Thursday, February 25, 2010

With Glowing Hearts

I think this Winter Olympics will go down in the history of Canada for so many historic gold firsts for our athletes, and the games aren't over yet.

When I first tweeted, facebooked and blogged the first Gold Medal for Canada I had no idea that 8 golds later it has almost become work. LOL Not that I mind or I am complaining. Actually very proud to say the least.

I am thrilled for the Canadian Women's Hockey Team who took Gold in an exciting 2-0 match with the USA today.

I have not been blogging about bronze or silver medals but tonight I just have to send HUGS and Love to Joannie Rochette who won Bronze in Figure Skating tonight in courageous memory of her mother who passed away at the Olympics. What a heart-wrenching and inspiring story. Made me cry.

▌♥ ▌ GO CANADA GO! ▌♥ ▌

I had no plans to make this blog about the Olympics but it is as it is. I have to admit, the inspiring Canadian athletes are actually helping me through my personal grief, sadness and lack of direction and sense of loss here at my personal "unemployment" centre. Thanks for that.

Being a photographer, photojournalist in the news media and social networking on facebook and twitter I have seen both sides of the debate on the costs of the Winter Olympics and where we as a civilized people spend our Earth's resources.

Apparently Vancouver 2010 Games are tallying up a price tag of $6 billion. Many people have complained that this money should go towards social programs and helping the world. While other say the Olympics will attract business to British Columbia and the spin-offs will benefit the poor and homeless.

My two cents on this is that a third additional pillar to the sports and culture aspects of the Olympic games would be to also include $1 billion or more towards social programs in the host country as a part of the games legacy.

NOW wouldn't that be awesome. I believe.

Here are two photo albums showing the differing views of the Olympic experience on the Sunshine Coast:

1) Sunshine Coast Torch Relay PHOTOS from Sechelt, Roberts Creek and Langdale
2) Poverty Olympic Walk PHOTOS protesting the games through downtown Sechelt

As I work my way through loosing my dear soul mate Tundra, a stunningly beautiful and gorgeously spirited Siberian Husky (hehehehe am I sounding like too proud a Daddy?) many people in the community have shared with me their heartbreaking personal stories.

Several people have told me there dogs suffered terrible illness near the end or they had to have the veterinarian euthanize their loved pet. They are devastated. I send all of you healing HUGS. That has to be one of the hardest choices to have to make. Thank you for sharing your HUGS, tears and your kind donations to Tundra's drinking fountain fund in honour of your own loved ones and our shared grieving.

Do they go together?
I find it interesting to witness myself and where I am at emotionally when I am watching a Gold medal celebration and I am cheering one the one hand and crying with grief and depression on the other. What a mix to have both at the same time. It's probably the lack of rest from my sleep disorder which makes me sensitive.

In celebration of all the historic Gold Medal Wins for Canada I made a Canadian Flag with a GOLD maple leaf in the middle (click here) for everyone to share on their facebooks and twitters. Many people are making it their facebook profile photo and tagging with their name so it appears on their profile tooe. You can also just save the image on my blog.

Yesterday I blogged about the tragic death by an Orca. I noticed the mainstream media have now changed their coverage from the horrible drowning death by the Killer Whale at Sea World from last night to how animal rights groups are saying these magnificent creatures belong in the wild not in amusement parks. Amen!

Cheers. Wishing you GOLD in your own hearts!


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