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Staycation: Sunshine Coast BC Picks Their Favourite Local Vacation Spots

June 25, 2010. Duane Burnett.

The Sunshine Coast B.C.'s top picks & favourite places to vacation and visit in their own back yards. Vacations that don't require a ferry. Unless of course you don't live here.

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With the economy in a slump, and everyone needing a bit of time away, what better way to get a bit of rest and relaxation then enjoying some time exploring your own hometown. So I thought I would ask my friends online what they would recommend to their fellow locals?

The Sunshine Coast is a 40 min ferry ride or cruise as I like to call it with BC Ferries from Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver to Langdale, near Gibsons, BC

For Vancouverites wanting to escape to a "Clean Get Away" (the tourism slogan I created to describe the Sunshine Coast area) I want to give you a heads up that in the Summer the area is absolutely packed and often over booked.

However, the fall, winter, and spring months are off-season and offer great storm watching, winter sports like snowshoeing, skiing, and snowboarding, adventures sports like kayking, mountain biking, long boarding, PLUS amazing body, mind & spirit services, and more too!

So without further blogging by myself, I am going to let the wonderful Sunshine Coast people speak for our area themselves!

Favourite Spots on the Sunshine Coast, BC
Gord Bell
cant miss" big firs" park in Halfmoon Bay ...badass big trees~

Manuen Edwards
I love a good hike through Cliff Gilker Park and swims at Davis Bay Beach ... the Bella Beach Inn in Davis bay is a nice place to stay especially with a ocean view room. Catherine lake is awesome too, nice campground and beautiful small sandy beach good for kids and swimming! pack a lunch-your gear- hit the beach - camp and stay for the weekend ... at least!

Rose Spinne
When I get back to the coast one of the first places I want to hit is Secret Beach in Gibsons. You can't beat walking on tiny, polished, black pebbles! And Yes, my son and I always took a picnic lunch. And something to collect shells, pebbles,beach glass, driftwood, dried sea weed... you get the idea! :) I suppose I've just ruined the secret though... *sigh*
Wish I was there now!!!

Tracy Lynn Watts
Well if cost is an issue Kline lake (Egmont) is likely the most affordable camping spot. Been there many times. It used to be free. I Dont know anymore?

Rhys Edwards
Thormanby Island long weekends.. Soooo good despite the lack of plumbing or hydro. Sand cliffs are awesome to climb. Just don"t forget the tide goes way out in the morning.. and then yer boat is stuck on the beach when you wake. and waiting till the tide comes back in around is a long time if yer outta beer and smokes :-) There were hundreds, if not a few thousand peeps last year for 3 days... from all over the west coast.

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Margy Lutz
Can't comment on your other page so I'll leave one here for Powell River. Recently we kayaked from Nanton Lake into Horseshoe Lake and camped overnight. It's part of the Powell River Forest Canoe Route, but this section can be done without a portage. Nanton has a nice forest campground that makes a good home base for remote camping if you don't have a canoe or kayak to visit the other lakes. More info here and here

Penny Berdahl
Shhhhhhh don't tell everyone lol Its OUR special secret that we live in paridise . We are all truly blessed to live in all this natural beauty :)

Phill Murray
There is no place in the world I would rather be than Roberts Creek in the summertime.

Wendy Weir
Love to take Keats ferry from gibsons to Keats island with Toni -grt hiking and camping

Linda Shearsmith
On Sunday hike up Mt. Daniel in Garden Bay, go for a dip in the lake after that and then head off to the pub for some live entertainment!!

Penny Berdahl
My Fav is...packing a lunch or dinner & going & sitting at BonnieBrook.....The swimming access is perfect 2 ...Its peaceful & beautiful...we are truly blessed to live here! :)

Teresa Eckford
Hiking up Soames Hill with a picnic and enjoying the latter while gazing out at Howe Sound :)

Tracy Lynn Watts
They are all great suggestions. Wondering what Tetraheadran is like ? Anyone been up there? been here all my life and still havent done the Tetraheadron. Or Brooks falls. Only twice done the Skookumchuch once on bike. And seen the limestone caves they are kinda neat too.

David Lesko
Tetrahedron is incredible, my summer home pretty much. Definitely can not be done in one day, or one week for that matter. And just on the other side, before you reach the tet, is Mt. Richardson, beautiful views from the view point that span from Sechelt to the Skookumchuck and over parts of the Caren Range. Ah yes, the Caren Range... Not room enough for me to describe everything.

Trish Thompson
ok everyone is sharing....favorite Saturday nite out is an evening of music and mayhem at the Roberts Creek Legion followed by a late nite sit at the beach right down from the legion.

Margy Lutz
Between Powell River and Lund just off Highway 101 is the Dinner Rock Forestry Campground. The entrance is steep for big RVs but its remote location make it excellent for tents and smaller campers. Hiking, mountain biking, scuba diving, car-top boat launch and great Strait of Georgia views. Pit toilets, bring your own water. Close to Lund for supplies and restaurants.

Susan Davidson
camping beside the beach at Hotel Lake with grand kids....thumbs up !! perfect beach and amenities for all ages.

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FOR TOURISM INFORMATION About the Sunshine Coast, BC I highly recommend my friend Laurie McConnell's comprehensive website, which is the premiere tourism web portal for the area.


Thank you everyone for your kind contributions to this article. If you have a favourite spot I am happy to add it. Appreciate all the feedback, comments and help! Duane

It's Always A Good Day on the Sunshine Coast!

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  1. Hi Duane -

    Thanks for including my suggestions. This week is the Kathaumixw Choral Concert in Powel River with lots of people from around the world.

    On Friday, July 9, from 11-3 Wayne is doing a Coastal BC Stories book signing at Coles in the Town Centre Mall.



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