Friday, March 5, 2010

Hospital Emergency Visit Ok

I have never been one to try to attain the lofty goal of "normal" whatever that is or isn't but I did check myself into Emergency today at St. Mary's Hospital with severe chest pains and piercing throbbing spasms in my arms and shoulders. Been like this for months and months, maybe 6 months or more, then off and on through the years. So they do heart tests and blood tests which all come back normal. Should make me feel relieved but it doesn't. Well I guess I can breath easier with my difficulty breathing. That's a good thing. Seems my super sensitivity and intuition feeling side can cause quite a cause and effect to my body. And this is with meditation.

Makes me even crazier that I get normal when my life is anything but at times. Its mostly just a daily struggle from severe sleep apnea and fibromyalgia and recently severe chest pains and difficulty breathing. Seems the kind Doctor at the hospital figures its stress and anxiety.

Perhaps from loosing my job, the slow decline of my dog Tundra's health from old age, then his death, or having a nasty break up of sorts with a long time friend and their number one fan, which was a dysfunctional relationship, and hard to get over. Or it might be not being out taking pictures and being involved in the community which kept my mind off my chronic pain and life threatening depression. Now no job has made it wide open.

Might have been that I feel sad I couldn't even get a coffee table book together for the 2010 Winter Olympics. Or is it the 4th month anniversary of being unemployed and complete lack of desire or idea what I should do with my life.

These things are meant to bring me more deeper into Spirit, to be more peaceful and loving, giving, compassionate, grateful, helpful and divine.

Breath....... Everything is right by the Universe. This too shall pass. Yes.

It's always a good day on the Sunshine Coast.... Duane

photos (C) Duane Burnett All Rights Reserved

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