Saturday, February 20, 2010

Canada eh!

Watching the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics celebrations and all the Canada mania in the streets sure is nice to see. I remember being a fanatic Canadian back in the 1980's when it was kinda lame to show any pride in your country and people were extremely reserved about showing patriotism.

Not me, I waived the Canadian flag every chance I had. I listened almost exclusively to Canadian artists like Bryan Adams, Corey Hart, Bruce Cockburn, Luba, Parachute Club, KD Laing, Glass Tiger, Jan Arden, Kim Mitchell, Gowan and so many more I just adored.

I was walking through Smugglers Cover provincial park today out near Halfmoon Bay, BC and thought about the brilliant Jane Siberry and her song/album No Borders Here.

I just love Jane she is one of a kind. Saw her live years ago at the Cultch I think it is called, the East Vancouver Cultural Centre.

That's what I especially love about many unique Canadian artists too. There songs are intelligent with a message, and not just songs about bubble gum and boy meets girl gets laid lame for the masses, mass produced pop.

All this nationalism and Canadian pride reminded me of an aha moment I had when I realized that boundaries, including ones between countries exist in the minds of people only. There are no borders here as one Jane's songs/albums say. One of my many faves of Jane's is "You Don't Need" where she sings "I stumble to the tundra and the tundra is my lover" It is an amazing haunting song and you guessed it I named my soul mate who recently passed away Tundra!

Oh wow, I found an old 80's version of Jane's song on youtube check it out... the symbolism of nature and spirit is very profound to me and has been my entire life.

Tundra was abandoned, thrown out of a car at Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver by a bunch of kids who drove off and left this tiny wee puppy to the coyotes. There loss and my gain. And we both have abandonment issues! LOL

My friends called me to say they had the most adorable new puppy for my transfer and move with BC Ferries from Tsawwassen Terminal to Langdale. My first question was: Is he gorgeous? YES! Does he shed? NO! 1 out of 2 ain't bad. LOL...

What a blessing for both of us to be leaving the big smoke Vancouver to the beautiful beaches, forests, creeks, mountains, parks and ocean of the Sunshine Coast! A dogs paradise and Disney Land! Check my youtube video tribute to the Sunshine Coast. I see its almost got 15,000 views now.

So this tiny white glacial eyed show stopper, literally, I couldn't move down the streets without stopping every few feet for admirers of this wee little angel. I wanted a name that captured his proud Northern heritage, that resonated a beautiful energy when spoken and conjured up a majestic image of the vast expanse of Canada and incidentally brought attention to the plight of wildlife and First Nations in the melting North. Yes, I did put a lot of thought into just the right name for Tundra. And I deeply love our planet Earth and O Canada, the OLD CBC version of the True North Strong and Free.

Speaking of Canada.... here is an American explanation of Canada by Tom Brokaw which is an amazingly good synopsis for the US television market.

so I ate a star from the far back, black sky and it floated up behind one eye and wavered there...

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