Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Anatomy of a Facebook Like: What Does it Mean???

What's the Meaning of a facebook Like?

What's the meaning of a facebook Like? Why do we like to "Like" so much? My friends had some great answers to this question on my facebook profile. Including one story about a marriage proposal in a facebook comment sealed with a "Like" :D

Here are their comments below.
I welcome you to please add your own.

Kera Mchugh
interesting question, duane... i do it for a variety of reasons - a) i actually "like" the content of the post/page/comment/note/photo, b) to show support, c) to acknowledge that i've been there, d) if it makes me think - especially if it makes me think about something a different way than i did before i read it!

Kelly Backs
yesterday my sister asked a friend to marry her and the friend "liked" the comment, so I argued that it was in fact a legally binding contract to become married.

Kelly Backs
I will not "like"a comment/status I am opposed to, and will "like" in lieu of a comment when I don't have the time, a lazy comment as it were.

Kelly Backs
a "like" will also put me in the loop of a thread that I want to follow as it will be gone with the social media wind if I don't.

Duane Burnett
‎@Kelly great comments! Love the Like engagement! That's a great story

Duane Burnett
I find myself doing like for a lot of the same reason Kera and as Kelly says to put me in the loop too.

Anastacia Andrade
old news=needs to be a dislike ... it would help with regrets. u can always unlike ur like

Candace Campo
Having the "Like" feature has literally allowed my life to move into a new direction and turn onto a new adventure. We now do snowshoe tours and as the guide I have never been happier during the winter months. Prior to this I would just survive the winter and count the office days for the warmer spring and an early summer so that I could kayak our beautiful Inlets and open oceans. And I love what I do. I love the outdoors and who really gets to do what they truly, truly enjoy => Nature. Me :D

Duane Burnett
now that's inspirational Candace thank you for sharing with all of us ♥

Deborah Ficko
Some great answers to read.. mine is simple.. I "Like" that which catches my eye and appeals to me!! :)

Sara Scott
I've seen things on fb that i'd never see anywhere on tv or any other media, so i like fb and youtube. truly entertaining. the like button indicates whether your thoughts/actions/ and you are liked by others. what about a hate button? we could use it for things like sauerkraut and overcooked spinach.

Christine Moore
I like that we can connect with old friends that live elsewhere in the world and keep in touch with family and friends that do live close .we`re always so busy in our everyday lives that facebook is like ....Stopping to Smell The Rose`s

Charlene Orr
For me the like option has to do with regard to acknowledgment, accountability, involvement, inclusion and choice + sharing=
to be known :-)

Diane Paull
okay I've liked the ones I agree with @ kera, kelly, duane, Candace but I have to comment on Sara I LOVE saurcraut so please don't have a hate button for that...

Charlene Orr ‎
... besides, isn't it so that we love opinions, lol I am!

Duane Burnett
I see a lot of people campaigning for a dislike button on facebook. Would great appreciate more comments from my facebook friends on this topic of the anatomy of Like on facebook.

Dave Cottrell
It's simple for this simple kinda guy... if I like, I click "like." If I don't like, I don't click "like." If I don't like, but want the person to know I was there, as in perhaps, to give support for a yucky kind of situation, I leave a comment, a hug or a heart.

Diane Paull
I don't like to comment as in dislike on something I don't like as it still draws attention. I either go directly to the person's wall and give hugs...

Alexandra Hatzisavva
I think it's just the easiest way to acknowledge a post...sometimes we're just too tired to type...

Thanks for all the great feedback and insights!

Why do you "Like" things on facebook? I want to hear from you? Got any more great stories like the facebook marriage proposal!

All the best, Duane

Duane Burnett

Sunshine Coast BC Canada


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