Saturday, January 8, 2011

Duane Burnett's $4 million blog and 500,000 flickr views!

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New Years 2011 started off with some explosive stats for me. Google Alert sent me a link saying my Duane Burnett blogspot was worth a potential $4 million and the site Alexa ranks it among 8 top sites in the world. further said my blog has a pagerank 6 and 430,891 backlinks.

I did some additional research and found out my twitter grade is 95.5 out of 100. In the past year it has grown to over 1200 followers.

I know these are not huge rock star numbers, and I'm not sure that I should take these numbers too seriously, lets take them with a pinch of salt shall we, however starting from zero friends not too long ago I think its pretty amazing stats nonetheless, and a good start to be shared and celebrated with all of you.

My main site apparently has over 786 links to it.

During the past year my youtube videos had 50,000 views in 2010.

I am also thrilled that my profile on facebook grew to over 3,000 friends in the past year, my fan page has 1,000 friends, and a facebook fan page I created to stream community information about the Sunshine Coast BC Canada has topped 2,000 members.

Then Flickr tells me my photos have been viewed almost 500,000 times!

A business adviser with the Aspire Self Employment program also told me I have a 53% share of 25-54 year old's on the Sunshine Coast and a 30% share of 18-44 years.

My facebook friends graciously tell me I them their number one source for what's happening in our community and region. A few have been so kind to tell me I am like the Sunshine Coast's very own famous celebrity a lot like Ellen and Oprah.

How awesome a compliment! I wish I had my own show like both of these amazing ladies! :D

Truly the credit belongs to the amazing Spirit of our community and all the great businesses and events that provide me with prizes and contests to give away!

I am also tickled that now when you search my name on Google, it suggest me even before you have typed out my full name, and offers several options. According to Google there are over 1/2 a million references to us Duane Burnett's out there! :D

Same on Bing now too! That's news to me. I am honoured.


What's next? A wikipedia page that would be sweet :D But you can't write your own...

I started all this from very humble beginnings and am truly honoured that a small town guy could have such a great 2010 with social media and networking.

Thank you everyone for being the most important part of it!

Greatly appreciated!!!

Its been a tough year economically for many of us, so hoping these types of stats will help me to secure some help and resources from the major media, entertainment and social networking industry as well as my hometown.

All the best for 2011..... Duane

Here is the link with stats on my web presence

It's always a good day on the Sunshine Coast! Duane

Duane Burnett

Sunshine Coast BC Canada



  1. Good for you! I need a bit of Sunshine right now. - Margy

  2. Good on ya, Duane! Congratulations!

  3. Thank you Margy and Peggy, I know to take these stats with a grain of salt and not as true face value but some celebration is definitely in order I thinks. :D

  4. Sorry to bear bad news Duane but those are the stats for "" not ""

    The developers of were just very sloppy in how they calculate and display the information.


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