Monday, February 22, 2010

Figure Skating Terrifies Me! But NOT Ice Gate Dancers or Ellen DeGeneres!


Was watching the Gold Medal skate by Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir in Ice Dance figure skating. Ice Dance has been dominated by the fabulous Russian skaters for years and years now so this is another historic event for Canada as its another Gold on the host country's turf plus the youngest pair ever to win Gold and the first for North America in this category!

▌♥ ▌ GO CANADA GO! ▌♥ ▌

Congrats to both Tessa and Scott. It was a stunning performance! I have to confess that watching figure skating terrifies me though. I almost walked away from the TV while these two skated as I couldn't handle the thought of them falling down and getting hurt, especially during the crazy ass stunts, throws and twirls. You would think I was the one going to hit the ice! I completely tense up, grit my teeth, hold my breath and feel it in my own body if they crash or the elation if they do well. Is anyone else like this?

While this is not an Olympic sport I would like to give a GOLD MEDAL to ice artist Gordon Halloran and his stunning Paintings Below Zero art exhibit at the Richmond O Zone near the Olympic speed skating track Gordon is a local Sunshine Coast, BC resident who lives in Roberts Creek.

For the last couple months dozens of wonderful dedicated dancers and choreographers called the Ice Gate Performance who also deserve a Gold Medal have been practicing and rehearsing to do a "flash mob" at the grand opening of the ice art installation. I have been taking photos and documenting a fair chunk of the rehearsal and created a gallery on flickr you can check out.(see PHOTOS)

We all had a ton of fun together when we taped this 3 minute youtube video together (watch video) about the Ice Gate Project and dance rehearsals as part of a campaign to lobby The Ellen DeGeneres Show to pick me to be their 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Correspondent for the show (See my ELLEN Campaign). Many thanks to my friend Jeannine Williams who video taped and took photos!

I think there were over 200 plus emails sent to the show on my behalf. Many people told me they wrote Ellen and the show faithfully every week! Never did hear from them though. I think the reason is because her day time talk show has been preempted in the US television market by Olympic broadcaster NBC and by CTV in Canada. Thank you every one who wrote the show for me. I am so grateful.

I love Ellen and thank her for helping me to find laughter and joy through some extremely depressed times. People have told me that I am the Ellen, the Oprah, and the Zac Efron of the Sunshine Coast. Very very kind comments for them to make. I am humbled to even be remotely compared to two such fantabulous ladies and a very popular actor indeed. Now if I can only get my own TV show and Movie! The wonderful crew at Coast TV have been kind enough to give me the opportunity to host several shows for them so that's a tremendously appreciated start!

I do try my very best to give everything I can to help people and the community through my passion and the best of my ablities: I have contest give-a-ways on my facebook page, and share photos, news, and events with everyone about all the wonderful people, events and places I go on the Sunshine Coast... I upload my photos to flickr for now and recently to my facebook fan page.

I take so many photos and attend so many events I had to split the photos from my other profile on facebook where I post event news. And that has gotten to be so enormous that I now put a lot of my info on my Twitter tweet page for people who like a simpler quick listing and overview of what's going on. And now because I needed an outlet to share the real Duane, what I am really feeling and what's going on I created this blogspot you are looking at now. Thanks for that!

Well I was right about yesterday's Canada vs USA hockey game. The largest sports viewing television audience in Canadian history with over 10 million plus people. I wonder how many beer they drank? hehehehe

Well should call it over and out for another night. Thanks for reading this and to everyone who has been so caring and loving and supportive! HUGS

Peace, Love & Joy in every moment! Yours for the planet! Duane

P.S. ▌♥ ▌ GO CANADA GO! ▌♥ ▌

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