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Teen Friends @AtNight Casting Call for MTV Reality Show

June 30, 2010
Team "At Night" get's offical MTV Casting page!
# 4371 - At Night

Here is their video entry on youtube

June 22, 2010 by Duane Burnett

A group of Vancouver teen friends set sights on MTV Canada reality show contest called "Casting Call."

Calling themselves @Night, (AtNightt on Twitter) they say "move over LA, Vancouver is where its at. We want our own TV show about us. Our friends, the parties, and our lives."

MTV says they are looking for people with real lives, real experiences, and real friends. "We want to see your real experiences on screen."

The Vancouver Teens love the night life of the city and have answered the contest casting call bid with their own "@Night -- MTV Casting Call" fan page on facebook and a vibrant high energy youtube video filmed at a local nightclub.

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Vancouver, B.C. Adrenaline Productions and Twisted Productions team up to bring you amazing all-night events that bring in hundreds and thousands in attendance. The lights and music form an addicting environment that sends the local partiers back for more.

..::THE PITCH::..

What happens when you put a Jewish Starcraft-obsessed engineering student together with a kid way too smart for his age? Then the uber-smart kid gets a bubbly blonde girlfriend and the three of them meet a ridiculously funny Dutch DJ and his quick as a whip Italian girlfriend? Well, read-on...

Who are they you may wonder? Well in most ways they're your typical group of friends. Some making the transition from high school to graduate. Others making the transition from university to...what? It's these pivotal moments in their lives that need to be explored. What's beyond school? What does one do next?

Two things unite this close-nit group of friends: they're all free-thinkers and they all know how to have fun. Each one is quirky and weird in their own unique way, some to greater extremes than others, but when one gets out of line, the others are quick to lay down the law.

Some of them became friends through the usual means - social gatherings, parties, etc. Others became friends and even lovers through the strangest circumstances (Facebook romance anyone?). No matter how they came together though, they share a close bond of camaraderie.

What brings them together you might ask? Well, though they may not look different than any other group of friends, this clique puts on some of the most creative and memorable parties in Vancouver. From 300 to 2000 people - in nightclubs or decked-out warehouses - with local DJs or International Electronic superstars - sometimes for free, usually for profit, but always for the love of the party!

How many people can say that? And of course those who work hard, have to play hard too, so when they're not busy producing shows of their own, they can usually be found in and around lovely Vancouver getting into (and hopefully out of) all sorts of trouble... because when you're in the spotlight, drama follows you whether you asked for it or not!

..::THE CAST::..

‘Promoters’ has always sounded like a dirty word to us. You hear that word thrown around a lot in Vancouver These days someone hands you a flyer or a ‘free before 11’ ticket to some club and exclaims “I’m a promoter” with an undeserved cocky attitude. Screw Promoters - call us Party Professionals:

Joel: The realist. The go-getter. At 16 he wrote his first business plan. At 17 he’s the youngest event producer in Vancouver. He co-owns a company, Adrenaline Productions, that puts on terrific events without yet being able to sign a single contract himself. Oh the irony...

Ben: The numbers guy and Joel’s partner. He met Joel while working for another production company where they simultaneously came to the realization that they were doing work for somebody else for free with nothing to gain from it. Fast-forward a year later and you’re looking at Adrenaline Production’s co-founders - and they’re doing very well! Recently single, its her loss because as the promoter and face of some of VanCity’s most memorable all-night parties, the world is his oyster...

Allya: The older, wiser, brother? Older yes, more experienced perhaps, but definitely not wiser (Birthday party shenanigans come to mind). But what he sometimes lacks in restraint, he makes up for in creativity and pure passion. As part of Twisted Productions, he’s DJ’d and thrown parties with the likes of Benny Benassi, Paul Oakenfold, Roger Sanchez, and too many others to list. He brings a wealth of know-how, energy, and attitude into the mix - pun-fully intended.

Alje handles most aspects of event production
, coordinate staff, and organize logistics for our more involved all-night events. Some of the notable artists he has worked with include: Boyz 2 Men, Method Man, Sean Paul, Carl Cox, Eric Prydz, Fedde Le Grand, Judge Jules, Klaas, Pete Tong, Roger Sanchez, Sander Kleinenberg, Tall Paul, Armin Van Buuren (#1 DJ in the world), Paul Van Dyk (#3 DJ in the world), Ferry Corsten (#6 DJ in the world).

"Oh god...are you sure you're ready for the life of drinking everything out of red plastic cups? You should really put up Lloyd's Adrenaline/Twisted promo vid. Nothing explains our existence better than that." Alje 'Allya' Vennema

THE HEART & SOUL: Behind every great man, there’s an even greater woman... Except for Ben... but see? That’s a story hook! Anyway, in this group there are two:

Megan: Joel’s faithful and ever-helpful girlfriend. Eternally patient even when cashing-out a party at 7am, always ready to jump in when staff are in need, she’s the heart of the group. With a happy-go-lucky attitude, she’s near impossible to get down. Well, Allya may have done it once or twice... But Megan still comes out on top as the one to make everyone smile no matter what the circumstances. She also counts money faster than a bill counter, which is VERY handy in this business.

Alecia: Last but certainly not least. Okay, well she is the smallest of the group, but only in stature. In personality, she’s by far the biggest. Big personality is sort of a prerequisite for being Italian though, isn’t it? Her boyfriend, Allya, knows her loud side better than anyone. And if she’s ever being uncharacteristically quiet, it’s only because she’s blasting Deadmau5 while galavanting around in her Hummer. On that note, she’s not a very good driver yet either. I sense possible hilarity here...

Haha No doubt a show about teens who organize and go to raves and party would be so much more interesting then listening to a bunch of rich girls whine about their problems :P Alycia Byjork

@Night includes a Sunshine Coast, BC connection too! Megan Fraser has lived near Sechelt, BC for 5 years and went to Chatelech Secondary School. She told me her friend Alessia came to her with the idea, and as Alessia was out of town she got Megan to start everything. She has known Alessia and her boyfriend for almost a year now, and Megan's boyfriend, Joel has known them for awhile longer.

Megan has been with her boyfriend Joel for 2 years now, and he lives in Port Coquitlam, BC - so she is in the city every chance she gets. Then there is Ben, Joel's business partner and long time friend who Megan has known almost as long as she has known Joel.

Over the last year, Megan says the "5 of us have been spending so much time together. Partying, hanging out, and traveling!"

Her friend Alessia Buonsanti thinks their reality show idea is "perfect for a group of friends who plan events as well as go to most of the events."

"We have a great deal of drama and situations that I think people would love to watch."

All have different backgrounds and come from all parts of the city, the upper mainland and lower mainland. Alessia lives in Vancouver, Aljes from North Van, Megan lives in Sechelt, on the Sunshine Coast, Joel is from Coquitlam, and Bens from White Rock.

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The MTV contest challenge is to create a video that shows why you and your friends deserve your own MTV Broadband reality Series, and/or why someone should rate/comment on your video.

@Night is definitely off to a great start in fulfilling the show's criteria to:

# Show your personality, and the crazy personalities of your friends. Think MTV, anything from drama to comedy, that showcases your real dynamic.
# It can be spontaneous or scripted, however you want to approach it.
# You will be judged on your creativity, chemistry, and the ratings you get when people check out your profile. Be real, and be you.

I'll keep you posted on when to VOTE and how our local Vancouver friends do in the contest. Stay tuned for more updates.

Thanks for reading my blog, "liking" it, sharing it, and all your comments and feedback too!

Greatly appreciated. Duane Burnett

It's Always A Good Day on the Sunshine Coast! Duane

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