Monday, January 17, 2011

Are Duangels In Your Dreams?

I've always had an extremely vivid dream world. The other day a friend told me I was in her dreams, and it was so magical she had to share. With her permission I thought you would enjoy the dream and might help me decipher what the symbols mean. :D

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Have you ever had a dream so vivid it was almost real? You can’t help but share it. I dreamt about you last night and it was so magical I wish you could have been there! It would have filled you with confidence, hope and love.

It started out as we knew we were going to Duane’s birthday party.

We (a small troupe, you know how dreams are, some were unidentifiable, but my son was there) all had wrapped gifts under our arms. Excitedly, we all piled out to go up to a lavish, penthouse-type apartment.

I had in my mind that we may have been slightly late, that the party may be in full swing or getting close to over. It was more like the most spectacular hotel you have ever seen on the rich and famous, the halls were wide and expansive and the carpets plush under our feet.

As we approached the entrance (which wasn’t a door, it was open concept- with a red velvet rope hanging across) we saw that the line to get in was down the hall, around the corner, as we went down the line to get a place there were so many more people joining in.

We thought, we will never get to the front of the line! All the people were excited, dressed up, lots of presents.

My son in this dream was behaving typically himself! Never one to wait in line, he led us around a back hall, to try to get around to speak to you (as we are thinking we are ‘special’ friends or something) and as we wound around we passed food stations; one in particular was a scoop-your-own ice cream bar, you know, like a mini Baskin Robbins cart.

The atmosphere was all carnival, party, people, decorations, talking, laughing, music. We made it to a huge open area, an open concept living room, big glass windows, all Hollywood….beautiful people laughing and having fun, big buffet tables full of gorgeous food – like cruise ship buffets with ice sculptures and multi-levels!

The only negative thought that passed through my mind, which was only brief, is that I thought perhaps we hadn’t brought you a nice enough present.

That thought was quickly replaced with the thought that “Duane is not the type of person who cares about that, he is genuine’.

We looked around the room and didn’t see you. So we thought you might be hanging out in a bedroom with some closer friends, so down another wide hall we went. Picture people everywhere, standing in groups with drinks, laughing. You could feel it was all nice people.

As we got near the bedroom door, you and a small group of friends were coming out. You were so, so happy. Your friends were so much fun. Some were just dressed nicely, but some were dressed in party costume!

They were all nice, good looking guys! One bigger guy had his face painted all red and those silly red devil horns, which was in contrast to his personality, he was smiling and we spoke for a moment when he told me that the party was continuing, and we were all going out on a taxi bar run.

Then I saw you, and you looked past me to point out that the lines of people had gone (your bouncers had dispersed them as you didn’t want the police to show up) and we were agreeing that the next thing to do would be to go for a bar tour!

Where I used to live, the taxi bar run was where we would pile into a taxi after the main places had closed, or after 2 am or so, and continue on to the dive bars and clubs which were still hopping and lots of fun. So that is what all of us were going to do, dance the rest of the night away. I woke up then before we went.

What does it mean?

I don’t know, but my dreams usually try to tell me something.

I don’t know what’s been going on, but you mentioned something the other day about your fan base etc. You have lots of people that adore you still Duane! And, if I had the means to throw this dream party for you for any occasion, there would definitely be a line up down the street and around the corner, believe it!


It's been some time since I had a party or celebrated my birthday. My friend's dream sounds like a lot of fun though, a stark contrast to the highly anxious dreams I am use to throughout my life.

What do you think it means as she asks? Have you had similar dreams of people in your life?

Its Always A Good Day on the Sunshine Coast! Duane

Duane Burnett

Sunshine Coast BC Canada


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