Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Women's Wednesday!

A 1-2 PUNCH!
Canada WINS GOLD and SILVER in Women's bobsled. Congrats Ladies!

In Winter Olympic Hockey Canada scores 7 against Russia's 3 >> A great game by both teams!!!! Canada advances to the next round!

▌♥ ▌ GO CANADA GO! ▌♥ ▌

An interesting fact about the Canadian Olympic Team, the women have brought in a resounding majority of all the medals in the last two Winter Olympics.

My sincerest condolences to the trainer drowned by a Killer Whale at Sea World today. Horribly I found myself agreeing with the whale. These giant creatures and spirits of the animal world do not belong in captivity. Wouldn't you go mad confined to a small pen all your life? I don't like the whales at the Stanley Park Aquarium either! Why not put the money it costs to care for these amazing creatures towards taking the kids out on field trips to see real animal behavior in the wild rather then stupid lame tricks. Or build a giant Canadian invented IMAX screen to show wildlife on. A much more education experience I would think and less cruel...

Yesterday I mentioned how "horrible" my health is lately. Perhaps that is a little dramatic. I am frustrated and I thought I should explain. I am trying to cope with severe sleep apnea and fibromyalgia which makes me feel like I have been run over by a fleet of logging trucks every day. Morning are brutal and it has exasperated feelings of depression. I was told by BC Ferries and their doctors when they booted me off disability insurance saying basically in my mind that lack of breathing and oxygen was no reason I couldn't go back to work on the ferries! I have to thank universe for the photography gig with The Local, that and Tundra, is all that has kept me going these past years, oh and helping the community.

I have found solace in being on purpose and of service to the community. Taking photos for the local newspaper and helping the community kept my mind off things, but when I got fired, er "let go" it opened up a lot of time on my hands. Then as you know, on top of that, my soul mate, Tundra, a Siberian Husky passed away. Then, maybe it's my poor me victim voice, but I don't feel much support from the businesses, real estate and local tourism types for my photography, which attracts people to spend their big bucks here on the coast in the first place. I realize that my mental health probably contributes to my lack of business savvy on the flip side. People here call me the Sunshine Coast's Number One ambassador so it does confuse me a lot. I guess its all part of transformation and new beginnings. I have pretty much figured it is best to get out of the photography world altogether as you read in my previous blog.

I am following some great blogspots which you can see over on the blog links section. A world famous ice painting artist, a friend who is blogging about her cancer, another friend who is bi-polar and has made a highly successful and acclaimed stage play out of it, a wonderful artist in Vancouver and I am adding more all the time.

You can also join me, Duane Burnett on facebook, twitter, youtube, myspace and flickr. On my facebook profile I am giving away prizes and blogging coast events, on my fan page, I am uploading Sunshine Coast photos. Photos are also on my flickr site. My youtube channel has lots of videos of the Sunshine Coast and a few of me acting, hosting television shows and such... Thanks for checking out my blog! Duane

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