Sunday, March 7, 2010

Where is my life going to?

As I mentioned in a previous blog, I kinda figure, based on all the clues I think I am getting from the Universe, that photography, especially the type of photography I do, is the right passion but just not sustainable economically. I kinda figure it is something that will be of value when I am long gone from here. Something has to happen though, it's been four months since I lost my job at The Local newspaper, and either I get disability, or figure out a job that will work with the chronic fatigue, depression, sleep deprivation, and pain. I can't hope for the tourism, business, or real estate community to suddenly start supporting the photos I have archived over the years so the Sunshine Coast had beautiful shots of the people, events, and places during the 2010 Winter Olympics wave....

I figure it's time to give up photography altogether but what do I do now? Would be nice to have my own television show or movie, but that just doesn't seem to be happening either. Nor is a coffee table book of my inspirational photos and putting some greeting cards together to sell at local shops was a enormous task for me. Right now I have completely stopped attending or photography community events altogether.

My career tests results say:

1.Acting Instructor 2. Director 3. Actor 4. Comedian 5.Casting Director 6. Tour Guide 7. Clergy 8. Critic 9. Motivational Speaker 10. Community Worker

And my life path says:
Life Path 3; strong sense of creativity, wonderful communication skills. engaging ingenious expression. possesses exceptional innovative skills, in verbal realm, writing, speaking, acting. Entertainers of the world, bright, effervescent, sparkling people very optimistic path stresses harmony, beauty pleasures; sharing inventive talents with the world. Creative self-expression highest level of attainment.

I spoke with a business councilor who teaches a self employment workshops which I have been approved in theory for funding to take what apparently is an awesome program. Problem is I am not sure what to do anymore.

We talked about moving forward with making a career out of what I do in the media and going with an Ellen or Oprah like personality who helps the community, showcases its amazing talents, and gives away prizes.

One suggestion was to sell prize contest packages on my facebook as a way of helping business, helping facebook be fun for my facebook peeps and friends, and to sustain an income for me while I figure out what to do with this broken heart of mine.

The big plan is to sell package deals, although I did explain I no longer have my heart in photography when there is so little support for it, but here are some concepts, and I have been asked to sell ten of them to have a better chance of being accepted to the course.

Package One – Gold
Three week campaign

Develop and organize contest and prize
Distribute coupons / contest entry forms
Promote contest on Facebook
Take photos of contest participants and winner
Post photos on social media

Package Two – Silver
Two week campaign
Promote contest on Facebook
Take photos of contest participants and winner
Post photos on social media

Package Three - Bronze
Take photos of contest participants and winner
Post photos on social media

Does anyone have some thoughts or feedback? I really don't want to take photos, but the contests are really popular and I am approaching 2,000 friends on facebook, a really valuable resource for anyone wanting to get a message out to people on the Sunshine Coast. I understand that each friend has an average of 500 friends so that's like 200,000 people in my larger social network which is a huge cross section of tweens, teens, business people, artists, musicians, housewives, and more. Thanks...

Its been quite a kick off to an early spring. Last week I was walking through Smugglers Cove Provincial Park and spotted two garter snakes suntanning on the rocks. A walk through Kinnikinnick park in Sechelt was a squirrel fest, and everywhere bright sun, flowers, blossoms, bird's singing and eagles crying. Oh and my eyes and nose itching. LOL

It's always a good day on the Sunshine Coast. All the best, Peace, Duane

All photos (C) Duane Burnett
All Rights Reserved

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