Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Gibsons Teacher Topping Teens Facebook Tops!

We Want Mr. Topping Back At Elphinstone! A fb page to save a popular teacher who's job was bumped now has 673 members. Yes you read that right. Teens rallying for a teacher in Gibsons, BC on the Sunshine Coast BC Canada.

The group information says "Mr. Topping is one of those teachers that goes above and beyond the call of duty for the kids and has the respect of parents and students alike. Let's show him our thanks and encouragement. Support one of our favourite teachers!"

Many feel that Topping is an incredible teacher who was apparently bumped from Elphinstone Secondary School by a Chatelech Secondary School teacher due to a time tabling conflict scheduled by one of the Principals.

According to a concerned parent the issue involved "one block" but for some reason couldn't be accommodated. This resulted in a chain reaction of bumping that affected many teachers. There is a widespread belief that the Chat timetabling could be fixed, if there was a will to do so.

The parent told me "it really is a shame when such a great teacher is treated like this!" She added, "I have not talked to Topping but clearly he's not happy with all of this or this page wouldn't exist"

It even made the Vancouver Sun... check out the article here:



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Sunshine Coast BC Canada facebook FAN PAGE


Teacher "Topping" Teens Facebook Tops After He Looses Teaching Position at High School http://networkedblogs.com/4q7Cd

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