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Ocean Tribute for Lucky Mandala 13

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Update Nov 15, 2010

the ocean rises from the sky and is painted on the earth, duane

It's lucky 13 for the Roberts Creek Community Mandala on the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia, Canada. Public painting runs from July 19-25th. Rob Marion who spearheads the original design each year gives me the exclusive heads up that it will be a spectacular tribute to healing the oceans. Now it is up to the community to come and paint it in with their Love.

July 29, 2010
Added a youtube video of the Mandala by BlueStar2010.

July 25, 2010
400+ NEW Photos. The Mandalafest was a huge success with sunny skies, great music, a blessing to the four directions, a visit by a butterfly, and a fly past by the Fraser Blues Aerial Demonstration Team. Check out the photos from today's Mandala Festival on the slide show or flickr website.

25july2010duaneburnett (474)
Chris Yeske from A Different Point of View surprizes everyone with a print out of an aerial view of the completed Mandala 2010 at this years festival.

21july2010duaneburnett (96)

July 23, 2010
Today I spoke with some really awesome folks from around the world and talked with Tami Barnes from Alabama about the inner makings behind a Mandala. Her and people around the world just love it and are thankful for the healing prayers for the Gulf. Tonight I flew with the Fraser Blues Aerial Demonstration Team as part of the Gibsons Sea Cavalcade Opening Ceremonies and managed to get this shot of the Mandala as we flew by.

23july2010duaneburnett (276)
Come Fly With Me Fraser Blues Photos & Story

July 22, 2010
Thank you to my facebook friends who shared the links on their Gulf Oil Spill pages and personal profiles. 2,500 views in 1/2 a day. What a great way to spread the healing love to the World's Oceans. Wonderful people from from Washington DC, Philadelphia, Europe, Florida and beyond are loving the Mandala Tribute to the World's Oceans and want to do one in their cities and towns too! How awesome is that!!!!
150 NEW PHOTOS uploaded today too.

July 21, 2010
Popped down to see how the Mandala is coming along, one word: BEAUTIFUL! Uploaded 170 new photos to Flickr and also figured out I could put a slide show here too!
I see many of you have been tagging photos on my facebook fan page. Thanks so much!

2010 Mandala FLICKR PHOTO ALBUM Here


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July 20, 2010
A whale swam by the Mandala on July 20th.. "paint it and it will come" says the facebook fan page. How awesome is that the Mandala tribute to ocean healing adorned with paintings of whales gets a visit by a whale!

July 19, 2010
Stopped by to check out the first day of painting and its looking beautiful. Uploaded a bunch more new photos to the 2010 photo gallery. Please see all the links below.

19july2010duaneburnett (42)

Sunday, July 18, 2010
I sneaked down to take a peak preview and what I can see transforming over last year's stunning mandala representing transformation is two giant killer whales like a ying yang symbol.

Rob told me he wants this year's Mandala to be a tribute to healing the world's oceans, especially in light of the horrific Gulf Oil Spill by BP.

17july2010duaneburnett (2)

The site of the Mandala was actually part of a location shoot for a spoof of BP and the Gulf Oil Spill called Oil BP Naughty to Nature. The video received 10,000 views in its first week and accolades from around the world.

Story Behind the Making of Oil BP Naughty to Nature

Erica Snowlake told me the 13th year is crucially magickl (sic magical) as its aligned with the 13 moon intention to recognize natural time here on our mothership- so already so many cosmic coincidences are happening....

its also a prayer to the earth and the oceans whose guardians are the whales - whose songs set up the fertility for the planet- so we are representing mother earth as turtle island in the center and praying for her and our well-being

it is also the foretold 9th tier of the Mayan Prophecy of the Dawning of the Unfolding - this being the 9th tier which signifies Cosmic Co-Creation - where all beings realize we are entwined in common purpose to honor and respect one another and the divine gift of LIFE!

17july2010duaneburnett (9)

it is actually happening this week-end! and will continue to harmonize over the next accelerated time to come...

the design is of orcas seals and salmon raven and eagle and we are intentionally honoring the first nation peoples of the coast and the indigenous people of the planet who hold true knowledge of this prophecy and who have always held the earth in sacred light

this time is called the uniting of the natives and naturals and represents the harmony of the first nations people and the star nations tribe (who have walked through spirit to be here - this is us!) so we are all delighted to have reached this supreme alignment and the mandala is especially expressive of this conscious unity!!!!

17july2010duaneburnett (13)

Public painting begins at noon Monday July 19th thru Friday the to come early folks - bring hats to wear and hats to share! Suggested donation $10-$20.

2010 - our 13th mandala! 13 moons 13 grandmothers - give it up for Mother Gea - this mandala is a prayer!!! Blessed with water from Amma's puja!


It became increasingly plain to me that the mandala is the centre. It is the exponent of all paths. It is the path to the centre, to individuation.... C G Jung

Organizer Pamela Messner told me that the design is, as always, a surprise to us too until Rob paints it... This is the 13th year...

17july2010duaneburnett (10)

Pamela says the first mandala was painted by five people to cover up nasty anti Creek graffiti painted just before Creek Daze.. Rob Marion, Erica Snowlake, Alice, who's last name escapes me, Andrew Dido and Ray Jenkins. It had grown and changed dates over the years...

Creek Daze is Roberts Creek's annual community fair usually the 3rd weekend of August, and the most environmentally friendly parade on the Sunshine Coast with a festive mardi gras feeling to it.

we tried earth Day but it was always too wet...settled on July as the weather is better...

We have a core group of volunteer coordinators... me, Erika, Rob, Sullivan (my Daughter) Dean Schutz... and volunteers who help out here and there...


it is funded through the generous donations of local humans and businesses..

it is not paid for by the local governments as many people think it is free to the public to paint... just show up, first come first served and we provide everything....



Pamela continues, Last year we had over 450 people paint on it and expect more this year...there may be times when it is too busy to accommodate everyone who shows up but that just means waiting for it to thin out and we will try to do our best to make room for as many as we can...

We begin washing and designing the template this week in the evenings and public painting will begin July 19 at noon and run daily noon til 7ish until it is full, which we expect to take four days, five at the most, again depending on turnout...


17july2010duaneburnett (14)

This is a remarkable event bringing together professional artists and the greater public... people have come from all over the world to be a part of this painting and it has become an image that people associate with the whole Sunshine Coast, not just The Creek...

We ask people not to bring their own paint as it often washes away when we do the final wash....

Bring water, sunhats, sun protection...

Donations can also be made year round at the Sunshine Coast Credit Union to the Roberts Creek Mandala Fund.

When the painting is done... the Manafestival will happen...this is NOT the Day out of Time celebration... it is the Manafestival... celebrating the Mandala....

The Mandala Fest Dance Cavalcade is at the Roberts Creek Little Legion, Saturday, July 24th.

Each year, Chris Yeske from A Different Point of View sets up his aerial photography and captures a spectacular overhead shot of the finished mandala.



The Day Out of Time Celebration is a separate event that celebrates the Mayan Calendar every July 25th.

Thanks Pamela, Rob, Erica and everyone who makes the Creek Mandala happen year after year. It truly is one of the best events and heart of just not Roberts Creek but the entire Sunshine Coast inspired by love, spirit and community.

Some links, comments and photos below!

Thanks again for reading my blogspot articles, all your kind comments, feedback, story suggestions and likes! Best Wishes, Duane Burnett


Lauren Realz
"duane, i posted this on my page as well!!!
LOVE IT!!! me chills.....wish we could all come together in all or our towns and do the same...."

In Memory of the Wildlife & Ocean Life killed by the 2010 Gulf oil spill
‎@Duane, thank you very much for the additional info and for everything else you have been doing to bring awareness to and to pay tribute to the Gulf during this very difficult time.

Lauren Realz
this is awesome. i wish i could be there! what a great thing for a community to do...we should all follow suit,,, im outside of philly....another great place....

Jeannie Meyer
I just friended you Lauren! Where are they doing this...hell I want to start one!! I live near D.C. That would be a great place to do one!!!! We could do it during The Spill into DC!!! That would be awesome!!

Deborah Ficko
Took a stroll to see.. amongst all the talented artists within their flow of healing energy.. a magical moment it came to be.. so apropos for our present the future, may it speak!! :)

Tami Barnes
Birmingham, Alabama
Hey Duane, thanks so much for this! Everyone loves it and I wish we could all make a pilgrimage to see it in person. I'm afraid if I came, though, I'd stay!!! You are all just terrific and so talented! How wonderful that you're painting a mandala in tribute to our Gulf! Perhaps we could get you to come to Alabama to do one for us here? The Gulf Coast is terribly depressed in every way just now, as expected, and it would be a wonderful way to support the area and keep the world focused on the issues.

Chris P. Madden
Hey Duane, i have really been enjoying your pix of the Mandala; seems so close i felt like i had a paintbrush in hand. I was wondering if you, or a friend, was going to make a musical slideshow and put it on YouTube? I have been loving that process with The Venus Project vids i made, and i know others love them too. So much more fun than just pix...


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  1. The names of the people that you were looking for, who painted the first "mandala" in order to cover up graffiti way back in 1997 were - Andrew Dedo (not Dido) and Alice Rasmussen, as well as Erica, Rob, and Katheryn Miller.


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