Thursday, July 1, 2010

Funniest Best Acronyms for the HST

HST and Carbon Tax Rain on Canada's Parade.
By Duane Burnett

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Well the HST and Carbon Tax has rained down on a soggy Canada Day parade here on the Wet Coast!

Yesterday I wrote an article "Oh Canada yawn does anyone care?" about the lack of Canadian hoopla over the national day.

I supposed it to being due to the reserved Canuck politeness but seems its really the increased taxation on the nation's Birthday that also has everyone in a funk.

My morning coffee in Sechelt, BC has gone from $2.25 to $2.52. Happy Canada Day!

HST is here
The Harmonized Sales Tax takes effect in BC. The Provincial Sales Tax (PST) joins the Goods and Services Tax (GST) for a rate of 12%. Drivers will also be paying 4.8 cents a litre more in added carbon tax. Reported by CKNW radio.

Here are some of your best acronyms for the HST aka Harmonized Sales Tax.

David Barbarash: Horse Shit Tax

Marc Buzzell: Hayward's spill tax

Deborah Keith Geoffrion
David I think it depends on the amount of horse shit for the tax rate as individual serving sizes of hosre shit such as the regular consumer has to eat have of course double the tax whereas large quantities of horse shit for large corporations are exempt

Guy Soulliere
Hijack Society's Trust or a message to Gordon: Hijack your Supporter's Trust

Shelley Patrick
Holy Shit Paper work nightmare for us in the travel industry

Sadie Rose
Highwayrobbery Sucking Tax

Sadie Rose
Hind Side Tax- bend over lol

Duane Burnett
0ver 700,000 anti hst signatures were delivered by Bill VanZalm to the Victoria legislature.

Stephen Archibald
harassement & stupidity: toxic

Amerval Degodart Duplanty
Hard-earned Salary Theft!

Sonia Nazar: Bull HST!

Leonard Howell
Hydrogen Sulphide Tax it eats away your money and savings!

Leonard Howell
'H2S T ' It is a colorless, very poisonous, flammable gas with the characteristic foul odor of rotten eggs. Sounds about right to me!

Debra Taylor
Heaven Sent Tactic. Freedom lies not in what the government does or does not do, but rather in the shadow of our reaction to it. The more we waste energy gathering a force of victim allies to fight the illusion, the more power we give it. Instead, let's direct our energy toward activating the warrior within who stands ready to set our abundant nature free.

Did the HST and Carbon Tax double whammy Canadian Spirit and Pride? I think so!

If you have anymore funny acronym's for the HST I will add them. Thanks for reading my blogspot and for all your comments and feedback.

You can read yesterday's Canada Day article and the feedback people gave at this link:

Happy Canada Day! Duane

It's Always A Good Day on the Sunshine Coast!

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