Friday, February 26, 2010

Historic Gold Medal TEN

Canada won an unbelievable tenth Gold Medal today as the nation was glued to a heart-attach inducing 3rd period hockey game between Canada and Slovakia who nearly stole the game. Canada held their 3-2 lead. ▌♥ ▌GO CANADA ▌♥ ▌ This puts Canada in the Gold Medal lead against Germany and the USA. Not bad for such a small country as ours. Canada mania has attracted over 100,000 people to the downtown core to celebrate and officials are bracing for that to double or triple over the weekend. REMEMBER its how you play the game and doing your personal best that matters the most. Oh My! How Canadian of me to say that. LOL

I have to also thank Oprah, The Colbert Report and the USA and International Media for all their kind coverage of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic games. Much appreciated!

The big controversy of the Olympics at the moment is the Canadian Women's Hockey Team who toasted their fabulous Gold medal win with some beer, champagne and cigars after the public left the ice arena. The IOC is not amused. The average person is like whatever and a few are strongly offended.

I blogged about the drinking laws here in BC a couple days ago. I think that drinking laws need to be relaxed and they send a worse message to youth then what the ladies hockey game did. It drives people underground with their alcohol. If the International Olympic Committee is so worried about the bad example the sports team is showing to youth, why is it they are plagued with controversy around corruption and would allow sponsors like McDonald's and Coke to push their crap on young people.

Was hilarious and a great last laugh to see the Oprah Winfrey show today interviewing charismatic Gold Medal Canadian Skeleton athlete Jon Montgomery then finish up with a toast and cheers with two glasses of beer in true Canadian style while in a public skating rink in Robson Square, especially after all the controversy about the woman's hockey team.

It was nice today to get an email that Rock the Vote added the rap parody "I'm On A Break" that I star in spoofing the PM of Canada proroguing parliament to the front page of their popular political youth web page. Rock the Nation engages young people from Canada and USA to create positive social, environmental and political change. They advocate taking action on the issue of global warming and saving the planet.
WOOT WOOT That's Ill, man!

Rock the Vote www.RocktheVote.CA Rock the Nation

Try to keep this short today so I don't ramble on. Feeling like I might have got through the crushing pressure from my dog passing away and loosing my job. I am noticing two distinct currents of transformation, the sadness and depression, versus the the joy of being. HUGS Duane

Come and visit us on the Sunshine Coast, BC anytime. We are a stunning 40 min ferry cruise from Vancouver, Canada. Gibsons, the gateway to the Sunshine Coast was named this year's best town in the world by by the International Awards for Liveable Communities which has the endorsement of the United Nations.

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