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Sea Cavalcade Parade Rockn' N' Rollin'

300+ PHOTOS: Rockn' N' Rollin' by the Sea.

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The 2010 Gibsons Sea Cavalcade Parade shined this year with amazing floats and lots of bright colours. The theme this year was Rockn' N' Rollin' by the Sea, and it didn't disappoint. Some really good efforts and very creative floats.


I have uploaded 320 photos to my flickr website so you can go check them out there, OR you can watch the slide show presentation below & crank up your favourite tunes.

At the Logging Sports competition during the Gibsons Sea Cavalcade on Sunday, there was an accident involving a young man with an axe not wearing shoes. You do the math on that one. People were talking about it on my facebook profile, but I was at the Roberts Creek Community Mandala blessing at the time.

My friend, Videographer, Marc Buzzell took some video of the fireworks Friday night and the parade Saturday. He is the guy behind the On A Break and Oil BP music video parodies.

Links, Video, Full Winners List, Comments & Slide Show Below! scroll down...

Winning First Place Sea Cavalcade float in the Clubs and Associations category and First Place Overall was the Driftwood Players theatre troupe where Little Shop of Horror meets Christmas Pantomime. More pics of them in the parade galleries....

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Driftwood Players facebook fan page

Sea Cavalcade Winners
Enniskillen Accordian Band.

Clubs and Associations
First Place – Driftwood Players
Second Place – Gibsons Family Network
Third Place – Good Samaritan Society

First Place - Sunshine Coast Credit Union
Second Place – London Drugs
Third Place – Kenmac Parts

Restaurants & Pubs
First Place – Benjamins CafĂ©
Second Place – Leo’s Tapas & Grill

Youth and Child
First Place – 1st Gibsons Scouts
Second Place – Muskota Language Int
Third place – Yaakar

This year the judges also nominated three overall winners across all categories:

First place overall
Driftwood Players

Second Place
Sunshine Coast Credit Union

Third Place
Gibsons Family Network

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Even Mayor "Elvis" Janyk got in on the fun! Love it when his lips do the Elvis snarl, oh and that funky hip twirl of his could scramble 12 dozen eggs. It's always a treat to see how Barry outdoes himself in the parade year after year.

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And EXTRA bonus point thanks to Councilor LeeAnn Johnson for showing me some leg!

Friday night I was thrilled to fly with the Fraser Blues Aerial Demonstration Team and you can check out the photos and slide show for that below too. Breathtaking shots of the Sunshine Coast from the air.

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"Come Fly With Me" as we take sharp curves, bends and twists along the beautiful Sunshine Coast, BC and over the Sea Cavalcade Opening Ceremonies where we blew up a boat!

Gibsons Sea Cavalcade 2010 PHOTOS Flickr

Come Fly With Me Fraser Blues

Watch Slideshow of Sea Cavalcade Parade 2010
tUrn Up tHe tUneS!

And last but not least, what do you make of this? I spotted these two young gentlemen cleaning up a horrible plastic mess of a disaster left by people watching the parade?

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WOW this hit a nerve. I have posted COMMENTS below....

Happy Sea Cavalcade Gibsons! FLASH back links from previous parades below.

Enjoy! Duane Burnett


Sea Cavalcade, Fireworks, Gibsons Landing BC - July 23rd, 2010 from Marc Buzzell on Vimeo.


Sea Cavalcade Parade, Gibsons Landing BC - july 24th, 2010 from Marc Buzzell on Vimeo.

Duane Burnett
KUDOS to the two young gentlemen I snapped a photo of at the Sea Cavalcade Parade who were picking up a disgusting mess of garbage and plastic left behind on the curb by people watching the parade today. I mean honestly! Does the Earth look like a freak@n floating garbage can in space for you to trash???? Well done guys!

Sonia Nazar
Those boys are awesome!

Penny Berdahl
Thats sad some people can walk away from that mess.......Makes ya wonder what they live in :( Its awesome to see those young men cleaning it up...Good work gentleman :) God is watching your good deeds :)

Christine Moore I agree with you Duane!
It`s like the brainless people beside us that let their little girl(2 or 3?)run out on the road and nearly get hit by a parade car!what the Hell !The woman driving was in tears!2 parents 1 kid !how hard is it ?????

Cheryl McNevin Baron
Anyone know these boys? They should be publicly recognized. We need to encourage that type of behaviour. Duane - maybe you should turn that into a contest. Identify the boys so you can give them tix to Charlie St. Cloud.

Mary McAllister
That sounds like a really great idea!

Rachelle Gardner
I agree shift our youths to be more aware of our earthly responsibility. My son made me laugh the other day...there was a big rubber tire in the water (sechelt inlet) he dragged in the big tire 45 min process the ran into the house so exci...ted to share mommy mommy look I saved the earth...I pulled a garbage tire out of the water to save the fish! Our kids know...we just have to make it more of a celebration than a chore.

Darla Deter
I agree so much with that Duane!!!

Wild Rose Razga
holy cow! that's an awful lot of trash!

Jeffrey Paleczny
Great events this weekend! But I did notice people leaving lots of trash. I work for town and know we don't have a magic or even big crew that can come along (on weekend) to clean it all up. Remember "Give a hoot don't pollute" from like 2 decades ago. I picked up a whole bunch of stuff from the parade too and was surprised at people.

Duane Burnett
thanks for the comments and likes. reminds me of the 2 fist fulls of plastic I picked up off the beach and Sechelt we are feeding that poor whale. OPEN WIDE!

Noreen McCarron- Tretick
Is it so difficult to pick up after yourself, I'm not your mother!Come on folks, have some pride in your surroundings:)

Noreen McCarron- Tretick
ps. hats off to those boys!

Carole Sauve
Awesome youths. They would be a great example to other youths of the community and adults too. Thanks Duane for sharing. Take care. ♥

Heather Till good for you, guys - fine young citizens you are, indeed !! and thanks, Duane, for making it known

Duane Burnett
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