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STORY behind Oil BP Naughty to Nature Hip Hop VIDEO

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The Story Behind
Oil BP Naughty to Nature!
by Duane Burnett

"this video is moving much faster than the clean-up efforts in the Gulf ..." :-( Ron Berdahl.

Video, Comments, Photos,
About the Artists, Lyrics,
About BP, Links....
"I am in favor of animal rights as well as human rights. That is the way of a whole human being." - Abraham Lincoln.

Oil BP is a parody of 1991's OPP by Naughty by Nature, the lyrics emphasize the importance of leaving oil dependency highlighted by scenes of the actual oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico

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1,400+ Views our 1st day!
5,000+ Views our debut weekend!!!
10,000+ 1st Week!

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"Nice to hit the 10,000 in one week.. As Duane says, "oil is the new tobacco" some love it some hate it, either way it's one of humanities biggest stupidities. It's really hard to quit smoking but even harder to quit your car. WE NEED REGULATION... We need it now! It's completely unfair to our future and it's selfish to take comfort in our oil dependency at the expense of our future. Please ask your government for change today." Marc Buzzell






LIST of Gulf Oil Spill facebook groups and pages

"Retards. I will be a petroleum engineer in 2 years, and I am the son of a petroleum engineer also. I have no idea why people are making this o out of proportion, especially a bunch of damn Canadian's, BP can buy all of Canada if it wanted to. These disasters ARE VERY RARE, and overall, the oil industry is safer than many other industries, I mean, how many accidents happen i9n a decade? 1? These are just stupid people trying to make a huge fuss of all this. Stupid green freaks." slobhinav on youtube.

OilBPdeltaFreePress07July2010 copy
Local Troupe Spoofs BP in Music Video
Delta Free Press, July 7, 2010, Elvis Glazier

In the NEWS...


Delta Free Press

Get Grounded TV

Coasters say "No to Oil"

Coast Reporter
BP bashed on local video, Jan DeGrass

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Produced by Videographer Marc Buzzell, the parody stars rappers John Jamin Wagler & Johanna Renée, Caitlyn Turcotte and Duane Burnett as BP's CEO Tony Haywire.

BACKGROUND by Marc Buzzell
The video came about one night as I was captivated by all the horrific imagery of the disastrous oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico on YouTube. I started feeling helpless, saddened, angered and confused. This was the perfect blend of emotions that inspired me to create a hip hop parody.

I saw a couple parodies on YouTube with millions of views which lead me think that a parody based on a popular song would be an effective means to portray a message.

“Who’s down with oil BP” were the first lyrics I wrote and that transferred to doing a parody of 1991’s OPP from Naughty by Nature.

While writing the lyrics I was thinking about our need to lessen our dependency on oil and how this can be done.

“This oil BP thing should be a thing of the past and instead of hating oil BP we should see this as an opportunity to leave oil”, and that’s somewhat what’s reflected in the lyrics. We all have the power to make this happen.

But we need guidance on our path towards oil sovereignty.

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Upon completion of the lyrics I pitched the idea of a music video parody to John Jamin and Johanna Renée. Their response was phenomenal. They immediately saw this project as way to make a strong environmental statement.

At this point, Caytlin Turcotte joined the project to help with vocals. Straitsound Studio in Robert’s Creek, British Columbia was supportive of our concept and produced the track.

We recorded the track and I started story boarding the shots for the video. At this point, Duane Burnett was cast to play Tony Hayward's alter ego, Tony Haywire, BP’s CEO in the video. He loved the track and agreed to play the character bringing a wealth of props, costumes, talent and ideas like the plastic dolphin with him.

After a half-­‐week of shooting and a few days of editing we posted the video Friday July 2nd. We got 5000 views the first weekend from the people in the Gulf of Mexico, Europe and all around the world. Our message was received with accolades, rave reviews and positive feedback flying in. In just a few days the views have been increasing at a viral rate.

The best part about this project is creating something positive out of the situation.

We all had hope in our eyes when we started this. Our feelings for the people and wildlife of the Gulf of Mexico were suddenly slightly eased by our creativity.

We all agreed the message was “end oil dependency” and we all brought aspects to the project that shaped it into what it is.

We were all tired and sleep deprived from recording the video on top of our regular life obligations, but we did it. At one point I remember driving back home and we were communicating to each other only in song, It was hilarious. I had tears of laughter.

The artists I worked with are amazing. These 4 people completely made themselves vulnerable for the cause.

The very talented and gorgeous Johanna and Caitlyn added a little sex appeal to hit our market.

And I can’t deny judging by our feedback that I think the guys did their share too. The performances were spot on.

But more than anything the artists (JJ, Johanna, Cait and Duane) went out of their way to make this a success.

The lyrics of the original OPP song are very quick, so the success of the track has to be allocated to the vocalists. Secondly to give up one’s free time to contribute to this vision on a volunteer basis is a very good sign of friendship.

The team was very punctual and resourceful for making this happen in such a short time frame. Also we must acknowledge many community members helped us indirectly by letting us use there location and/or props.

In conclusion the artists, the recording studio and myself sent out this message to all of you out there and the only way we can be rewarded for our work is if you play it forward.

Please share it and let’s find a solution to end our oil dependency now. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZwdGdfgr74
or google Oil BP OPP parody. Marc Buzzell

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BIO's ABOUT Cast & Crew

Marc Buzzell grew up in rural Quebec, in the Eastern Townships right on the border of Vermont USA, and is completely bilingual in English and French.
The story about how he ended up in BC is a long one with a whole bunch of wild twist and too many plot points to even create a story arc. But the short version is, Marc tree planted as a young adult and then did community support work, where he met this "gorgeous young blond" (Meg) who he is still with 9 years later. He then followed his dream of video production and went to the University of Capilano North Vancouver. After years of working in the film and video industry in Vancouver Marc moved to the Sunshine Coast.

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Marc is a full time video producer, he writes, shoots and edits. Most of his work comes from wedding videos and corporate videos, but he also contracts his services to the film industry. During his free time Marc produces independent videos. He is currently producing a travel series entitled The Green Traveler hosted by Robert Doane. Which documents an eco-journey through the Pacific Northwest. For more information visit http://www.marcbuzzell.com

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Johanna Renee is a singer/songwriter/emcee from the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. Johanna grew up on gospel music and Hip-Hop, and after a five year stint as a school teacher is now putting her energy into original edutainment. She has worked as a vocalist with various local music producers, and is about to begin recording her first solo album. http://soundcloud.com/jomega

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John Jamin is a classically trained pianist/guitarist/composer and producer. He grew up in Boulder Colorado and started university as a music major in Ohio at the age of 16. He's performed at the NAAM trade show in Nashville, all over the US and Canada, and is currently producing his second album of original material (electro acoustic folk-rock) at strait sound studios http://www.straitsound.com

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Caitlyn Turcotte has an extensive background with music and art. After graduating from the Alberta High School of Fine Arts, she hit the road as a street performer. Her travels lead her to the Sunshine Coast. BC where now, she sings to the ocean everyday.

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Duane Burnett is a "community spirit" award winning Master photographer, photo journalist, television host, actor, social media networker and more. His images have been seen extensively on the Sunshine Coast and around the world in numerous newspapers, websites, brochures, map guides, magazines and on the big 50ft screen before the local movie theatre starts. The Sunshine Coast has commented that Duane and his photography captures the “essence and spirit” of the natural world and community; that he is "THE Spirit of the Sunshine Coast;" “extraordinaire,” “absolutely fabulous;” “bloody marvelous;” “magic;” “a credit to our community;” "A social networking success story!" "Mr. Community Spirit!" "Mr Sunshine!!" "the #1 shaker and mover on the Coast" "The hardest working man on the Sunshine Coast!" "you honor the coast with your presence and your talent of giving" "I am sure one and all will agree.. that 'you', Mr. Community.. rock, totally!!" "one of the most handsome, talented, creative, kind, caring, giving, wonderful individuals on the Sunshine Coast" "Thank you Duane, for your unending hospitality.. a warm smile and welcome"

Duane's Hollywood North Profile http://www.hollywoodnorth.com/details.asp?v=31947

Recorded at Strait Sound

Original lyrics sang to the 1991 song "O.P.P." by rap group Naughty by Nature.

Tiffany Chilton
Can't wait to see the video!!

Marc Buzzell
over 1 person per minute if you were inclined to do the math

Roberto Kaplan
Absolutely fabulous job you all did.

Chloe Z

Jacob Davis
haha, i know naughty by nature. this is good .

Joey Gray
Protect 2:21 http://dogwoodinitiative.org/notankers

Sabrina Goding
Hey Duane, where are the lyrics? Thanks.

Sadie Rose
Oh Man Duanne thats fantastic I LOVE it!!

Shane MacKay
This is great.

Duane Burnett
Thank you everyone so much for your kind words.
@Sabrina LYRICS now posted on INFO tab!


Sabrina Goding
Thanks!! Will repost it now in the feed.

Elisa Jardine
Fabulous job! The planet thanks you!

Storm Jones

Aurora Dawn Fitzgerald
way to go you guys!!! Awsome video!!!

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Tiffany Chilton
YESSSSS!!!! That was awesome! Great job guys!!

Travis Green
Duane! You fuckin' KILL in this vid! And the vid on the whole is perfect! I see viral possibilities indeed!

Duane Burnett
Travis thanks so much, it was a huge effort by all of us. I am grateful to be a part of it. and I am just thrilled so many of you are sharing it!

Sandra Cunningham
well done!

Oil BP
1.087 Views on its 1st day~! well done everyone! Thanks for sharing it with your friends. Duane and the Oil BP crew!

Veronica Alice via Oil BP:
Check out Oil BP - highly recommended by yours truly.

Veronica Alice
Duane... indeed I did enjoy - I thrive on the local voice that speaks globally - btw my friend Peter also re-posted which is a worth while re-post - and I noted the camera loves you. ; )

Delanne Reid Young via Oil BP:
OK let's help our Sunshine Coasters go viral with Oil BP! They've already had 1000 hits today for their debut. Go to their FB page below for the lyrics/important message.

Monique Turgeon
Wicked Duane Soo Goooood!!! I'm going to share it. You are a talented fella!!

Carole Carlton
well done you guys and gals

Wesley Arthur Frewin
Great yall!! Keep it comin with the parodies they're so good.

Irene Orallo
Awesome Vid Duane and friends!!!!

Leonard Howell
555 Views already! It may go viral!

Mary Shaw
Nice work y'all!!!!!!!!

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Mary Shaw
I especially like the line about mixed emotions...I just walked down to Lower Gibsons, and at caught a glimpse of a beautiful luxurious cruise ship, and stopped mid-admiration to realize, hey, how much oil is that thing guzzling right now?

Marc Buzzell
Wow, wow, wow over 1400 views in less than a day! Thank you for sharing our video!

Marie-Nael Lessard
excellent! vraiment bon :)

Caitlyn Turcotte via Oil BP:
Show your friends, raise your voices! Sing along. Get opinionated.

Sandy Weaver
Great Job Cait!! You guys were fantastic!!!

Caitlyn Turcotte
Hey thanks. It was a lot of fun getting involved. Glad you enjoyed it :)

Johanna Renée
wow. already over a thousand hits on youtube... not even thru day one.
---> spread it if you can

Nikki Kent
girl... you guys rocked it! ♥ so great!

Johanna Renée
thank you so much for watching. it was basically the most fun i've ever had so far on this planet. ♥

Jay Richard Walter
Awesome!!! Well done y'all!

David Woodham
That was Grrrrrreat!!! Thanks for sharing this J. XOX

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nice job - you guys rocked it!

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nice!!!! i will share...!

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i really really like this music vid

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Jo so amazing! UPUPUP!

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awesome jo !!! i miss you SO MUCH !!

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Lurve lurve! ♥

Shell Windsor
Nice work honey! Cedar and i loved it... xo

Jasmin Starrchild
yip yip LOVE it !!!

Steven Ewing

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Even Oldridge
Tight girl! Blowin' me away and hopefully inspiring change. Lets make this viral!

Becky Juice Hynes
this is great, jo and company :)

Jacobo Chinotto
nice one, art is politics

Karen Mudahfahkin Spicer
Yeah!! This rocks!!!!!!!!!!

Johanna Renée
yay! glad you like it. =)
thanks for watching. pass this on if you can take a few minutes to do so.
love reflected...... See More

Hannah Stone Artist
love it...posted!

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Hannah Stone Artist
I'm amazed at how well Duane plays an asshole....he is such a nice guy...some good acting.

Wade McLean
Dam that was good

Tyrel Elzinga
so good, all of you were awesome! love the dolphin ride at the end.

Darren Wheeler
awesome vid guys and gals!!

Melanie Rose
This is genious! thanks for sending it to me Duane Burnett it's great! Good message..!! :0)

John Jamin Wagler
check it. our hip hop video. slaaaammmin bp, yo.

Ruchira Kitsiri
Brilliant re-do of the original catchy melody... do you have the lyrics posted somewhere...?

Oil BP
Thanks Ruchira, much appreciate your kind feedback. if you go to the info tab near the top of the comment wall you will find the lyrics are there. Want to sing it with us! Altogether now.... LOL

David Lesko
HA! Brilliant!

Veronica Alice
- excellent work! humorous, playful, creative and so painfully tragic to all

Caitlyn Turcotte
The feedback is so awesome! So happy to read about everyone's opinion on the spill.

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Coleen Markey
Kudos to you! Will repost your video to spread the word.

Saskia Vandermeer
Ah! i was looking forward to this! you guys are great. i tell ya i CAN"T STOP thinking about it. and yeah, super long over due time for change...and as i type below my window some dude screeches his tires and freak out the cyclist. WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER.

Iris Pie
AWESOME! I recognize you guys from when i lived in the creek for a couple months this spring:) Brilliant job, and How Inspiring! way to turn a heart breaking subject fun and palatable. I also love the way you turn the finger back at ourselves, and point out that oil really means gasoline...yeah this oil spill was caused by "the man" but we are the ones who drive the monster. IT is our responsibility to demand change with our dollars. I am lucky to live in a place now that has one of the nations largest bio diesel refineries, free buses that run on bio-diesel and has bio-diesel pumps available to the masses. I hope this becomes a reality in more and more places. Thanks for this kick ass video. much love from North Carolina to the creek and all you beautiful creekers ♥

Oil BP
thanks Iris for your kind feedback and thoughtful words! Please help us get the video out there! Yours for the planet, Duane

Iris Pie
done and done! Its posted on my page and friends are already reposting :) Hope it goes viral! ♥

Deva Priya

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Caitlyn Turcotte
The video is wonderful. The message is strong. This is something we need to share.

Sarah Preece
Fabulous. shared. Actually it's fu^#ing brilliant....

Joey Gray
Protect BC beaches, not BP beatches!

Saskia Vandermeer
April Oil Spill makes me feel ill.

Nichole Lagasse via Travis Green:
shout out for local talent!

Duane Burnett
Travis huge thanks for posting this. You rock! Thanks for helping it go viral... almost 600 views today already. WOOT

Travis Green
Duane! You're welcome! The vid is totally perfect! Everyone holds a bit of responsibility!

Laura Guerra
Check this out. Made by local Sunshine Coast Peeps!

Laura Guerra
It sure is! Awesome job Duane!

Jacqueline Gore
I had to post it, too. Love it.

In Memory of the Wildlife & Ocean Life killed by the 2010 Gulf oil spill
Great lyrics Duane, I especially like this part from verse 3 "I must let go it’s time for our dependency to oil and leave BP says “ We will try our best while the whole world watch and grieve” Fossil fuel stop right now it’s time for your monopoly to go Yet we cant help but watch oil companies laugh and continue to grow" How true is this we need to reduce our consumption and put these oil companies in their place! Thanks again.

Emilia Arrington
Creative video

Lisa Spahr Newburn
LOVED it. Well done.

Shawn Wiedeman Warner
Great job...

Jaime Foster
Haa! You kids rock!!!!

Maureen Ainslie

Deborah Ficko
Enjoyed I did.. I was thoroughly entertained!! Thank you all for sharing your talents!! Keep up the excellent work!! :)

25june2010duaneburnett (138)

Kera Mchugh via Duane Burnett:
brilliant... of course... from our own talented coasters... share with your friends!

Rhys Edwards
quite professional looking, funny parody about a tragic situation.. comedy is just tragedy with meter anyway right? :-)

Monique Turgeon via Oil BP:
Check this out. Very clever. A friend of mine is in it. He's the one in the suit.

Melanie Rose
This is genius! thanks for sending it to me Duane Burnett it's great! Good message..!! :0)

Russ Qureshi
Yo, luv dat sh#t!

Patrick Maliha
Even if you're like me and you have no plans to give up your sweet, sweet ride, at least the ladies are easy on the eyes ;-)

Tami Barnes
From Duane Burnett of British Columbia who plays BP's CEO Tony Haywire, comes this rap video parodying the situation in the Gulf. Thanks Duane!

Kristina Civitarese
awesome video!!!!!!!!!!

thank you for thinking of us down here .Im from Alabama and Im very scared

oh hippie...

27june2010duaneburnett (134)

Travis Green
Here's some folks from The House of Metal's neck of the woods tellin' how it is! Nice job guys! Love Duane bottle feeding the dolphin from a gas pump! Brilliant! 4 Horns up!

Awesome vid guys!

Geordie Harrower
Your vid rocks Johanna, I'll put it on my
"No Offshore Drilling Off the Coast of B.C. and Alaska-EVER!"
Fb page when I get back on shore.

Stahligg Xalta
Yay Johanna!!!! Effin' A!

Laurie Verchomin
You are hilarious!!!

Patrick Muncaster
Time to fire up the nuclear reactors....:-)

David Barbarash
awesome lyrics!!

Mary Ann Martorana
Great job! You said it all!

Thomas Nordwest via Tami Barnes:
BP, we don't like your kind!! ... Check out this music video:

Delanne Reid Young
you are so welcome Duane! I see you are over 2000 hits now. Great to connect. Great to share a powerful & necessary message.

Mary Ann Martorana
Im sharing on FB and mailing the link out

Oil BP
200th FAN! Thanks so much for joining the Oil BP fan page and all your fantastic comments, feedback, and sharing the video!

Stephen Gislason
Hi Duane, well done. The OIL BP collage is timely and appropriate. You might check out my web pages on the environment, especially the role of cars and trucks. The linked page has received the most traffic for several years - up to 3000 views per week. http://www.nutramed.com/environment/cars.htm

Dave Gardiner
Check it out, funny, cool and informative. Knowledge is power...for real!

27june2010duaneburnett (6)

Ross Hastings
I finally had 5 mins to check it out, well done guys, it's great

Penny Berdahl
BP ----- Bloody pathetic!!!

Dave Gardiner
Glad to help! You guys did a great job, bro'! Looks very slick.

Thomas Nordwest
Yeah, great work!! Keep it up!

Dan Veniez
Great work, Duane! It's posted on my Facebook page, which has a growing - and reasonably plugged-in - audience. Dan

Dan Veniez
Friends: Check out this fantastic video by a group of talented and thoughtful friends from BC's Sunshine Coast.

Dan Veniez
Terrific stuff, Duane. Keep up the great work, buddy!!

Leonard Howell
Ya when I first saw it it had a few views it's now over 2300 and counting! I like to see young people speak up on World issues!

Shannon Kewley
Thank you Daniel for sharing..... I am very proud of those guys too! Duane is a great guy and so are the rest of the gang...... Good Job!

David McPhee
Great stuff...keep it up guys.

David McPhee
'There is a facebookgroup, promoting bicycling in the Southern US, called Bike Past BP and I shared it with them and this was their reaction. 'That was awesome David. Shared it & passed it

Bike Past BP
That was awesome David. Shared it & passed it on.

Jason Hor-spool
this shit is mad! You guys have your own real style.I love it
I love the new rhythm too. Just wanted to say that, I believe you've all made a better tune than the original! innovation, great flow!

I give this parody an A. It is not just a lame spoof, the lyrics actually have content and the parody actually flows with the tune in right sync.

25june2010duaneburnett (151)

Johanna Renée
i'm completely floored right now! we're well over 2,000.
thank you so much to all the awesome viewers, and especially to the whole crew for putting together such an inspiring project.

David Kelln
Tooo Cooool.

Marc Buzzell
3100 not quite 2 days

Marc Buzzell
Duane just wanted to say a sincere thanks in making the launch of our online video a success you really are the Sunshine Coast go to guy, networker extraordinaire..Thanks for you talent and networking skills, im amazed to see we have nearly 3500 views in 2 days, i must contribute a big portion of this to your continuous hard work and to the charm you've brought to the project, Thank you so much for your hard work!!

Nicole Josh
Passed on to Alberta folk. Sad for the loss, brilliant parody

Ron Berdahl
...excellent parody of 1991's OPP by Naughty by Nature; by 'Oil BP'....loved it...!

Marc Buzzell
Had a fun week with this youtube clip, everyone did an amazing job and our friends really pulled through for sharing! I'm glad it picked up the way it did in 2 days! time to get back to real work, thank you for sharing ,3500 views in 2 days

Ron Berdahl
...awesome job on this video Duane - thanks! ...pls thank the 'group' also - Great Work! :-)


Manuen Edwards
check this out everyone !!! its awesome !!!

Velcrow Ripper
Some people from my home town (sunshine coast) made this parody video of BP, playing off of the tune "OPP"

Shelly Ann Lockhart via Duane Burnett:
Really Great Local Talent! Sending a good message. Please Share.

MJ Milne
Love it. The group members are from the Sunshine Coast. Amazing what you can do when you come together creatively. . . Come together, sang The Beatles. ~MJM;-)

Shelly Ann Lockhart
Fantastic Duane! That's just Awesome!

Keep up the awesome work Duane! You do a fantastic job at getting important messages across.

Anne Kacoullas Hartman
I should be thanking you and your team for doing such a fantastic job of getting the word out..... AND CONGRATS ON THE 4000 VIEWS!

Laura Bergstrome
I love it Jo! so proud of you!!!

Duane Burnett via Oil BP:
4,000+ VIEWS: Oil BP Naughty to Nature hip hop Video! What a weekend debut!!!! Thanks for playing it forward!

Sue Grant
It's a great video Duane! My kids loved when you danced with the dolphin:)

Chrystal McKay
This is awesome...Nice work Duane Burnett and friends!! I think this video deserves national, I mean global attention!!

John Rule
Here is a fun video that friends of mine made about the current BP shit storm. I know JJ (keys) has a very small carbon foot print because I see him walking everywhere on the coast. Nice BP exec Duane.

Ron Berdahl
.....this video real should go "viral"...!!!

Greg Lightbourn
Excellent!!! Loved it.

Ray McNally
Awesome, very clever. I like the part when JJ spins on top of the car. lol

Christine Moore
was great! well done!

RicardO Hubbs
Now We're Talkin!

Kreel Hutchinson
Great video...thanks for posting

Jolayne Marsh
That was awesome, Jo. I had no idea you were so hot and talented and aware...Oh wait. Yes I did!

27june2010duaneburnett (126)

Core McInnis
Love how they delimited that this "leak" is "actual" Refreshing Perspective.

Charlotte Moore
My fave part has to be you riding the dolphin! lol ;) and your welcome ♥

Michele Platje Devlin
Hi Duane, You're welcome. I'll re-post it on a regular basis.
I think it is a fantastic piece; creative, funny, catchy and drives the message home! Keep up the good work and thank you! Michele

Maggie Blue
yes, spread the message with creative, positive expression!!!

Feral Sage
It's great: spokesman's mouths full of drivel to pour into the open ears of the television addicted, an indictment, not only of BP CEOs, but of all of us who have a responsibility to the earth and our fellow creatures to change our destructive ways. Give us more, Duane.

Don Power
Loved it! I always liked the original OPP - old skool. Loved what you guys did with it. You're all very photogenic and professional - (while having lots of fun too!) What's the next project ;)?

Oil BP
Hip Hop Spoof Feautured on Bigpacific.com http://bigpacificmedia.com/2010/07/web-culture-the-power-of-the-people/ Thank you to Webmaster Extraordinaire Laurie McConnell for posting us on the Sunshine Coast's Premiere Web Portal! ♥

Oil BP
We asked U 2 believe in us? 2 play it fwd. These 5,000 views are thanks to you! Thanks for sharing, supporting our planet Earth, and believing in local artists.

Laurie McConnell
Stupendous example of nimble creativity... how are the views going today?

27june2010duaneburnett (18)

The Joy Trip Project
The JTP is down with the OBP and any express of art that raises awareness for the culture of environmental protection. Keep it coming!

Cam Paterson
good one duane et al!

Kurt Smith
Really good video
Yet so SAD......

Judi Tyabji
This is a very good parody that tells the story and makes a point. Well done.

Marlene Toth
love the bp video....also the fact that in true news anchor style you had a suit top on and shorts :)

Leonard Howell
Ya lady Ga Ga has over 10 million fans so pay it forward folks!

Heidi Zurbrugg
Shared! Great work!!

Dylan Perry CHLY 101.7 FM Radio Malaspina
A BP paradoy video bassed on Naughty by Natures' OPP. Produced by some folks on the Sunshine Coast

Shannon Kewley
waiting on 100,000
Feedback from....
TEXAS..... ' Well done Canada...we love you'
Louisiana said they were going to enjoy a little hip hop Canadian style and bless us for caring...'
UK ....they loved it and laughed. they loved it and you!
Southern california (family) have sent it out and out and out and said Hippy Hoppy this is wonderful!
Germany.....loved it but dont think they understood all the words. The good part was that it didn't matter because the visual point was so well done!!
Local friends from Tsawwassen-Ladner...... Love it and you Duane!
Local Realtors.....are LTAO laughing their ass off....lol

April Qureshi
Duane... It's great! Did you put all that together? I love the role you play! It took me a second to figure out it was you :)

MJ Milne
I see Naughty by Nature added the captions to their YouTube song. Good on ‘em. They wonder what BP stands for = British Petroleum. It is owned by a British company but only about 8%. The number one holder of the majority of stocks is J.P. MORGAN CHASE of the USA. Dick Cheney’s Haliburton is also in the mix there somehow.

24june2010duaneburnett (109)

MJ Milne
Did I say I was a fan of Naughty by Nature? I am. Kids with a conscience---I love it!!! ~MJM ;-) Read the book about the 12 Keys: http://www.12GoldenKeys.com

Fake Plastic Fish
Awesome video. Helps to turn on the Closed Captioning.

Kristen Peterson
LOVE IT!!! Great work, keep it up! :)

Oil BP
RADIO Premiere!! Oil BP airs on CHLY 101.7 FM. Radio Malaspina is a campus- and community-supported forum and stage for the voices of Vancouver Island University, Nanaimo, the Islands and beyond. Thank you CHLY for being the first radio station to play our tune! Nanaimo, British Columbia

Jeannine Williams
you still got it Duane! you play the bad guy like no one else! ROTFLMAO!

Hey Duane,
You have a real knack for making things go viral! I saw your video post to the 1 Million Strong Against Offshore Drilling page -- and have been watching it get re-posted by a number of different friends in a number of different feeds since.
Thanks for the heads up, congrats on the great re-mix, & pumped for all your BC 10/10/10 buzz-building! ~Joe, and Anna, and the 350 crew http://www.350.org/

Lyoness Razga
it was very clever, i never knew we had such talent here on the coast. loved seeing you in the suit and tie....

Todd Loitz
great job good video that was the old shell gas station my dad ran it back in the early 60s

Yvan Cournoyer
amazing video, you guys rock!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michaela Smeaton
That Oil BP video is hilarious!! I sent it to some friends hopefully u can get 1 million view!!!! hahaha

Chris P. Madden
would like to say "Howdy, Duane! I know Sechelt and Ladner very well: bought a nice hemp shirt and back-pack from Aaron at the Shop, and i used to ride my road bike thru ladner every Saturday morning from November thru March, along with about 100 other road racing freaks. You (or your mom) probably used to honk at us w...hen we'd roll thru a light, blocking traffic. Keep up the brilliant work, i love that video you (all) made, and cant wait for the next version!

Hi Duane, Keep up the good work. *****YOU ARE PURE GOLD***** Cheers Sandi

Douglas William Lyon
well well well i feel like my co-dependency, this one on gas, is deepening, as in revealing itself wow deep denial in the name of convenience and of course blame when are we going to get a better bus service etc... i find this video reminds me of my car free time, pedal power, and these days that I'm driving the biggest oil burning engine ever,in my... See More life as infrequently as possible i am so thankful for this reality check /parody humour and content wow and local awesome awesome video and i am really shifting my car use, for my children and my well good vibe, starting today bless you local inspirators of the truth.

Jill Devonshire
Congrats Naughty by Nature...
Great song on The Best radio station!

Marie-Nael Lessard
Hey Duane Great Work on Oil BP. I enjoyed it alot. People need to be aware of all thats going on and look beyond the boundaries of the media and what BP is showing us down there. We may be up north but hell its still our home were killin :) I'll be fowarding this to the media in Montreal hoping they catch the Oil BP fever as well :)

Barb Thomas
I just saw your BP hip hop Parody. It was fabulous!
I loved it so much I sent it and your contact information to CNN.
Hope you don't mind!
Take Care!

Janet Swires
Looks great. Especially love your acting here Duane! :-)

Nicholas Simons
Duane.... I noticed the views were huge! Well done -I love your acting btw.

BP Oil Spill -Crisis In The Gulf-
LOVED it! Keep up the good work! Us gulf residents need all the support and attention we can get for this dire situation!

Darla Deter
You guys rock man! That was AMAZING, I was just a bopping along. Great message in a creative, unique intelligent way... well done my friends, BRAVO, BRAVO! ENCORE????

Solara Ann Ra
Love it! Thank you! Finally some good vibes to this. Raising awareness is important, negativity is not. Thanks!!!

Shannon Kewley
It must be so nice for your old buddies in Tsawwassen, Ladner to see you still making a HUGE difference in life! From the Bogs to BP to.......
Good show Duane!

Chris Moore
Well it was just simply magnificent! Now how do we get it even further out.
I have done my best to send it beyond. You guys are damn good and I can help
to send... Bomb that f#ckin well....

Tella Sametz
wow... that video about BP is outstanding..... you all did a great job.... but knowing you it was a little weird seeing you in a suit. energy to you. tella

Great vid faved and featured!

Very creative & well produced. More importantly, the message is BANG ON! Well done!

TGIF. Thanks everyone for posting this and sharing it. Looks like we rounded out at 1,406 views in one day. A Friday, long weekend Canada Day July 1st and Independence Day July 4th. Come join our Oil BP fan page on facebook too!

wo. we're over a thousand hits here, guys...
keep 'em comin'.


awesome job gang! I will be sharing on FB. Funny thing is I had this song in my mind all day today. :P deja goo perhaps?

1000+ VIEWS 1st DAY!
Thanks you so much everyone for over 1,000+ VIEWS our first day!
So honoured and grateful for you watching, hopefully enjoying, and sharing/posting it on your social networks like facebook, twitter, and youtube! (counter says 1,087)
PLEASE keep it going! Best Wishes! Duane and the Oil BP Crew!

27june2010duaneburnett (237)

crazy mf'in DOPE ASS jo et al..... really really really....... thank you for bringin this.. ... bless *tamara and sage moon

Wow gettin close to 800 views! Soon over 1000..then 10,000 then a million!

Really great rythum and ryme for the tyme....lovin the the luv...

lmao! the girls are hot! also..

yeah, thumbs up

Great vid faved and featured!

Very creative & well produced. More importantly, the message is BANG ON! Well done!

So tight! Well done Johanna (and crew)!
Just posted to Reddit... 

right on !

good job, at first i thought it was just a bunch of hippies singing about dolphins but i like it, we gotta get this oil cleaned up down on the coast! (im from mississippi)

27june2010duaneburnett (64)

it looks amazing! this was an awesome project to be a part of. i may not be able to help with the spill in a hands-on way, but i sure can make my statement this way.
thanks to everyone who has watched, and will watch. please help us spread this video. hype it up! Hip-Hop is a perfect medium because so many people can relate!
infotainment at its finest indeed. Johanna Renée, Roberts Creek, B.C. Canada

Wow, even my 7 year old is impressed! Great job.

Big Thank you to everyone who was involvd in making this video. You ROCK
The message is loud and clear let's get out of the oil business and mAke clean runing non gas vehicles!!! And for goodness sake ride your bike as much as possible!!
Peace and Love to all!

wicked frickn vid. good luck

Love the end with the plastic dolphin.

great job guys! Gonna b passin this around 4 sure

Great message!


NICEE!!! haha!!!

Hey s'up young ins from the Sunny Coast with da most! Love de video! Good message hittin home man!

Thanks for everyone how shared the video as we havent finished the first day yet and have over 1400 views, love the feedback and the message...let's make this oil dependency end

25june2010duaneburnett (36)

wawawiwa, damn only in the movies do we see women this beautiful...someone had to say it..im talking about your message, maybe i'll take the bus tomorrow Great work.

Thumbs Up

Great video guys, sharing to my FB...
Any chance you can add the lyrics to the description?

wow 550 yesterday now 2192 good job guys and gals.

Wo Dare you to send this to your friends! Dare yu!

pure brilliance this is what youtube is all about!

Thank u Canada...lol cool video...ALabama here....

Awesome reality Rap...
LuV da groove...
Keep on keeping it real...
Kia kaha, Aroha...

Been sharing this around! Love itttt, can't wait to see what you take on next!

love it, love it, love it, just had to rewatch it again! You guys are very talented and you use your talent well!!

you girls and guys rock where BP are total looser's cause this should have never happened. I will share this with all I know. love u guys and gals

YEAH SUNSHINE COASTERS! You guys rock...especially you sexy BP babes. Love the dolphin shot Duane. Do you have any other blow ups? i was thinking it could be cool to show it at the Conscious Convergence event on Thursday, ...and then again, it may not fit the Mayan theme....but it definitely worth a public showing..Good Play!!

I love it when the chick slaps the cash outta BP's hands. It's like Tony taking it from his mama! I love the insert shots, every single one emphasize the lyrics so well, definitely not a million dollar music video but worth a million dollars none the less. This is a definite MUST SEE for all human kind in this day and age, plus it's funny as sh!t

Thanks again for making this! Such a good message xo

I don't swear a great deal but... F***KING BRILLIANT! Thanks for all that hard work.
Headed to share on Facebook, where a friend just posted it. I hope Naughty By Nature appreciates it...I love their original!

Retards. I will be a petroleum engineer in 2 years, and I am the son of a petroleum engineer also. I have no idea why people are making this o out of proportion, especially a bunch of damn Canadian's, BP can buy all of Canada if it wanted to. These disasters ARE VERY RARE, and overall, the oil industry is safer than many other industries, I mean, how many accidents happen i9n a decade? 1? These are just stupid people trying to make a huge fuss of all this. Stupid green freaks.

25june2010duaneburnett (182)


About BP from Wikipedia.
Type Public limited
Industry Oil and natural gas, alternative fuels
Founded 1909 (as the Anglo-Persian Oil Company)
1954 (as the British Petroleum Company)
1998 (merger of British Petroleum and Amoco)
Headquarters City of Westminster, London, United Kingdom
Area served Worldwide
Key people Carl-Henric Svanberg (Chairman)
Tony Hayward (CEO)
Byron Grote (CFO)
Products BP petroleum and derived products
BP service stations
Air BP Aviation Fuels
Castrol motor oil
ARCO gas stations
am/pm convenience stores
Aral service stations solar panels
Revenue US $246.1 billion (2009)[1]
Operating income US $26.43 billion (2009)[1]
Net income US $16.58 billion (2009)[1]
Total assets US $236.0 billion (2009)
Total equity US $101.6 billion (2009)
Employees 80,300 (Dec 2009)[2]
Website BP.com

Ok, WOW thanks again so much for reading my blog, liking it, all your comments and feedback. Best Wishes! Duane Burnett





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Hope you liked! Come and Join me on facebook or twitter! Duane


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  1. Great pictures guys!!!You sure are a nature lover.great scenery...

  2. jAdie lAdy sAys .... loVe yoU aLL 2 piecEs <3<3 xo


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