Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I Dig Dead Babies! HUH?

In Today's Blog: Dreams, facebook milestones, I Aspire, and a $500 donation!

It's a good day for the Sunshine Coast. I was thrilled to top over 2,010 friends on my facebook profile "Duane Burnett" where I am hubbing and blogging all things Sunshine Coast. I truly think this is a great day for our community as it gives us all a one stop social network to share news, events, photos, group/fan pages and more. If you have something you want the world or the Sunshine Coast to know this is a great place to start.

I am of course giving away tons of prizes on my facebook profile (and looking for more prize ideas) including:

WIN $300 at Boardwalk Men's Wear in Sechelt.
WIN 4 Tickets to Little Shop of Horrors! Shows April 2-17th
WIN 1 of 6 Twilight NEW Moon DVD's from Sid's Vids in Wilson Creek!
WIN 2 FREE Movie Tickets to the Gibsons Cinema!

I have to admit, I have been grieving hard about my dear Siberian husky Tundra passing on. Too scared to even go check out how his living drinking fountain memorial fundraiser campaign account is doing. What a nice surprise today to get an email from the fabulous Gibsons Wildlife Rehab centre that they did a collection and raise $500 for the drinking fountain fund. This is extra extraordinary as I know they struggle daily to keep up with the increasing numbers of wild life alienated, injured and displace by poor urbanization planning that is eating up our natural spaces.

HUGE Thanks to Irene & Clint Davies - Lola Delukas - Kris Kalmakoff - Barbara Lee Fraser - Lorraine Jones - Ian Finlayson - Anna Wright - Laurie Brownrigg - Cornelia & Don - Margaret Boyd - Julie Wilkie - Nicole Fortier - Sue Beer - Anna Miller - Normal Mercer... WAGS! Duane & Tundra (RIP)

Check out the youtube video tribute "Everything Reminds Me Of My Dog" I made for Tundra in (HD) 4 1/2 min long.

I probably learned to sensationalize headlines working in the media, to draw your attention, but last night I really did dream about burying and digging dead babies. I will let your imagination fill in the gory sensations. Mortified me. I think its part of the sleep apnea, when I do fall asleep, for decades now, I have night mares, terrors, lucid, vivid dreams with running, flying and all sorts that just wipe me out, including visiting the same places over and over again. Last night was no exception. I finally managed to drag my aching head and weary weighted body out of bed for yet another day (it's like this every morning) and Google dead babies to hopefully be empowered by a bit of knowledge. What I found is similar to what I said last blog about getting past hump day and that all that I think has gone wrong is part of a transformation process.

According to "seeing a dead baby in a dream may indicate the end of something in your life. It may be something quite precious such as a career or a relationship. It is important to remember that despite the pain that comes when something we love ends, new life will follow."

Well there certainly has been plenty of that for sure! From loss of job, friendships and my dog Tundra.

Met with Claudia and Niv at the Aspire Self Employment office in Sechelt, BC. You can see some examples of head shots I did on the main page of their website. These ladies are both fabulous and are helping me with a business plan to move forward with creating a sustainable income that works with my health issues and my media/acting/photo journalism/social networking.

The Aspire Self Employment Program helps you make a transition from unemployment to business ownership. We've helped over 140 new entrepreneurs launch businesses on the Sunshine Coast over the last 5 years.

The program offers 48 weeks of income support for men and women 19 or older who are receiving general Employment Insurance (EI) benefits, or whose benefits have been exhausted within the past three years (5 years for Employment Insurance (EI) maternal/parental benefits).

Here's hoping I get accepted to the program and develop a successful business that is a leading social enterprise on the Sunshine Coast!

Peace, Love and Joy
in every moment of your being!

All photos (C) Copyright Duane Burnett. All Rights Reserved.

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