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Day of Revenge Faces Guillotine

Hero faces chopping block!
Duane Burnett

Deanna Proach has always loved writing and she has a huge imagination. Her intrigue in the French Revolution and the dreaded guillotine has lead to her upcoming novel "Day of Revenge."

Author Deanna Proach "Day of Revenge"

In university Deanna never really thought of pursuing a career in writing until she got into the thick of writing Day of Revenge.

Actually, it was an independent course she took with her creative writing professor, Dr. Robert Budde, that compelled Deanna to pursue a career in writing.

Deanna's love for the French Revolution dates back to her high school years. Her grade nine socials teacher, Mrs. Sproule, really inspired Deanna to appreciate history and to learn more about it. What struck Deanna in particular about the French Revolution was the infamous guillotine. Why such a gruesome killing machine intrigues her so much, she says she cannot "honestly give an answer."

Deanna was born to write. As a child she wrote and illustrated the Creepy Book Series, a series of short stories that entailed the adventures of her life as a child growing up in Sechelt, a small town situated on the South Coast of British Columbia.

Deanna always knew she wanted to write a story set in revolutionary France, but didn't want to create characters that fell prey to the vicious revolutionaries. She wanted to create characters who were brave enough to stand up and fight injustice regardless of the consequences. And, she adds, "I just think that everyone should learn about the French Revolution." It was such a violent event and many of the ideals--both good and bad--that we adhere to today were founded during the French Revolution.

'Day of Revenge' will be released from Inkwater Press sometime in mid-October 2010.

Below, is a synopsis of 'Day of Revenge'.

Military Captain Samuel La Font may be headstrong and ill-tempered, but he is not about to flee his war-torn country without a fight. He is determined to stay in France and wage a war against the revolutionaries.

For the greater part of the year 1793, everything works in Samuel’s favor. He doesn’t have to convince his close knit group of friends to stay behind with him. They willingly endanger their lives to support him. His Corsican based family has even recruited several skilled soldiers who are more than willing to die for Samuel’s cause.

But, towards autumn, fate takes an unexpected and dangerous turn. Late July, Samuel sends his best friend, Pierre La Metz, a letter outlining his organized plot to march on Paris, assassinate Robespierre and the other leading revolutionaries and then place the young Louis XVII on his rightful throne. But, his plans are severely thwarted when the letter is discovered by a band of Jacobins. When Samuel receives news of Pierre’s brutal arrest, he rushes to make his young friend, Emmanuel d’ LeVasque, his right hand man even though he knows Emmanuel is far from being the most skilled swordsman in all of France.

Now that Robespierre knows about the letter, he will not rest until he finds the conspirators dead or alive, even if it costs him 10,000 more heads. This spells danger for Samuel and his friends. To avoid the guillotine, they must work much harder to conceal their identity and their hatred.

Since Samuel’s soldiers are in his home state of Corsica, he and Emmanuel must leave their friends behind for a short time to prepare for their war.

When the men arrive in Corsica, things become progressively worse. Samuel ends up in a conflict with his hot-tempered cousin, Maximus and Emmanuel falls in love with Samuel’s youngest cousin, Lisabetta. When Samuel learns of Emmanuel’s intent to bring her back to mainland France with them, he is enraged. To add insult to injury, more than half of Samuel’s soldiers, including his entire family, abandon him in support of Maximus. Their treacherous and cowardly behaviour infuriates Samuel. Yet, at the same time, his burning desire to avenge the tyrants who are ruining his country urges him to carry on with his plans.

Thanks for sharing that sneak peek synopsis with all of us Deanna!

I just love how creative the Sunshine Coast is and truly wish Deanna every success with her new novel. How exciting to have a book published. I can't wait till its printed and available. Well done! Look for Deanna's book launch coming soon!

Thanks everyone for reading my blog, all your feedback, comments, likes and story suggestions. Best Wishes, Duane Burnett

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