Saturday, July 31, 2010

What's Special About BC?

Forest Fire in Sechelt, BC. The Province. Photo Duane Burnett

The Vancouver Province asked this BC Day Long weekend 2010 "What's your Favourite person, place or thing from B.C.?"

To me this British Columbia provincial holiday is a great time to recognize the men and women on the front lines of emergency services!

e-Street: What's your favourite person, place or thing from B.C.? The Province July 31, 2010
This B.C. Day weekend I celebrate the men and women of our great province in emergency services: the police, fire, ambulance, hospitals, social services, forestry services and search and rescue who give so much of themselves throughout the year. Thank you!

— Duane Burnett, Sechelt

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Happy BC Day! Duane

It's Always A Good Day on the Sunshine Coast!

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