Again
Sunshine Coast residents and commuters sound off about the service provided by BC Ferries Route 3 Langdale to Horseshoe Bay near Vancouver.

Another Accident on Highway 101
Local residents sounds off on the chronic accidents, delays, and frustrations of Route 101 aka Highway 101 or the Sunshine Coast Highway.

Gibsons Gold The Musical
PHOTOS Duane Burnett plays a parody of himself in this hugely successful spoof of Gibsons winning the most livable town in the world award.

Anything is Possible Machu Pichhu Trek
16 Year Old Girl With Physical Disabilities Challenges Herself To Trek to Machu Picchu in Peru.

How Well Do You Tweet?
The Entreprenette, a U.S. blogger and social media website includes Duane in an article offering tips at better tweeting.

Must Be A Duangel
VIDEO After I coined the phrase "Duangel" to describe all the wonderful caring people in our community I got creative and made a video highlight of as many of you as I can to the tune of Must Be An Angel. LOL Enjoy!

Ducklings Cross Busy Highway
PHOTO A mother duck and ducklings try to cross the very crowded Highway 101. Picture shows them at the yellow centre line in an area where traffic travels 80+km/hr.

Sunshine Coast Karaoke Winners
PHOTOS A Karaoke Idol contest in Sechelt crowns the winning singers at the finale.

$500,000 kick off to Equip St Mary's Hospital
98 PHOTOS The local hospital auxiliary kicked off a fund raising campaign for the local hospital with a picnic.

Sechelt Playground Wheelchair Friendly
A look back at Rotary projects over the years as a local playground gets fitted with wheelchair accessible ground matting.

Culinary Graduation Never Tasted So Good
PHOTOS The 2010 Culinary Graduating Class puts on a yummy dinner for invited guests at their year end award ceremony.

Staycation Sunshine Coast BC
Local residents share their favourite secret places and spots to hang out when a big trip vacation is not in the budget.

Hands Across the Sands
100+ PHOTOS Thousands of people held hands on beach around the world as a show of solidarity for the Earth's Oceans. Roberts Creek braved the stormy weather to say NO to Offshore Oil Drilling, and YES to Clean Energy.

Its Canada Day... YAWN!
You way in on how proud you are to be Canadian or is it just another long weekend holiday and there happens to be a parade on so you BBQ at home?

Sechelt Sea Festival
PHOTOS The 1st Annual Sechelt Sea Festival paddles off in Porpoise Bay.

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