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Waterfall Lookout Wheelchair Friendly in Roberts Creek

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A wheelchair friendly look out over a beautiful waterfall rises from storm devastation in Cliff Gilker Park in Roberts Creek on the Sunshine Coast, BC.

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In April 2010 a spring storm took out a hiking bridge in Cliff Gilker park.

The forested park is very popular for all its beautiful waterfalls and creeks, especially with the dog crowd. I use to go all the time with my dog Tundra as it was cool in the summer and offered lots of refreshing pools for them to swim in and have a drink.

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I call the Sunshine Coast a dog's Disney Land. A real paradise for our four legged friends. Not to mention "A Clean Get Away" too.

Everything Reminds Me of my Dog
by Jane Siberry Tribute to Tundra RIP

The winds often blast the west coast and this time several trees crushed one of the main bridges in the park that also goes over the central waterfall.

Since Tundra has passed away in January 2010, I have slowly gained the courage to try to heal by going through our old haunts together and in the process created this photo essay of the bridge being rebuilt.


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The new hiking bridge has a beautiful new observation platform that is great for wheelchairs. The forest trails leading to the bridge have all been made wheelchair accessible and connect to another observation platform which offers a direct view of the waterfall.

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What a wonderful job the Rotary has done. I think time in nature is so healing for the spirit and this is a living tribute to those with terminal illness who can now be brought out into the light of the forest and the cleansing water.

The parking lot, trails and observation deck all easily and conveniently connect within a very short distance of each other. The main park trails however are not wheelchair accessible and are your typical forest paths often made my ground water runoff in some areas.

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The Rotary Club's on the Sunshine Coast do a great deal of good in our community including a recently completed wheelchair accessible children's playground in Sechelt, BC and an accessible fishing dock at Trout Lake in Halfmoon Bay.

I wrote a story about it previously on my blogspot. Here is the link to find out more about other Rotary projects.

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I think its awesome that the Sunshine Coast is making the coast more accessible and wheelchair friendly.

I would appreciate any help from community groups with a project in memory of my Siberian wolf dog Tundra to install wheelchair accessible and dog friendly drinking fountains in parks up and down the coast. A donation can be made at any branch of the Sunshine Coast Credit Union to "Tundras Drinking Fund" or please contact me directly if you are a community group, business or corporation.

Tundra's Accessible Dog & People Friendly Drinking Fountain Fund

Thanks for reading my blog, all your comments, feedback and story suggestions are always greatly appreciated. Best Wishes, Duane.

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Some comments on my facebook profile:

Sharon Charboneau
that's a good thing! We can't forget that our friends with disabilities want to share in the beauty of the Coast just as the able bodied do, to the best of their abilities.

Leo Gregory
Great for our son Anthony!

Sharon Charboneau
and my husband Dane who now needs a walker sometimes

Darla Deter
Way to go Duane... you are a man of the Gods ♥

It's Always A Good Day on the Sunshine Coast!

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  1. The Rotary in Powell River does lots of good things to support the town, especially at our Willingdon Beach park. We also have a group of volunteer called the BOMB Squad (Bloody Old Men's Brigade) that builds bridges on hiking trails. Our ATV Wednesday Trail Building Group also builds bridges on multi-use trails that hikers, horseback riders and off-road vehicle riders can enjoy. We live in a wonderful place where lots of people give back to our communities. - Margy

  2. Thanks Margy, I am always in awe of Powell River. Amazing community! Oh that ATV trail sounds so enticing. I bet that would be a total blast! Ride safe and respect the wilderness. Duane

  3. Wow i love you blog its awesome nice colors you must have did hard work on your blog. Keep up the good work. Thanks


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