Sunday, February 21, 2010

Olympic Hockey Canada Mania Reaches Fevered Pitch!

Olympic fever and Canadian mania is still sweeping the streets and nation. Now add to that Hockey! I am sure at least 1/2 of Canada was watching the Olympics hockey game against the USA who won 5 to 3 tonight. The game was amazing and exciting, both teams were awesome. I have to confess that international hockey tournaments like this, are my fave's in the hockey franchise. It's nice how hockey unites Canadians of all cultures, backgrounds and heritages.

Seeing the massive Olympics crowds on CTV News congregating on the streets of downtown Vancouver its too bad to hear that many of them find themselves stranded in the wee hours of the night/morning by the closing down of transportation services by BC Transit and sky train

The Police have also ordered all liquor stores in the downtown area closed at 7pm and fine people for drinking in public. Pouring their drinks out on the street. Let's get with the rest of the world people! There will always be 1% who ruin things but that shouldn't mean the other 99% are punished. Let's allow public drinking like many other countries around the world. During Expo 86, then Premier of BC Bill Vander Zalm made Sunday drinking legal so we wouldn't be perceived as backwards to the international community. Ha ha!

Yesterday's blogging about Canadian Musicians and Jane Siberry inspired me to ask Jane if I could use her silly song "Everything Reminds Me of My Dog" for a youtube tribute for Tundra to raise awareness for his charity fund raiser. She said "Yes". I nearly fell over! How Awesome! I have been going through the last year of my photo archives, literally thousands and thousands of photos of the Sunshine Coast, looking for photos of Tundra to put into their own album and make a slideshow. In the process I see just how many events and people and things and places I attend in a year! WOW... unbelievable. Decided to upload a select few of them that are single shots and stand alone photos to my facebook profile for everyone to enjoy.

Went for a stroll along the Trail Bay waterfront in Sechelt, BC. A gorgeous sunny day, tons of people out for a walk, but interestingly, the village business area was dead. Not so much immediate Olympic economic spin-off there. I couldn't get very far along the pathway without people saying hello and talking about Tundra.

I did intuit this might happen but thought it wouldn't, that I could some how be invisible and avoid everyone. So much for Plan A... Thank you everyone for your kind comments and well wishes and condolences. I apologize for being stand offish right now, and not my cheery self.

I think I am in withdrawal mode. Avoiding the topic. Too sensitive still. And then I get a little frustrated when people ask me if I miss Tundra? Am I going to get another dog? That one really throws me for a loop as I don't like to be replacing a spiritual sentient being like furniture or thinking about getting another one while I am grieving.

To me Tundra is my child, my soul mate, and I know people would be choked if I asked them if they are planning to replace their recently deceased spouse. I am just really super sensitive with all the things going on my life and trying to learn and practice that this is a reminder to be present, in the now, out of my head, and that it's all good! Maybe if I say it to myself enough times. LOL

In my heart I know I have to face this and go out in public again and perhaps that's why I tested the waters today to help get through my grieving and have a bit of human contact. This weekend I think is the first time I didn't attend ANY community functions or events and take photos even though there was tons going on. I think its part of a transition and transformation out of the photography field for good.

I did take the beautiful weather today as an opportunity to go buy some gorgeous flowers and plant them around Tundra's grave. Nice bright yellows, oranges, whites, purples...

Oh and a HUGE thank you CANADA for 4,000 views of the rap video parody comedy I star in as the Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper proroguing parliament! 1,000 Views the first day! 200 members in the I'm On A Break facebook Fan page! People say it's "Brilliant! Disgusting! AWESOME! This is Shit... get a job!" LOL It was made with a bit of back yard Canadian humour in the spirit of This Hour Has 22 Minutes, and the Royal Canadian Air Farce etc. It has received rave reviews and a few nasty pissed off ones too! WARNING this video is the "Uncensored" I'M ON A BREAK version and has strong rap language!

▌♥ ▌ GO CANADA GO! ▌♥ ▌

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