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EastLink: TV Listings Format Stays

EastLink personally responds to your complaints.
New channel listings format to stay.


EastLink who owns DCCNET aka Coast TV or Coast Cable for those of us on the Sunshine Coast, BC changed their tv listings from music to voice over commercials on June 24th, 2010.

I asked you what your thoughts are of the changes? Almost 30 comments later...

I took that feedback to EastLink for a reply minus your names. And they were tremendously good about giving me a thoughtful response, so for that I am thankful.

Below is what you said, and Eastlink said.....

First you said:

NEW FORMAT: What do you think of the new larger sized ads and voice commercials on the Coast TV channel listings? Before it was just music playing, no voice ads. The channel listings took up 1/2 the page and now are 1/3 the page. Each ad now has a radio like commercial. There is also now a side box with lotto and weather information. What's your opinion. Thanks Duane

Marc Buzzell
sounds like evolution i love sound designing to create the idea of being somewhere your not via radio type commercials

Kera Mchugh
ian has a GREAT voice for commercials... and although this format may not be popular with the viewer, i'm sure they're much more popular with the advertisers... i heard about it the other day and thought, wow, that's definitely advertiser friendly!

Krista Sabiston
I miss the old format! I don't like all the ads, I didn't mind them before because they weren't so 'in your face'. The weather and lotto numbers are pointless to me, being as I can't buy lottery tickets and if I wanted to see the weather I would change the channel to the weather network. And finally, I don't like how the channels change in groups of four, opposed to one at a time. Depending on what you're looking for, I find that you can't see what you want as easily when they all move at once. I also think the channels listed move slower than before, but I'm not 100% sure about that one.

I used to use the channel listing all the time. Not only would I look for something to watch, but when I wasn't interested in watching anything, I would just leave it on like the radio.

I can't stand channel surfing, looking for something to watch.. but with this new listing format, I've stopped watching as much.

Marc Buzzell
Did you know that you cant walk into coast cable in sechelt anymore, you now have to call Atlantic Canada. I was bringing my box back and I couldn't, i had to take a day off work 2 weeks later to wait for them to pick up my internet modem

Penny Berdahl
I miss the music......It was nice no commercial music :(

Linda Shearsmith
Miss the music!

Jill Devonshire
love the Mute button

Duane Burnett
ok, re below - this is not from me - just reporting in:
A friend called and said the things people are saying:
MISS the MUSIC :( (tons of people say this)
Channel 10: the page trembles, its junky, messages are crappy, so disappointed in loss of music, the weather degrees are different (i.e., do not match the (same) on the Weather Channel (Channel 36),

Verna Chan
I find it completely useless to find out what's going on on tv--I use the internet Zap2it listing now--much easier. Television is already tough to watch with so many ads!

Kelly Arnold
I dislike the new format... There's less info on the shows I'm watching (they no longer list the name of the episodes) and I also liked the music (isn't there already enough advertising on tv?) Lottery numbers, unnecessary... weather, no problem. The new format focuses more on advertising than it does on it's original purpose: a channel guide. On the plus side, I'm so annoyed by it that I no longer turn the t.v on because it reminds me how I should be doing something more valuable with my time!!

Howard Paull
I think it totally sucks.

I really enjoyed listening to the music on there. Which I later found & saved on youtube for my own listening pleasure.

Now it's all about those stupid voice ads. I mute it now when checking out the t.v. listings. Borrriiingggg ! ! !

Shawn Hill
Me too. Channel 10 use to be awesome. I miss it :(

Heather Pearce Lyons
i prefer the music...

Deborah Ficko
I would have to agree..not one for t.v.. but, when working, was nice to have during meal prep to sing with the clients and sway together rhythmically! Bring back the tunes!! :)

Nichole Lagasse
I have neither cable nor satelite so um I cant really comment KILL YOUR TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Myrtle Winchester
With several areas in Pender Harbour and Egmont that do not have access to cable, it's not such a great advertising option to reach the folks up here. Everybody reads the Spiel and the Reporter though.

Linda Shearsmith

Jackie Compston
2 thumbs down

Erin Johnson
it was better before they changed it

Christine Moore
I liked the music! don`t watch tv that often! things change!but lets not go there !!!

Carole Carlton
I prefer the old format where you could read the ads and the listings. Not much into hearing the darn commercials it is grating - music was much better.

Rob Thomson
Don't know - watch only HD channels anyway with their separate listings. Analogue TV

Cassandra Langlois
not likely to be very successful for advertising. If i can't see it, i'm not buying. I would bet most people will retain more by seeing than hearing. Not to mention taking away the tunes wouldn't get my vote either....

Charlotte Moore
I think it's clever... I actually find that I get distracted by the ads...which means it works...then I have to watch it longer for the listing to come back around! lol It looks new and fresh, I think its a nice change.

Linda Reimer
I used to put it on for the music, and once in a while take a look at the adds, but now I dont even bother...

Jeffrey Paleczny
Huge ad area and audio instead of music is more annoying.
The actual purpose to list channels has been reduced in size. Therefore less chance to see channels and then you have to wait for them to come around again. Don't need lotto space. Keep to purpose and have more channel listing space and number of channels shown etc

EastLink replied

In an increasingly competitive environment, our customers continue to demand more. The fresh, new look of OnTVL was conceived to provide additional value to our customers including quick access to Environment Canada Weather, current lottery numbers, and a 90 minute view of upcoming programming.

With the increasing regionalization of traditional media, more and more local businesses need access to effective and affordable local advertising. OnTVL fills this community-focused advertising need.

Overall, the new look and added information has been met with excellent customer feedback, and has been further supported by increased customer viewership. This is not to say that OnTVL hasn’t received some criticism. We want to hear what our viewers think and consequently have taken some of that feedback and made changes to deliver a better viewing experience while maintaining our goal of providing quick, local information, television listings and an effective affordable means of local advertising.

Duane, in answer to your specific questions:

1. Have you been getting complaints from the public and do you plan to change the format back or keep it like this?

We will be maintaining this fresh new format, as designed to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

2. What's your experience in other communities across Canada?

While some customers have expressed disappointment in the loss of background radio, the response in communities across Canada has been overwhelmingly positive. Customers have expressed their satisfaction with EastLink’s commitment to provide a fresh, new look and to provide additional value on this channel.

3. What the advertisers feel about the loss of viewers?

Generally speaking, advertisers have realized greater response from their advertisements. This is due, in part, to viewers being able to access additional information like local weather.


So there you have it. First thank you to ALL of you who responded to the "Note" on my facebook profile asking for your feedback and opinions.

I kinda feel like CTV's Chris Olsen on your side right now :-) BIG GRIN

I am really loving this where we all bring our thoughts and comments together in one article. Hope you do to!

And again, thanks to EastLink for the official reply! Wasn't what many wanted to hear but at least the feedback was received and responded to.

One website I use regularly for an instant look at TV listings is

All the best, Duane's World Excellent!

It's Always A Good Day on the Sunshine Coast! Duane

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  1. Just get a digital tv box. With the digital box you get an interactive TV guide and 40 commercial free music stations. Channel 401 is the same music that used to be played on channel 10.

  2. sweet, thanks, I was disappointed when Eastlink took over DCCNET and without warning deleted all the music channels but charged the same amount. Then I get a telemarketer calling me to switch to digital cable for less money. Sounds like this might make it worth converting... Duane


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