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List of Gulf Oil Spill Disaster Facebook Pages

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Dark Crude In Gulf Region Shores

75 facebook pages & groups about the
Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill Disaster

In Memory of the Wildlife & Ocean Life killed by the 2010 Gulf oil spill

Message from the Memory of Wildlife fb page administrator:

Dear Administrators and Members of all Gulf (Oil Disaster) pages,

Since the Deepwater Horizon tragedy occurred all over the world people are waking up and taking notice of what is going on in the Gulf.

This event is not just affecting Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama; it is affecting all of us on a global level.

In less than three months, we have observed 11 men die on an oil rig, we have observed a boat captain commit suicide, we have observed several animals dying, and we have observed our precious Gulf of Mexico/Atlantic Ocean become a giant cesspool of oil, dying animals, smoke, and Corexit.

The effect of this has extended to our economy, our moral, our political mood, our culture, our health, our planet’s precious animals (dolphins, whales, fish, birds, turtles, and insects), our marshes, our fishermen, our dogs and cats, our families, our hearts and our souls.

We feel lied to, betrayed, angry, sad, scared, baffled, and kept in the dark and at times so very powerless. Yet, amazingly, we are “uniting”, taking action, creating change, fighting, working hard, sharing, bonding, helping, in any way we can. We are not asleep, we are wide awake.

We are sharing information, organizing events, reporting news, volunteering, networking, motivating, creating art, music, videos, spreading awareness. In so many cases we are setting aside “ideology” “ego” and remaining humble so we can remain proactive and positive. GREAT JOB EVERYONE, KEEP IT UP. There is a long road ahead.

To better connect us all, I have compiled a list of Facebook pages relating to the Gulf Oil Disaster. There are many different aspects to this situation, so there are a variety of pages. I have attempted to include each and every page that I am aware of. If you do not see YOUR group on this list, there will be instructions on how to add it (when we update) at end of this list.

NOTE: For anyone that is “reporting” on the oil spill, please see the link on journalistic integrity at . Last of all; please use common sense when reading articles. There are people that are not going to follow the rules of “journalistic integrity”. Also, there is a huge difference between “news” and “opinion”.

Thanks again for all YOU are doing. We all must continue to work together.

“In Memory”

Oil BP Naughty to Nature hip hop parody

List of Gulf of Mexico Oil Disaster Facebook Pages

1. Save the Louisiana Coast -

2. Save the Gulf Of Mexico -

3. Save our Seas -

4. Save the Gulf: Olivia's Bird Illustrations -

5. Save the Animals from the Gulf Coast Oil Spill

6. Gulf Coast Cats and Dogs -

7. Our Hearts, Thoughts and Prayers go out to the People of the Gulf Coast -

8. Connecting People Who Want to Leave the Gulf with People who can help -

9. Gulf Coast oil spill Volunteers -

10. Gigs for the Gulf -

BP Shame Following Oil Spill In gulf

11. One love ♥ One Gulf –

12. Manage the Gulf Oil Spill Now -

13. We Need One Million People to Show Support for Animals of the Gulf Oil

14. Animals in Pain. The BP effect.

15. Artists Helping Animals of the Gulf Oil Disaster -

16. Paying Respect to the 11 People that died on the oil rig -

17. Path Responds to Gulf Oil Spill –Animal Rescue -

18. National Wildlife Federation -

19. Fans of Philipp Cousteau -

20. Florida Wildlife Federation-!/pages/Florida-Wildlife-Federation/44404754861?ref=ts

New BP Gulf Headquarters

21. International Bird Rescue Research Center -

22. Official Voice for the Voiceless -

23. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) -

Drill Baby Drill.... Disaster Gallery

24. Gulf Oil Spill Musicians and Artists Unite-

25. Oceana -

26. Matter of Trust -

27. Friends of Dr. Sylvia Earle -

28. Native Orleanian Fine Photography - the photography of Jerry Moran -

29. Farewell to the Gulf as Witnessed by Denise Rednour -

30. Maggie Sky -

31. Nick Zantop Blog & Photos -


32. Duane Burnett Canadian Reporter/Actor/Blogger and part of Oil BP Naughty to Nature OPP Hip Hop video parody -

33. Team Gulf-

34. Coastal Warriors -

35. Did you write your politician -

36. Help Clean Up The Spill -

37. Everyone Can Help Clean Up the Oil Spill -

38. Help Me Help With the Gulf Oil Spill Crisis -

39. Georgianne Nienaber (Journalist) -

40. True Reporting On Gulf Oil Spill (Gregg Hall) -

Booms & Birds In BP Oil

41. Kindra Arnesen -

42. Gulf Awareness Project -

43. Save the Gulf -

44. All Coasts Environmental Response -

45. The Earth is too Big too Fail -

46. Stop with the Bureaucracy BS and Clean Up the Gulf Already -

47. 1 Million Strong for Hemp Oil not Crude Oil -

48. Spill Into Washington D.C. Labor Day Weekend -

49. Biological Predator -

50. Please Stop the Toxic Chemicals the are using on the Oil Spill -

Sitting Oily

51. No More Chemical Dispersants -

52. One Million Against BP Burning Sea Turtles -

53. 1,000,000 Strong Against Offshore Drilling -

54. BP Oil Flood Protest -

55. Boycott BP -

56. Thanks BP You’ve Destroyed Our Gulf of Mexico -

57. BP..You Killed the O(cean -

58. Get BP to match ALL Donations to the National Wildlife Federation -

59. Boycott BP/Arco -

Young Brown Pelicans To Be Cleaned

60. Make British Petroleum Pay for the Gulf Coast Oil Spill -

61. Deepwater Horizon Spill News and Commentary -

62. BP’s Dispersant Corexit Banned in the UK for Ten Years -

63. 1,000,000 for the Ocean -

64. Boycott Petroleum Products Day -

65. If You are not Angry and Outraged You are not Paying Attention -

66. I Bet I Can Find 1,000,000 People Who Love the Beach and are Angry with BP -

67. Save the Gulf -

68. Gulf Oil Spill Crisis Let’s Take Action America -

69. Oil Spill Help the Animals -

Brown Pelican Tagged At Gulf Rescue Center

70. Gulf Oil Spill – Pro Publica -

71. Project Tantulus -

72. Operation Here to Help -

73. In Memory of ? (A Person, A Pet, Loved One) -

74. Manage the Gulf Oil Spill NOW -

75. In Memory of the Wildlife & Ocean Life killed by the 2010 Gulf Oil Spill

Photo courtesy
This is a baby Whale that bp could not pick up/burn before it was photographed. This is why we boycott...for the whales. Boycott bp for killing our Whales. BP brands to boycott include Castrol, Arco, Aral, am/pm, Amoco, Wild Bean Cafe .Deutsche gegen ARAL Vereinigten

WOW on behalf of every single group and all their members and every one from the Gulf and around the planet I want to extend a MASSIVE HUGE HUG to Sabrina for her hours and hours of hard work compiling this list!

Thank you as well for the shout out to Oil BP Naughty to Nature. Truly Grateful!

Story Behind Oil BP Naughty to Nature

Yours for the planet, Duane Burnett

++many photos courtesy Green Peace USA on Flickr

Louisiana BP Oil Frustration

Hope you liked! Come and Join me on facebook or twitter! Duane

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Duane's Facebook Fan Page

Sunshine Coast BC Canada facebook FAN PAGE



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  2. Your welcome Tracey. :-))

    A dozen bouquets of flowers to Sabrina at In Memory of the Wildlife & Ocean Life killed by the 2010 Gulf oil spill for spearheading this!

  3. Forgot about me! BP Oil Spill -Crisis In The Gulf-

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