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Must Be A Duangel VIDEO

Duane's World Excellent!

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Must Be Talking To A Duangel
June 10, 2010 — Must Be A Duangel
Thank you to the amazing Spirit of the Sunshine Coast which inspires me everyday! Truly an orchestra of angels!

"If being a Duangel is wrong! I don`t ever want to be right again !!!! +" Christine Moore


Joy Thomson
Great video Duane. Love it!

Kate Cardinall-Redfern
Oh, you're my favorite angel Duane! Love the song and video.

Christine Moore
can`t get the song out of my head ! I need a Duangel, I need a Duangel by the end of the night ,and he`s got to be strong and he`s got to be ? and he`s gotta be ??? I need a Duangel!!!!!

Penny Berdahl
That's a great name for you !!! Cause you are !

Christina Foster
I looked I'm so not in it! *sigh* guess I didn't make the cut to be a Duangel..sniff sniff although I did notice you were wearing gear from Darkhorse Athletics in some of your pics :)

Duane Burnett
Penny your the Duangel!
Christina I am saving our photo together for the movie!

Christina Foster
YES!!! All of my dreams have finally come true!!

Mary McAllister
Duangels...I like that!

Marlene Toth
awesome... :) well done you

Debbie DeWolff
OH!!!! I wanna be a "Duangel" too:)

Devon Horatio Ellingham
"You Truly Are An Angel, Duane! :) Thank You For All You Do! You Have Really Helped Bring The Community Of The Sunshine Coast Together! :D"

Heather Doré
That was amazing - it brought tears to my eyes ! I hope you know just how much you do for The Sunshine Coast, and how much you are loved by so very many !!! Thank you for giving so much of yourself for your Community! We are so lucky to have you !!! xoxo

Penny Berdahl
We are truly blessed to have *OUR* Duangel.....You touch many that you don't even know.....your heart is pure gold. You always think of others.....We are so lucky to have you in our world. I'm so thankful that you are part of my life! Big Hugsssss & Loves *AngelMan** :)

Alan Hughes
:) Well done~!

Nicole Josh
It's awesome. So many faces. Only you could capture life on the coast.

Rosemarie Bowen
very enjoyable Duane

Bonar Harris
you are amazing! love you to bits.

Alice Lutes
Great Video! How are you doing brother, miss you!

Maureen Ainslie
ooo, yeah! I saw it yesterday...spectacular sight!

Yvan Cournoyer

Christine Hughes
Love and Hugs Duane you are the best!!!

Christine Moore
I agree with Christine ! Your`e the Best ! Simply the Best ! Better than anyone ! Anyone I`ve ever met! ♥ ♥ ♥

Duane's World Television Show or Movie?

So I asked you on my facebook profile if I should apply to host a television show????
Am I crazzzy to apply for this tv host job?

15 LIKES and 23 responses later, I think you all agree: YES!

Here's some of what your comments.

Sue Millar
go for it!!!

Christina Foster
I say go for it too! wow that would be amazing...thats something I would love to help out with behind the scenes..

Michele Platje Devlin
go for it Duane! You'd be fabulous at it!

Christine Moore
I think this is the job for you !DO IT !!!

Darren Stasuik
Yup I think you should give it a go sounds like a pretty sweet gig

Rob Thomson
Go for it Duane. Your turn is a coming!

Cheryl McNevin Baron
You'd be perfect for this job!

Kim Tournat
Absolutely Duane! What an opprtunity..... just don't forget to write :)

Mary McAllister
I say go for it Duane...what have you got to lose!
Do it, do it, do it, do it...

Monkmonk Monk
as long as u stay connected... go go go....

Heather Doré
3 words for you, Darling, " GO FOR IT " !!!!!! :) You'd be fab !!!

Anne Kacoullas Hartman
Like everyone else says "this job is MADE FOR YOU!
What an opportunity. See the world AND get paid.....

Torio Cutchiee
Go for it Duane, you have a 50/50 chance of getting it but a 0 chance if you don't try!!! That's what I learned this year. You would be greeeaaat!

Claudia Ferris
crazy/opportunity - fine line:^)

Nicole Josh
what are you waiting for ?

Kera Mchugh
do it! it's perfect

Julie Hegyi
You go Baby!!! Sounds like an adventure You would be great at it!

Lois Vader
You're CRAZY GOOD!! ♥

Peter Van Deursen
Sound like a perfect fit Duane

George Morice
You can do this!!

Remember that tribute I did, seems way back, to the Sunshine Coast trying to learn how to operate video making software... well today it reached over......

Sunshine Coast, BC Tribute by photo journalist, TV Host, Actor, Media Personality & Social Networker Duane Burnett.

And that spoof lampooning the Proroguing of Canadian Parliament for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics had over 1,000 views its first day and today has reached over 6,000 Views!

I'm On A Break - "UNCENSORED" PM Stephen Harper Proroguing Parliament parody

"I'm On A Break" VIDEO LINK

Don't like swearing?

DuaneBurnettdotcom — January 23, 2010 — COURSE LANGUAGE 14+
I'm On A Break is a political parody of proroguing Canadian parliament inspired by "I'm On A Boat" with T-Pain. JOIN the facebook Fan Page! LYRICS & Links below.

I'm On A Break received over 40 comments on YouTube, was added as a favorite 28 times, and had 80 ratings with an average score of 4.26 out of 5.

NOT BAD for a backyard amateur production done in the spirit of This Hour, Air Farce and the classic SCTV comedy series! I was sure it was 7,000 view but I think they lost 1,000 when youtube reformatted their look. My friend who is super involved with a federal political party tells me it made it all the way to the Prime Minister's office (PMO). Hmmmmm you think they could be right?

I am so grateful for all the kind words and love from the community. So much help and support.

I have often been at a loss for words to express my gratitude to the people of our community for their incredible love and support. Hence came the term "Duangel". So I made this video showcasing all the wonderful people of the community who to me are "Duangels!" <3

So many of you are so generous, thoughtful, caring, kind, empowering and supportive of me and I say HUGE thanks with big HUGS back at!

I am so grateful to each and everyone of you Duangels! Couldn't do it with out you!

Thanks ALL you Duangels!!!

Thanks for all the thousands of video and photo views too!

Special shout out to the photographers who contributed photos in "Must Be A Duangel."

PHOTOS in Must Be A Duangel Video Courtesy of:

Jan Brinton
Shannon Bond
Jan Degrass
Cathie Roy
Caitlin Hicks
Heather Till
John Farrer
Terra Daniels
Trish Thomposon
Heather Conn
Debra Shields
Chris Yeske
Greg Amos
Joyce Hubbs
Eileen Murawsky
Kellei Baker
Steve Sleep
Linsey Hulls
Jeannine Williams
Jennifer Tower
Laurie McConnell

LYRICS To "I'm On A Break" WARNING 14+ Language


Duane Burnett as Harper, rapping Johanna Renee and Lee December as Lee-Pain. Shot by Marc Buzzell and Bren Macdonald Recorded at Straight Sound

Oh Sh!t get your lazy asses ready
It's about to go down
Everybody in the house leave the fukking floor
But stay on your motherfukking toes
I'm proroguing this, let's go

I'm on a break, I'm on a break
Everybody look at me
As I take a fukking break
I'm on a break, I'm on a break
Take a good hard look
As I prorogue for my own sake

I'm on a break motherfukker, take a look at me
I get to avoid issues linked to afghan detainees
So i am in charge since I got your vote
I'm gonna take the house on a downhill slope

Take a picture, trick, he's on a break, b!tch
Causing a liberal - bloc quebecois sandwich
Iggy's got nothing not even close to a plan
While puppy face Layton doesn't even give a damn

I'm on the podium doing spins and sh!t
I'm splurring lies, getting everyone wet
But this ain't parliament, this as real as it gets
I'm on a break motherfukker, don't you ever forget

He's on a break yah like in the past and
Gets to avoid issues like Alberta tar sand
He's the king of the world for another short while, so
If you're still at work then you sure not him, no
Stand up people, this break is for real

Fukk work I'm on a break motherfukker
See me rock the minority vote motherfukker
Now I'm toking with my boys motherfukker
Democracy makes a lot of noise motherfukker

Hey Ma, if you could see me now
Frustrating Canadians as I know how
I think I could be king if Michaelle Jean allow
Like Trudeau, anything is plausible

Yeh, never thought I'd be on a break
The electoral system is fake
Liberals, look at me, ohh
Never thought that I'd see the day
When I take my olympic holiday
Believe me when I say, I fukked a barmaid

I'm on a break, I'm on a break
Everybody look at me
As I take a fukking break
I'm on a break, I'm on a break
Take a good hard look
At how democracy is fake


It's Always A Good Day on the Sunshine Coast! Duane

Best Wishes, Duane

Duane's Facebook Profile

Duane's Facebook Fan Page

Sunshine Coast BC Canada facebook FAN PAGE


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