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Gibsons Gold Musical Huge Success!

Update July 18, 2010

Just letting you know that CBC [radio] has contacted me and has asked that I be a guest on their show this Sunday at 1 - 3 ((SUN JULY 18)). The show is about 'Where to Live in Canada ' and the host has a friend in Gibsons who told her about our play... at Gibsons United and that the play was about Gibsons winning the award...

They went on line and found Duane's web site and it went from there. Spoke with her briefly today and hope it works out well.... thanks Duane... and wish me luck. hugs, linda norris

Update July 15th.
CBC Radio's Cross Country Checkup to interview Director Linda Norris about Gibsons Gold The Musical & living in Gibsons, British Columbia. The CBC program contacted Duane Burnett after reading about The Musical on his blogspot and flickr site.

I'm producing Cross Country Checkup at CBC Radio this week (it's a national call-in show that's on every Sunday afternoon), and our topic this week involved great places to live in Canada. Since Gibsons is "the World's Best Town", I'm trying to chat with a few people from Gibsons as part of my background research. My friend Mary Burns pointed me towards the recent production of Gibsons Gold, which sounds like such a fun show, which is how I found your website.
Alison Broverman,
Associate Producer, Cross Country Checkup, CBC Radio 1

Broadcast time:
Sundays at 1:00 p.m. PT, 2:00 p.m. MT, 3:00 p.m. CT, 4:00 p.m. ET, 5:00 p.m. AT and 5:30 p.m. NT on CBC Radio One

"Cross Country Checkup is Canada's only national open-line radio program, broadcast live across Canada every Sunday afternoon on CBC Radio One, on Sirius satellite radio channel 137, and around the world on the Internet.

Checkup is a Canadian tradition. We have been on the air most Sundays for 45 years. The program was first broadcast May 16, 1965, during the bitter debate over whether there should be a national publicly-funded health-care system (hence the somewhat medical name of the show!)."



HISTORY! Grand Finale of Gibsons Gold spoofing the best town in the world another Sold Out triumph! Audiences raised $183. today towards the Fundraiser for Gibsons Fire Victims, and Rise from the Ashes - Community call for aid for Fire Victims bringing the 3 show total since news of the fire broke to $678. Extra special guest today was Mayor Barry Janyk and Sponsor Nicole Josh from Benjamin's International Cafe.


The all star cast included Niv Harris, Johanna Rzepa, Dianna Barton, Terri Scallon, Duane Burnett, Melanie Cloutier, Ted Adnit, George Morice, Cam Colleypriest, Kevin Rentoul, Rodney Bessette, LeeAnn Johnson and Lee Turnball. Music by the wonderful Gaetan Bergevin. And an awesome backstage crew and amazing kitchen helpers.

Thank you everyone who helped make Gibsons Gold Possible.

Especially The Liveable Community Awards for bestowing such an amazing honour on Gibsons, BC.

The LivCom Awards were launched in 1997 and are endorsed by the United Nations Environment Programme. LivCom is the world’s only Awards Competition focussing on Best Practice regarding the management of the local environment. The objective of LivCom is to improve the quality of life of individual citizens through the creation of ‘liveable communities’.



Julia Hill
l loved it!

Nicole Josh
Are they going to air it on coast cable, it's a must see

Duane Burnett
Thanks Julia ♥ What an amazing cast, crew, writer and director. Awesome to hear you loved it!

Duane Burnett
Coast TV did not film it. Seemed to get rave reviews from the audience. There were these 2 ladies today who even gave us a standing ovation! What are your reviews of the Musical????? It is all original. I hope we will be able to have it saved in the SC Museum and Archives. Any rave reviews greatly appreciated. Critics too! ♥

Christine Moore
I agree with you Nicole!!! My Girls and I went to see it! We sat in the front! It was soooo much fun!! We all had a more than great time! and we`re sooo glad we went! Wayne Barnette (Duane) You are the BEST!!! ♥ u

Nicole Josh
It was brilliant, love how the audience was included.
Benjamin's forgot half their lines, but it would not have mattered anyway as Mr. D was the star and much applauded for, the girls were great and amusing. People love you Duane

Toews Blakely Elizabeth
how was the show? any reviews? I was interested but didn't make it! Any more runs?

Maureen Ainslie
The show was GREAT!! Funny and charming local talent...all of it! :)

Toews Blakely Elizabeth
let us know if there's another show, summer theatre in the park would be grande!

Cathie Roy
you excellent star you


Gibsons Gold strikes pay dirt
June 4,2010
by Cathie Roy/Associate Publisher

Have you had a good laugh lately? If the answer is no you should scoot on down to Gibsons United Church tonight, (Friday), tomorrow evening or the Sunday matinee for the final showings of Gibsons Gold.

You’ll love the inside jokes. Suffice to say if you happen to own a hardware store in Gibsons, you’ll be surprised to find out just how your name is dropped in this little gem of a play. Writers Linda Norris and Marion Crook obviously had a good time pointing out our little (and big) foibles on the Lower Coast.

Wait till you see what screwball antics the four fabulous leads get up to when they take on the most reviled entity on the Coast.

The cast members are no strangers to theatre lovers in our area. Rev. Terri Scallon is a hoot as the scheming May White; she plays a toughie with great aplomb. The always-entertaining Niv Jameson is great as sidekick, Sheila McPherson. Dianna Barton puts the va-va in voom in her role as the sexy Amber Rocinni and rounding the quartet is Johanna Rzepa as the sweet, innocent and slightly dopey, straight out of the woods of Roberts Creek, Susan Bryce.

Almost stealing the show in a caricature of himself in his mission as Coast photographer is Duane Burnett. He is absolutely terrific in this part.

Guest appearances by local realtor Patricia Hetherington and Coun. LeeAnn Johnson and other assorted local celebrities just add to the fun.

The talented Gaetan Bergevin on guitar adds just the right touch of musical ambiance to the play. And the last song will stay in your head for days.

If you’re lucky and can still get tickets go and support these hardworking thespians. They deserve it.

Arts & Entertainment
Going for Gold in Gibsons
August 14,2009
Jan DeGrass/Arts and Entertainment Writer
When Linda Norris was thinking about writing a fundraising play to be performed at Gibsons United Church, she knew she could draw on material from her own back yard. Gibsons had recently won the world’s most liveable community award, and as Norris strolled about town with her dog, she started asking people why they live here.

“Almost 90 per cent of them used the word magic,” Norris remembers. “They came for a week and couldn’t live anywhere else, or similar stories.”

Norris teamed up with writer Marion Crook, who has a long string of publications to her credit including self help books on social issues as well as adventure stories for kids, and the two embarked on a collaborative process for an original musical comedy known as Gibsons’ Gold. The title refers to the award — not to anything that one might smoke.

The play opens May 27 (although the first night is sold out already) and runs until June 6. Crook wrote many of the lyrics, and musician Gaetan Bergevin composed the music.

Norris had previously taken on the organization of two Enchanted Evenings at the church, a combination dinner and music event. But with her background in theatre and choreography in Montreal and her experience in writing and directing a play in Ontario, she decided to take on this greater challenge.

“It is probably the best cast and crew I have ever worked with,” she said. “Everyone is working hard and helping out as they can.”

The plot turns on a group of visitors from abroad who don’t understand why their home town was not selected as the best. An act of suspected terrorism takes place that involves local police (played by Melanie Cloutier, Ted Adnitt and Rodney Bessette). Despite the gorgeous scenery in the backdrop, some of the action takes place in a bare jail cell where the performers languish: Niv Harris (who plays a serious executive), Terri Scallon (the United Church’s minister) who plays an artsy type, Johanna Rzepa as the organic gardener and Dianna Barton (previously seen in Driftwood’s Never Swim Alone and Wonderville). The playwrights are not revealing the story’s outcome, but it involves a dramatic entrance including a B.C. ferry and the song that will make us all proud: Are You From Gibsons?

Because it is a play about a true to life community many, of its actual residents were penned into the script — often as a parody of their real personalities.

In the play, the character Wayne Barnett (performed by Duane Burnett), plays an exuberant, social butterfly photojournalist, and there are appearances by the town’s mayor, Barry Janyk, and an acting mayor, Bob Curry, as themselves.

In fact, one of the more charming aspects of this production is that anyone can have their one-minute of fame on the stage. The play’s promoter, Mary Lou Owen, offers a deal: you pay $100 to be written into the script for one minute and receive a full page ad in the program. The money raised goes to support the many community activities that the church sponsors. Already Tim Hortons has taken up the challenge, and actor George Morice, who works at the Gibsons coffee shop, takes his role as doughnut provider seriously. Gibsons Building Supplies and One Stop Contracting have assisted with set construction; costumes are by Linda McTurk.

Cabaret night shows run May 27 and 28 and again on June 3 and 4 at 7:30 p.m. Dinner theatre is offered on May 29 and June 5 at 6:30 p.m. MatinĂ©es are on May 30 and June 6 at 2 p.m. Tickets prices are $15 for shows, $32 for dinner theatre, available at Gaia’s Fair Trade, Coast Princess Books, Roberts Creek General Store and Monkeychips.


Musical Accompaniment
Gaetan Bergevin
(in order of appearance)
Sheila McPherson Niv Jameson
Susan Bryce Johanna Rzepa
Amber Rocinni Dianna Barton
May White Terri Scallon
Cpl. Judith Davies Melanie Cloutier
Officer Mike Ted Adnitt
Jason George Morice
Randy McPherson Cameron Colleypriest
Mr. Duncan Kevin Rintoul
Cst. Peterson Rodney Bessette
Wayne Barnett Duane Burnett
Council Member Lee Ann Johnson or Lee Turnbull

We, at Gibsons United, want you to know how grateful we are that you are here supporting Gibsons’ Gold. This has truly been a community effort of the people of our beautiful Sunshine Coast. Many of our actors, backstage assistants, kitchen wizards and servers are people like you who just want to come together to have fun and help raise funds to support those in the community who are in need. Proceeds from this play go towards assisting community members in many ways. Please visit our website at to find out more about us.

Gibsons’ Gold!
Presented by the Gibsons United Players
Directed by Linda Norris
Co-written by Linda Norris and Marion Crook
Original music by Gaetan Bergevin. Lyrics by Marion Crook

Poem by Nicolas Simons ~ Read by Ted Adnitt
Opening song by Gaetan Bergevin.
Music by G. Bergevin. Lyrics by M. Crook

Act I
The mayor has called four women of Gibsons to beautify
the town for the coming dignitaries who want to know
why Gibsons won the “Best Town in the World” award.
Song: “Changes” Music Bergevin & Crook

Act II
They first try to stay within the law but they get no
support so they look for another option.
Songs: “The Duck Song” Music Bergevin & Crook
“Someday” Music Bergevin & Crook

Federal property is damaged. They are arrested
and detained indefinitely as potential terrorists??
Songs: “The Fence”. Music Bergevin & Crook
“I am Not Afraid” Music & Lyrics by Linda Norris
Finale Song: “Are You From Gibsons?”
Music originally written by George Cobb (1914)
New lyrics M. Crook


It's Always A Good Day on the Sunshine Coast!

Hope everyone enjoyed the show! I think this one is for the history books!

Best Wishes, Duane

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